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Learn to read the Vedic Birth Chart
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The Vedic Birth Chart is a supreme guide to discovering your Dharma: your incarnational life purpose.
In my Master Vedic Astrology course, the foundations and also the utter vastness of the techniques of Vedic Astrology are learned.
My courses are caring and thorough, and my teaching method is drawn on the Oxford University Tutorial technique for bringing out your excellence – the approach I myself benefited from in the 1960s.
But you don’t just have the written part of the course as your method of study. Regular webinars are also being made available to teach you both the basics and the most advanced techniques of both Vedic and Western Astrology.

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Learn the Ogham: The Celtic Tree Alphabet

Learn the Ogham Alphabet
My name is Michael Conneely and I will be very glad to start work with you learning the Ogham Fews. The Ogham is the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids. It is powerful and mystical.
Basically, as with my Runes course, there is a presentation and then a journey for each Ogham Few (or ‘letter’).
The important point is that each journey to encounter the deep meaning of a Few, is made from a start point. And it is made along the pathways that run across and between the Celtic Otherworlds. The Otherworlds exist and are powerful, and they inter-penetrate this world ‘Middle Earth’.
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Saturn transits your 12th House: Understand its special difficulty, its special gifts and its timing!

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Saturn Transits your 12th House in your birth chart:
What does this mean?
What’s the timing?



A student of mine from Sydney Australia writes:
‘I have a question please regarding Saturn in the 12th house, as was discussed in the webinar chart reading today ( see: http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/webinars.html, webinar No 8).

I also have Saturn transiting in my 12th house, however that must be in Western astrology as you mentioned that Saturn is currently transiting through the sign of Scorpio which is my ascending sign and obviously my first house in Vedic astrology. So just a little confused as to which one is playing its energy out on me at the moment, or is it both?

I’m even more curious as today the decision was made to dissolve my business partnership of 9 years. So I’m wondering is this 12thhouse endings or 1st house beginnings? Can these energies be this exact, as life, I have learnt generally cannot be cut cleanly into neatly sized pieces.’

Here is my reply:

First of all to respond simply to Lisa’s question, this is indeed a case of ‘Saturn endings’ and ‘Saturn beginnings’ as Lisa is exactly at the point when Saturn crosses her ascendant.

AND also Lisa is benefiting because at this time Jupiter is currently transiting in Vedic Leo which is her 10th House of Career.

However, to turn to her details question of how do you time the transit of Saturn through your 12th House?

Well, the transit of Saturn through your 12th House in your birth chart is a difficult and sad period of things dying in your life, loss of confidence, retreat to an institution or foreign parts and inward looking introspection. Of course the things that die needed to die for you to progress! Of course the losses occurred in order for you to make needed shedding so you could go forward in your life to meet your Dharmic destiny. Once the Saturn transit through the 12th house is ended you begin to build confidence again as to how you project yourself into the world, but hopefully on a sounder basis, and more deeply attuned to your life purpose and to the spiritual realms.

And note that I want to mention two other difficult house-transits of Saturn, Sade Sate and Saturn transiting 8th house from natal Moon, and these can of course overlap and occur simultaneously depending on your individual chart, and these are defined below at the very end of this Blog post.

So, how do we calculate the timing of the difficult transit of Saturn through our 12th House?

Well, I firmly believe it runs from the moment when Saturn enters your Vedic 12th House in your Vedic birth chart and it lasts until Saturn actually crosses your Ascendant (or Lagna) which is in your Vedic 1st House and which is the cusp of your western 1st House. I firmly believe it does not end until Saturn has crossed the Ascendant.

So, to generalise, there is a difference in the way western and Vedic Astrology define the date of the end of a transit through the 12th House.

Your Vedic Astrology:

In your Vedic astrology, using the sidereal zodiac, you have Lagna/Ascendant at Vedic 10 Scorpio 59.

So, in Vedic astrology, using the Sidereal Zodiac, Scorpio is your 1st House and Libra is your 12th House.
Transiting Saturn today is at Vedic 9 Scorpio 57, so Saturn is just about to cross your Lagna.

So, Vedic Astrology would put the date that Saturn entered your 12th House Libra as the start of your Saturn through the 12th house transit, namely 11.10.2011.
And Vedic astrology would say that your Saturn through the 12th House transits ended when Saturn left your 12th House Libra on 3.11.2014, on which date they would say that Saturn entered your 1st House.

This is because Vedic Astrology puts the end of the transit as the date when the transiting planet reaches the end of the 12th House.

In other words, Vedic Astrology dates your Saturn through the 12th House transit to: 11th October 2011 to 3rd November 2014.

Your Western Astrology: 

However, Western Astrology, using the Tropical Zodiac, puts the start of the 12th House transit as the date Saturn enters your 12th house using one of the House systems of Western Astrology.

And Western Astrology puts end of the 12th House transit as the date when the transiting planet actually crosses the Ascendant (for the third time in the case of a multiple hit transit, or of course it can just be the once).

So, western astrology would say that your Saturn transit through your 12th House started when Saturn entered your 12th House, which, using the Koch House system was when Saturn crossed the tropical zodiac degree 9 Scorpio 22.9.2013

And western astrology would say that your Saturn transit through your 12th House ends when Saturn hits your Ascendant which is in a few days’ time around: 26.12.2013, 4th April 2013 and 9.11.15, your Ascendant degree in western astrology tropical zodiac being 4 Sagittarius.

In other words, western astrology puts your Saturn through the 12th House (using Koch Houses) as 26th December 2013 to 9th November 2015.

Here are the two other very difficult House-transits of Saturn (and of course these can overlap, depending on your individual Vedic birth chart)

saturn cronos 4Sade Sate:

The first of these is the powerful sure and accurate Vedic predictive phenomenon of Sade Sate, the difficult period of mental/emotional turbulence, death, loss, moves and death, seeing your self more in the light of limitations which need to be identified and shed and also rebirth as Saturn transits through the sign before that occupied by the Moon in your birth chart, through the sign occupied by the Moon in your Vedic Birth Chart and through the sign after the sign occupied by the Moon. In terms of the Nakshatras, the utterly wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology Sade Sate starts when Saturn enters your ‘Manasa nakshatra’, the 25th Nakshatra from the nakshatra occupied by your natal Moon, where Manasa Nakshatra depicts your ‘default state of consciousness.

Sani, Lord of Karm

Sani, Lord of Karm

Saturn Transits 8th House from natal Moon:
The second of these is the difficult transit of Saturn through the 8th House from your natal Moon in your Vedic birth chart when you get disturbances of mind, bad dreams and unknown fears, when you get caught unaware in some difficult situation from which it is hard to extricate himself, when your mind is opened to run on unusual channels, good or bad and when you get into difficulties with the people around you.

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Astrology for healing and empowerment.

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Are you looking for more freedom, ease and clarity in your life?

Maggie Access Bars 1Then join Maggie Pashley for an Access Bars Class on Saturday 14 November.

Access Bars are 32 points on the head that allow you to unblock stuck energies in all areas of your life. it’s essentially about releasing old beliefs and points of view that keep you separate from who you really are, your creativity and uniqueness.

In a class you will give and receive two Bars session and learn how to touch the 32 points on the head, which help you move beyond limitation to an inner knowing of where your life is guiding you. Release energies around money, creativity, control, body, healing, aging, sexuality, communication, judgements and fixed ideas wherever they originate from and become more open to receive and be nourished. For most people receiving a Bars session feels very nurturing and empowering and it is a joy to give a session too as the person giving also benefits.

Maggie Access Bars 2And after the class you’ll go away with a manual, a new state of awareness and the ability to give Bars to your friends and family, clients and join in or even initiate a Bars share with other practitioners.

For more information and to book please visit: http://changeforlife.co.uk/access-bars-practitioner-classes/ or call me on 07939118136.

Cost: £190 or £95 for repeaters. The class is in Silsden Yorkshire. If you needed to stay overnight there are lovely B&Bs in the nearby Yorkshire Dales or Bronte Country.

And if this isn’t a good date for you, get in touch and I’ll let you know of future classes. Or better still if you know people who’d like to join you in learning this, let me come to you.

And if you’d like to see how a neuro-scientist was impressed by the Bars, watch here:


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Prepare for a new challenge to manifest the best in love

Mars 4All Change: Venus, Mars and Rahu the North Node of the Moon:
Venus conjuncts Mars on November 3rd 2015
Venus enters the Vedic sign of Virgo (Nov 3rd until Nov. 30, 2015)
Mars enters Vedic Virgo (Nov 3rd until Dec. 24, 2015).
Venus and Mars is quite a fiery energy, together, so we have to remember through the storms that it is a higher form of love that we should be aiming for.
Also – think how each of these planets stand in dignity in the sign of Virgo
Also – think what this energy will do in your individual Vedic birth chart.
And also remember, Rahu is coming to the end of his Vedic Virgo retrograde: He will be at 6 Virgo on November 3rd.
So, Rahu enters Vedic Leo on 9th January 2016, whereupon Guru Chandala Yoga is created in the consciousness of the world, when we will need to take special measures because although Rahu will make the manifestation of our Jupiter more expansive, he will also sully Jupiter’s purity with the risk of driven or compulsive energies and dark associations.

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Dean Charlton Magazine – November Edition

Dean Charlton

Dean Charlton

Have a look at the November Edition. In this varied and inspiring edition we hear from three exceptional therapists about their work:

Shamanic Healer Barry Drew
Dr Wang Acupuncturist
Fiona Cutts Access Consciousness

There’s the work of Dr Alweena Awan and her Child Centre

We start my very own ‘Not Very Serious Star Signs’ and we close with the usual monthly Astrology Prediction by Michael Conneely.

Don’t forget to read my fascinating BACK ISSUES:
In the October edition there’s Michael Conneely on Amma the Hindu Hugging Saint and the Hindu doctrine of Bandhattva
In the September edition, Michael Conneely writes on Shiva
In the August Edition there’s Illona Metcalfe on Reflexology, Michael Conneely on Vishnu, and Maggie Pashley the One-Woman Healing Centre on Body Code, Emotion Code, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnotherapy and Access Bars.
In the July Edition there’s Jan Sloane on My Experience of Romania and Michael Conneely on Kali.
In the June Edition, there’s Dean Charlton on ‘Being a Vegan’
And so much more in all the earlier Editions!

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Nature v Nurture Psychodynamic Astrology Chart Reading

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely


Yet another fascinating approach  from Michael Conneely’s astrology course webinars to learning the astrological interpretation of the birth chart by globally reading the chart in both western and Vedic Astrology.

In Emma’s chart we especially study how astrology reveals our ‘nature v nurture’ scripts, especially using chart aspect shapes.

There is one more chart-focus webinar in this series and then we change to topic-focussed webinars in Vedic and psychodynamic western astrology for a while.

See all webinars in the series: http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/webinars.html

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How to Read the Vedic Birth Chart No. 7: Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work: Solongo’s chart

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Here is the 7th Starwheel Webinar from Michael Conneely on ‘how to read the birth chart’. Here is  study of Solongo’s Birth Chart:  https://youtu.be/eiBhI0Q4PY8 

This fascinating and deeply worthwhile chart reading series is linked to healing techniques and will be followed by topic-based webinars which will present astrological analysis techniques, supporting both my western astrology and my Vedic astrology courses and the groups of people following them.

Like me, Solongo has Saturn in 2nd House. Among other things in Vedic Astrology 2nd House is to do with childhood. So I will be introducing some very worthwhile Inner Child work and a reference to Family Constellation Work. The handling of possible family ancestral curse around children is discussed.

In Solongo’s western astrology charts, we examine  Jupiter square the Nodes of the Moon as a key perception in Evolutionary astrology. In Psychodynamic Astrology we study  interlocking Grand Trine in Air and T-squares, Pluto in First House, cut off planets, chart aspect shapes, Nature v Nurture, Alice Bailey Rays  and unaspected subpersonalities. Predictively, we look at Individuation Age Point and Nodal Age Point.

In Solongo’s Vedic Astrology, we examine Chitra Nakshatra as an indicator for parenting, Debilitated Jupiter, Pushkara Planets, Ketu (South Node) in 1st House, Saturn in Vishakha Nakshatra, Ardra and Hasta Nakshatras, Shadbal, Tithi (Moon Phase) and Sun in the 12th House.

My astrology readings: www.starwheelastrology.com
My Vedic Astrology Course: www.mastervedicastrology.com
My western astrology course: www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com

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Sacred Journey – Michael Conneely’s Newsletter October 2015

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

The impact of our visit to Ireland was so vast that the insights flooded me.

We arrived for the Full Moon Eclipse at the end of September which was on 29th September at 3 am where we were. And Mercury was retrograde. Interesting astrological influences under which to travel! But then it is energies such as these that produce breakthrough and revelation, earthquake and tsunami.

The Graveyard of my family

The Graveyard of my family

The change that hit me was not least because of family issues: being confronted with the graves of my grandparents and uncles, and even unexpectedly meeting the best friend of my sister, a woman who indeed had just recently met my mother – all these are my blood, my family: none of whom know I exist.




Maggie Pashley

And indeed Maggie and I are now embarking on some Family Constellation Work and Inner Child Work. And this cross-relates to the shamanic technique of Soul Retrieval that I teach (see my website: www.shamanic-healer.net ).

We are using the ‘Inner Child Work Book’ by Cathryn Taylor. And there’s also: ‘Between the Lines – Healing the Individual and ancestral Soul with Family Constellation’ by Nikki Mackay. I have just read the bit in the book where a person sabotages themselves and makes themselves invisible out of guilt for ‘disappeared’ family members.

We revisited the cemetery where my family members lie buried. They don’t know I exist. The cemetery is an unimaginably beautiful and ancient burial place beside the ocean.

Oxford University

Oxford University

I was so struck to see that one of my uncles died – I believe tragically young, I believe about age 29 yrs – on a date just two days different from the date of my first Sade Sate. For those who don’t know Vedic astrology, ‘Sade Sate is the moment when Saturn transits across the Moon in your birth chart. It occurs only once every 29 yrs. It is a deeply fated moment (though the whole period lasts seven and a half years overall as Saturn goes through the sign before the birth Moon, the sign of the birth Moon and the sign after the birth Moon). But for him to die just 48 hrs off my exact experience of Sade Sate means there is a deeply fated sharing of fate and destiny between the two of us. I never met him of course. His death was just at the moment that I was going up to Oxford having won a scholarship as an undergraduate.

And the important thing I was named after him. This has big meaning. My mother named me after him. What was her reason? What fate did it set up? I understand that he was the youngest of the very large family, and as the next to youngest, my mother had quite a part in his care. I understand he was never very well. I don’t know his date of birth: only his date of death shown on the family tombstone, but using the death dates shown on the tombstone, I feel that study of the astrology between them and me would reveal so much of the fates governing my life, their lives too!

I could find out their dates of birth. Indeed, when we met the best friend of my sister, the woman mentioned above, a friend of hers was there, and he said that the Irish Ancestry centre in Dublin were incredibly helpful in tracing one’s ancestors details. Interestingly, oddly: he was reading exactly the same book as one of the books I was reading at the time: ‘The Origins of the Irish’ by J P Mallory.

2015-10-04 16.28.19

Glassilaun Bay

And indeed, as predicted by Elizabeth Hendricks, the psychic healer in West USA without whose input we would not have made the journey, very weirdly, some energy did move into my body from the rocks of Glassilaun. Elizabeth Hendricks had told me that this healing and empowering energy was in the rocks in Glassilaun and it was waiting to move into my body. How weird this sounded. But it turned out to be true!

The rocks at Glassilaun

The rocks at Glassilaun

Glassilaun is an island-studded bay in remote Connemara in the far west of Ireland where my family lived until early 20th Century, and closely around it they mostly still live now. The people lived by fishing and farming, and indeed in the remote areas, we saw they still do. That could well have been my life had I not been put into one of the Convent Orphanages of the Bon Seccours nuns and then adopted in England. A terrible scandal has erupted in Ireland about the deaths of these orphans in Tuam nearby where my family lives. These deaths were both before, at the same time as and after I was in one of their orphanages: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jun/04/claim-of-800-childrens-bodies-buried-at-irish-home-for-unwed-mothers

But back to Glassilaun beach: The place has an utterly beautiful setting and energy such that I felt and acted as a very different person after the first visit there. I felt I related so much better and stronger to people. In Ireland, I felt more on the same wavelength for communication and management of boundaries in dealing with people.

Following the time I spent at Glassilaun, I feel I have been put in touch with my energy patterns and rhythms so that I can live my life and do my work more powerfully and happily.

And following being at Glassilaun, I was flooded with vast and powerful realisations such as the nature of the Druid path and its cross-correlation with Shamanism. I felt I came to clearer understanding of the public role of the Druids: their formal though exoteric work binding their societies together, like the Brahmin Vedic Priests (these two indo European spiritual paths have a common root). But I also came to understand deeper their interior work for the development and healing of each individual, including the use of Divination.

So I will be structuring these realisations into Irish-based Druid Path course modules over the coming six months for my Druid Forest School (see my website: www.druidforestschool.com).

A Cauldron for the Dagda

A Cauldron for the Dagda

In particular, I developed rituals for contacting the four sacred weapons of the Tuatha de Danaan: The Sword of Light of Nuada, The Spear of Llugh, the Cauldron of The Dagda and the Stone of Fal.
These rituals in my case are very much vision-based and aimed to the personal healing and empowerment of the people who will do them.

I got so turned away from the Druid Path fairly recently because of the rote reading of scripted rituals and the meaningless hierarchicalism I got subjected to in a group that was part of OBOD (The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids).

Indeed, Maggie has just ordered me a vast sword for use in these planned rituals and teachings – a gift for my birthday that is coming up on October 18th!!!

The Morrigan

The Morrigan

And also I had huge opening for vision path ways of contacting the Gods and Goddesses of the Tuatha de Danaan:

These are especially The Morrigan and the Dagda for the novel I am now writing (which deals with the arrival of the Tuatha de Danaan in Ireland and the 1st Battle of Moytura).

But they are also especially to do with Llugh for the sequel of my current novel which will deal with the 2nd Battle of Moytura and the decision of the Tuatha to remove themselves from this world.  I think they did this because they saw that the incoming Milesians (the ancestors of the Irish Celtic peoples) just could not appreciate their utter specialness. But they are waiting to return: waiting for the individuals who can understand how to open the door for them and receive their special gifts.

And the inspiration and structuring for my 6th novel that I am writing now: ‘The Morrigan and the Dagda’ has just all so strongly and clearly fallen into place, such that I will be allotting a big part of each week into finishing the writing of it now.

And I also saw so clearly the need for the peerless and powerful sure declaration of Vedic astrology to now take on board healing and empowerment work – and not be so locked in its ancient and traditional millennia-old ‘remedies’ and mantra to deal with the phenomena it so powerfully predicts will come our way at birth – and at predictable intervals in our life.

I plan to put out at least a webinar a week (that will be free to my course attenders) demonstrating the vastness and power of the countless techniques of Vedic Astrology – and of psychodynamic and evolutionary Western astrology as well, focusing on the charts of myself and the course attenders.

But I shall always link these presentations to openings for healing and empowerment where necessary, rather than rote recitation of rules, rote demonstration of the application of rules or even ranting legalism that much Vedic astrology has sadly got trapped into, rather than confining them to the mentalism that so confines so much psychodynamic astrology.

But it is the family issues that truly are the foundation of all this. In my case, there’s the issue of invisibility and not having been valued, of being made to fit in with adoptive sibling situations that stretch the imagination to say the least.

So this means that my courses in the Runes, the Ogham, The Druid Forest School and Shamanic Healer Course will all be rooted in powerfully authentic and healing vision work. I am so impressed at the way the attenders on these courses are so commendably proficient in for example the identification and use of their personal divine centre and the sureness of their ability to return to it. I am so impressed at the palpable realism of the vision work they embark on which is so very well developed. I am so impressed at the ways in which they envision their personal embodiment within the Otherworld landscapes: it become so fluent: what you are wearing, your sensations: what you feel and see.

Grace O'Malley's Tomb on Clare Island

Grace O’Malley’s Tomb on Clare Island

To return to our visit to Ireland. I truly believe it is the most beautiful place on earth. We visited Clare Island and saw the tomb of Grace O’Malley who died around 1604. She was the last Irish Queen. With her died Irish Law. It was replaced by the Roman Law used by the English. Under Irish Law land is owned by the clan. Under English law it is owned by the landlord. The English called her a Pirate Queen. History has it that she even gave birth to one of her children on one of her battle ships and she rebuked the captain when he asked her to show herself on the prow of her vessel as the men were growing faint-hearted in the fleet when it was fighting the English. At one point the Governor of Galway hung many of her men on either side of the road into the city. She even went to meet Queen Elizabeth I of England to plead her case – but the society she represented was doomed.

The Irish Famine

The Irish Famine

On Clare Island there were shocking testimonials to the brutality of the rule of the English Ascendancy Landlords over the Irish. There were pictures of Irish tenants unbelievably too weak and ill to move being evicted from their homes, of English soldiers evicting little girls from their hovels. The chief Landlord of the tenant on Clare Island was Lord Lucan a rich nobleman who lived in a mansion. On the shores of Killary Harbour where we stayed there are the ruins of two whole villages that were wiped out by the Irish Famine.

We visited Arigna, Ireland’s last coalmine where there is a wonderful Visitor Centre, and we also visited the west of Ireland’s iron mining in the unbelievably beautiful nearby Sliabh an Iarainn mountains, which some legends associate with the Tuatha de Danaan.

Mweelrea Mountain

Mweelrea Mountain

We stayed in the Connemara Hostel run by Sleep Zone. It’s an old manor house hostel in Killary Harbour near Leenaun. The hostel had a wonderful atmosphere led by Fergal and his band of willing helpers from Taiwan, France, Germany and you name it: some of the many students and young people making a living while contacting the beauties of Celtic Irish culture. Killary Harbour is Ireland’s only Fjord. You look out of your window over the fjord to see Mweelrea Mountain, the highest mountain in Connaught. Mweelrea Mountain is usually wreathed in mists because its cold land mass precipitates the moisture out of the air.

Maggie climbs Croagh Patrick Mountain

Maggie climbs Croagh Patrick Mountain

Mweelrea Mountain is higher even than near Croagh Patrick Mountain which was featured in my last novel: Druid, which features an attempt to overcome to restore Irish spirituality from the damage Saint Patrick did to the country. Saint Patrick is reputed to have spent forty days and nights on the top of Croagh Patrick before setting out to convert Ireland away from its heritage to the Church of Rome, the successor to the Empire of Rome which fell to the barbarians during his life time. Reputedly he fought the Goddess of the Land there: the Spirit of Place: Corra. At one point she engulfed him in her jaws, but he threw his holy bell at her and defeated her and confined her to the lough below the Mountain for eternity! See my Blog on the barefoot pilgrimage up Croagh Patrick and Reek Sunday, every last Sunday in July when the Catholic Church has supplanted the Druid Harvest Festival at the Mountain: http://blog.starwheelastrology.com/2014/07/27/croagh-patrick-reek-sunday-july-27th-2014-irelands-holy-mountain-call-to-restore-goddess-and-god-to-irelands-holy-mountain/

Bohea Stone

Bohea Stone

We also visited the Bohea Stone. This is carved in the same spirals and ‘cup and ring’ carvings as new Grange. If you stand at it you see the towering pinnacle of Croagh Patrick. On two days a year: on around April 17th and on August 24th, to those standing at this monument of the Megalith People, the Sun appears to roll down the northern edge of Croagh Patrick rather than setting behind it. It rolls down the side of the mountain and sets in the cleft between Croagh Patrick and the mountain to its side: visible testament of the Sun as Lord of light descending into union with the Earth Goddess. The Megalithic People aligned their lives with this unforgettable spectacle: April 17th marking the start of the growing season and August 24th the start of 2015-09-29 15.14.32the harvesting season. The sacred year is divided into three portions. When you are at the site, you can clearly see that the arrangement of the stones is like a (sacrificial) altar, with a huge flat stone surmounting the structure.

On the first day we attended wonderful Irish music at the Clifden Arts festival, and we also heard peerless Irish pipes music played in Westport: the uilleann pipes which are played with bellows under the elbow rather than being blown as in the Scottish bagpipes. It is the most utterly beautiful sound. Paddy Keenan truly played the music of the Celtic Otherworlds. Get his CD: The Long Grazing Acre.

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Michael Conneely – Esteemed Enlightened Astrologer

Michael Conneely Astrologer

Michael is one of the few Astrologer’s I have met that integrates both Western and Vedic Astrology Models. Michael’s own training and grounding in Astrology are unparalleled. Michael is also a healer, which helps enormously with understanding your soul purpose and resolving any issues or ailments you may be experiencing this lifetime. 

If you are interested in a reading or learning Astrology from either the Vedic School or the Western School, or integrating both, just as Michael has done,  then read some of the amazing content within this blog itself. Feel free to browse.
As well as this blog, now over 5 years old, and with a variety of  Astrological content Michael has developed a number of websites to illustrate his works and skills:

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Michael Conneely is also an accomplished Author and has written a number of Novels and other works all of which can be viewed and purchased from here:

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This post has been written by Robert Williams who is currently working with Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley as their Internet Guru

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