Learn to read the Vedic Birth Chart Pt 2: Lisa

Michael Conneely
This is the second webinar in a wonderful and empowering series.
Michael Conneely shows how to analyse the Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.
Michael is analysing the charts of members of a study group within the Master Vedic Astrology Course. This is part 2 in the series: Lisa’s chart
Two important principles of the Master Vedic Astrology Course demonstrated here are as follows:
* The value of including crossover into Western psychodynamic astrology
Applied astrology involves using the wonderful perception of Vedic and also western psychodynamic astrology, as a gateway to stabilising the mind, to healing and empowerment: applying a Healing Modality.
In this case EFT is used (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Maggie Pashley.
N.B. There is a brief technical glitch around the fifty minute point, but please ignore this and persist with watching to see the wonderful healing at the end. The YouTube video link is:

The course website is: www.mastervedicastrology.com
Here is Lisa’s comment on the reading:
Thank you so much Maggie and Michael.
The reading from Michael is so spot on it really is incredible and thank you Maggie as your EFT session was very helpful and a great new technique I will play with as the issues are very much about balancing with Husband, the work I love and Guru.
I look forward to the next session. Much Love and Light to you both.

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Love Astrology : The Balance of Assertiveness in a Relationship

Contact Michael Conneely at www.starwheelastrology.com for a skilled and invaluable relationships compatibility reading.
My readings always combine both western with Vedic Astrology. They are always geared to the highest insights and also to healing and empowerment. They can be linked to healing modalities.
Vedic Astrology has a quite sure and ancient system of compatibility assessment called the Ashta Kuta system. This is never to be used in a simplistic legalistic way, of course, and I provide a full and very highly qualified analysis and assistance.
And a most important principle in my compatibility readings is one of the many features of the Ashta Kutas system, namely Assertive Pressure.
Vedic Astrology DOES actually provide an invaluable measure of the couple’s relative assertiveness – and ideally it should be balanced.
This very special feature of Vedic Love Astrology is called Kuja Dosha or Manglik.
Years ago I did a blog post on Sylvia Plath’s relationship with Ted Hughes, and it emerged that he was five times more assertive than her – and sadly she put her head in a gas oven!
The greatest disruption to marital harmony is quarrelling. So often this comes from the Mars balance or imbalance between the two people in the relationship.
As long as the pressure is equalized the relationship can be maintained and can be constructive.
If, however, Mars assertiveness is less in one person’s horoscope than the others, then the person with less Mars assertiveness gets abused and eventually has their self-esteem or self-worth trashed and the relationship will not be constructive. Their timidity,

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When does the Sun enter my Sign? Sun Ingress Dates. Equinox and Solstice Dates

Michael Conneely
When does the Sun enter my Sign?
People often ask this question. Here is a helpful Table showing the dates of western astrology ‘Sun Ingresses’ into the twelve Signs:
Sign               2015                      2016               2017            Equinox/Solstice
Aquarius      Jan 20 09:43       20 15:27        19 21:23
Pisces           Feb 18 23:50        19 05:34        18 11:31
Aries             Mar 20 22:45      20 04:30       20 10:28     Vernal Equinox
Taurus          Apr 20 09:41       19 15:29        19 21:27
Gemini          May 21 08:44     20 14:36        20 20:30
Cancer          Jun 21 16:37        20 22:34        21 04:24     Summer Solstice
Leo                Jul 23 03:30        22 09:30       22 15:15
Virgo            Aug 23 10:37        22 16:38        22 22:20
Libra            Sep 23 08:20       22 14:21         22 20:01     Autumn Equinox
Scorpio        Oct 23 17:46        22 23:45        23 05:26
Sagittarius   Nov

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Rahu – Moon dasa is tough!

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon
My Rahu – Moon – Ketu Dasa (Vedic Predictive Period) was such catastrophic and difficult enlightenment for me, essentially feeling my adoptive mother betrayed me, and realising my shreds of (adoptive) family are malign or harmful, and facing the question what do you do about this?
I am now in the next Dasa: Rahu-Moon-Venus. Could I be forgiven for saying that I will not be sad when Rahu – Moon ends on 31st October????
My partner, Maggie’s Rahu – Moon Dasa ends 3.1.2016.
Her Rahu – Moon – Ketu Dasa is 6/8 to 7/9
She can do it!!!!
The planetary energies arriving to us are ever-changing. Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury moved into Punarvasu nakshatra yesterday.
I imagine the dust will settle and we’ll start to move from shock, intensity overwhelm, into deeper understanding and release over the coming days.
With the Perception of Vedic Astrology and also mantra and healing techniques, the resources are there. We have some tools for navigating our challenges.
Yes to movement and growth!
So much of navigating our power (or our karmas for that matter) comes down to awareness and choice. That’s the brilliance of having Vedic Astrology, but also being willing to face dark and light as though they are both valuable and necessary.
Our willingness to face fear will prove to be a strengthening of our inner power.
Healing techniques and vision work all help us be courageous and walk the edge- trusting we will come through it with great wisdom.
Underneath anger is great passion and passion

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Learn to read the Vedic Birth Chart – Course and Webinar Series

Michael Conneely
Have a look at the first webinar:

The Vedic Birth Chart is a supreme guide to discovering your Dharma: your incarnational life purpose.
In my Master Vedic Astrology course, the foundations and also the utter vastness of the techniques of Vedic Astrology are learned.
My courses are caring and thorough, and my teaching method is drawn on the Oxford University Tutorial technique for bringing out your excellence – the approach I myself benefited from in the 1960s.
But you don’t just have the written part of the course as your method of study. Regular webinars are also being made available to teach you both the basics and the most advanced techniques of both Vedic and Western Astrology.
And a very special feature of my readings and my Vedic astrology courses is that you can make cross-over into Western Astrology to the extent that you wish (and vice versa).
I believe that Vedic Astrology benefits from the enhancement offered by psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology, as well as the insights following the discovery of the Outer Planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto whose energies have now entered the western consciousness following their discovery, and of course: Chiron, the Wounded Healer in your chart.
Furthermore, a very special feature of my readings and courses is that we also introduce Applied Astrology where desired. In other words we apply the perceptions offered by the supreme declaration of Vedic Astrology a gateway to your individual healing, empowerment and transformation.
A Master Vedic Astrology course group has embarked on a series of webinars

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July 2015 Monthly Astrology Prediction by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely
My name is Michael Conneely and I offer Astrology Readings and Courses that uniquely combine Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology.
My readings and courses also apply the wonderful perception of astrology: Perception can lead to healing and empowerment techniques.
My astrology readings website is www.starwheelastrology.com and my astrology courses websites are www.enlightenedastrologycourse.com and www.mastervedicastrologycourse.com
And if you want to know the planets’ positions in July 2015 in both western and Vedic Astrology, go to the ephemeris tables in my Master Vedic Astrology website: http://www.mastervedicastrology.com/astrology-report-july-2015.html this way you can see how the planets in the heavens now are relating to the planets in your birth chart.
Overall, I feel July will bring us all to be open to huge change! But let me pick out what I feel are the most important influences in July 2015. My first choice is based on my personal experience: Jupiter entering the Vedic sign of Leo on July 14th. Maybe this is interesting insight for you too? It’s a major year-long transit.
Below this you can also read about seven other fascinating and important-to-know influences in July 2015:
1. Saturn moving very slowly
2. Tension or Warrior Energy from Mars and the Sun conjunct and combust in July
3. Expansive blessing innovative energy entering your life from a Grand Trine in Fire formed by Moon trine Uranus trine the Jupiter-Venus conjunction.
4. Moon Phase: The Full and New Moons in July 2015
5. Neptune is Retrograde
6. Chiron is Retrograde
7. Is Saturn transiting your natal Moon: Sade Sate?
Jupiter moves into Vedic Leo:
Well, first and foremost

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Rune Course: Peorth – The Gambler’s Cup

My name is Michael Conneely and you are welcome to enroll on my worldwide Rune learning course.
The Runes are secret occult knowledge gained by the magnificent warrior magician God, Odin.
On my course, we study them by listening to presentations, doing journeys to contact the meaning of the Rune and also to understand how that particular rune energy is manifesting in our particular life. We do Rune Stance and also rune Chant (Galdr).
All my courses are linked to healing modalities, because the aim is not just to learn the material, but also to embody the learning, heal if necessary, transform if necessary.
Here is an extract from a superb piece of work by Frank, one of my Rune students, who has been working with the Rune: Peorth.
Peorth is the gambler’s cup. Once when I drew the rune Peorth, within that week I had suddenly moved three hundred miles, leaving behind the Center I was working at, and embracing my new future.
Frank’s experience of Peorth is well worth reading and remembering – not least because it includes embodiment: feeling the energy of the rune within the body.
Frank sees Peorth as the Unmanifest. Peorth represents mystery, the great unknown, the void where all possibilities exist.  Secrets and occult knowledge exist here just waiting to be revealed and discovered.  Unmanifested energies which can shape our destiny are in this void, and we need to show courage to draw them out into the open.
By using our thoughts and power of our intention we can bring these

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Learn the Ogham: The Celtic Tree Alphabet

Grace O’Malley’s Castle, Renvyle
My name is Michael Conneely and I will be very glad to start work with you learning the Ogham Fews. The Ogham is the Celtic Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids. It is powerful and mystical.
Basically, as with my Runes course, there is a presentation and then a journey for each Ogham Few (or ‘letter’).
The important point is that each journey to encounter the deep meaning of a Few, is made from a start point. And it is made along the pathways that run across and between the Celtic Otherworlds. The Otherworlds exist and are powerful, and they inter-penetrate this world ‘Middle Earth’.
The crucial thing is you must always start and end each Journey at your Divine Centre. You must never leave yourself out in the Otherworlds.
Accordingly it is important for you to start by developing a strong and clear appearance of your Divine Centre. You can change the location/definition of your Divine Centre at different times through your life if you wish, but you must always start / finish each Journey at your currently defined Divine Centre.
Accordingly I start the Ogham Course by sending you a sound file and you then share with me a description of your Divine Centre.
The other thing is, you must never rush the Ogham course. Ogham has a different energy to the Runes. The Runes are ‘Will Magic’. The Ogham is rooted in nature: you cannot hurry the growth of a tree: it is responding to both its own genetic

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What will the transit of Jupiter from July 2015 to August 2016 mean for you???

Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Leo on 14th July 2015, remaining there until 11th August 2016.
Jupiter and the Sun are friends, so this transit will be potent and benefic. Look what House Leo is in your Vedic birth chart.
Vedic Leo is my 2nd House, so I can expect expansion of income; expansion also of all the other things the 2nd House rules, like communication.
Contact me for a reading to find out what will happen for you during Jupiter’s transit through Leo. By the way, in Western astrology: this is 24 Western Leo to 24 western Virgo.
AND do ALSO note that there is a very special and potentially challenging facet of Jupiter’s transit through the Vedic sign of Leo.
This is that Jupiter and the North Node (Rahu) conjoin, thus creating a special spiritual challenge from 29th January 2016 to 18th August 2016. It’s an energy that very much needs to be purified in our lives.
This combination of Jupiter and Rahu in the same Vedic sign is seen as a potentially dangerous combination in Vedic Astrology. It is called Guru Chandala Yoga.
The dangers are that, whereas Jupiter is about spiritual enlargement and Guru Energy, when Rahu is added to Jupiter, your spiritual search can become driven or obsessional.
It can become associated with bad or dark teachers. It can be manipulative – or even hyper-manipulative, delusory or dark.
I’ve known leaders of dodgy spiritual centers with this combination in their birth chart. Abu Hamsa the ‘Hate Cleric’ has it in his birth chart. Interestingly

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