November 2015 Astrology from Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely
A gateway to love’s highest expression
Power and revolution for Aries and Capricorn
The hard time for Librans and Scorpios continues
Jupiter, Venus and Mars are all in same sign opposition Chiron, the Wounded Healer
Sun Saturn conjunction
Sun Saturn square to Neptune
Mercury trine Uranus
Uranus square Pluto
The Moon and your Consciousness and Emotions
Astrology Readings and Courses in western and Vedic Astrology
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November 2015 starts off the month with a big pile-up of energy:
Jupiter, Venus and Mars are all close to the Nodal axis in Virgo, and all of these are opposition Chiron, the Wounded Healer, across the chart in Pisces.
To view the charts and ephemeris for this month, go to the 2015 page in my wonderful Master Vedic Astrology website:
Here is the line-up of the planets for November 1st and a table showing how they move in the heavens through the month. This is the tropical zodiac of western astrology:
Sun moves from 8 Scorpio to 8 Sagittarius
Moon starts the month at 8 Cancer on November 1st
Mercury moves from 27 Libra to 15 Sagittarius
Venus moves from 21 Virgo to 25 Libra
Mars moves from 22 Virgo to 10 Libra
Jupiter moves from 16 to 21 Virgo
Saturn moves from 4 to 7 Sagittarius
Uranus moves from 17 to 16 Aries – Retrograde
Neptune is at 7 Pisces – Retrograde
Pluto moves from 13 to 14 Capricorn
Chiron is at 17 Pisces – Retrograde
Moon Phases this month:
New Moon: 11.11.2015 at 17.47 at 19 Scorpio
Full Moon:  25.11.2015 at 22.44 at 3 Gemini
N.B. To see the dates and times of Full/New Moons and Eclipses correct for your time

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Reading the Vedic and Western Birth Chart Pt. 6: David’s Chart

Michael Conneely
The sure perception of Vedic, psychodynamic and evolutionary Astrology is used as a basis for personal transformation through art work, embodiment and healing

In this starwheel webinar by Michael Conneely we focus on three things:
a. David’s Vedic and Western Natal Astrology
b. The astrology of David’s life-changing accident 27.8.2006.
c. David’s Jupiter Atmakaraka (His soul indicator).
Using the perception offered by Vedic and Western astrology, channelling, art therapy, embodiment and healing work are done by the group at end of Webinar:

We draw our perception of David’s Saturn-Mercury conjunction in his 8th House which was activated at the time of his accident
We draw David’s Atmakaraka: His soul indicator, the planet Jupiter, which was also activated at the time of the accident. Our Atmakaraka is the declaration of a special unfinished project from our previous life-time(s).
We channel what these planets of David’s tell us through the art work.
d. We embody these drawings
e. We then report back and share on the two drawings, on the embodiment and on the special message these two drawings have for David.

Building on the sure and accurate declaration and perception of psychodynamic and evolutionary western astrology as well as Vedic astrology combined, intuitive guidance comes up from our subconscious and from the vastness spontaneously and automatically. This gift happens when they would not otherwise when we draw and when we then stand up and embody: when we do creative movement.
Art work and movement have the power to express what would otherwise be suppressed and also re-pattern the brain neurologically. It is a powerful

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Art healing and Embodiment are used with Astrology to achieve rebirth experience and empowerment.

Michael Conneely
Reading the Vedic and Western birthchart Pt. 5: Yvonne’s Chart
Art healing and Embodiment are used with Astrology to achieve rebirth experience and empowerment.
Two death and rebirth incidents are examined in detail in Yvonne’s life. The first was in 2010: a health collapse and kundalini overload caused by membership of a Tibetan Buddhist Order. The second incident in 2015 is the death of Yvonne’s father.
The predictive out-turning of these incidents is examined with referenced to Vedic Astrology Predictive Periods (Dasas), Transits of Nodes, Saturn and other planets, and with reference to Nodal and individuation Age Progressions used within psychodynamic western Astrology:
We examine strengths in Yvonne’s Vedic astrology: Sun in Dhanistha, Moon in Ardra and Venus as Atmakaraka or ‘Soul Indicator’ carrying over a key unfinished task from previous life.
We major on the role of Mercury in highly intuitive and special Shatabishak nakshatra, mystical, meditative, philosophical, scientific; the visionary, dreamer, secretive and reclusive.
And in Western Astrology, we focus on her natal aspect ‘Saturn opposition Moon’ as the spine of a ‘Kite’ chart aspect shape, her ‘Grand Cross’, her ‘Grand Trine in Water’, ‘Irritation Rectangle’, ‘Righteousness Rectangle’ other chart aspect shapes, Chiron-Venus and two unaspected sub-personalities.
Join one of my truly caring and very high quality astrology courses:   or – these courses are western or Vedic astrology. They are worldwide, authentically experiential with deep and caring coaching. They are coupled with regular webinars, and linked to healing modalities. In the case of this webinar: art work and embodiment are used to

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Earthquake Eclipse of 28th September 2015 in Vedic and Western Astrology.

Michael Conneely
September 2015: Vedic and Western Astrology Forecast
Understand September 2015 and the upcoming earthquake eclipse of 28th September 2015 in Vedic and Western Astrology.
The Eclipse of September 28th
The big thing about September for me personally is the Eclipse of September 28th. The eclipse will find me arrived in the far West of Ireland because Elizabeth Hendricks,  a psychic healer in the western United States, perceived that an important energy of healing and empowerment was waiting to ‘enter me’ at a place called Glassilaun where my Irish family lived for centuries. I was not planning to go away, but felt compelled to book, she knew nothing of me, but she saw so much that is accurate of my life, and it now feels so right to have booked!
But the energies of this Eclipse are so very odd and so very unexpected for me personally. Saturn of the eclipse is exactly on top of my natal Mars. Mars of the eclipse is exactly on top of my natal Saturn. Saturn and Mars are in exact square in the heavens, and this mirrors the exact square of Saturn and Mars in my birth chart. What does all this endlessly-repeating Saturn and Mars mean???
And I am interested that in terms of my Nodal Age Progressions, my Nodal Age Point which represents the whispers of my soul to me from the astral, is in a once in a lifetime aspect to my natal Mars.
So I believe this unexpected visit to my ancestral homeland coincides

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Astrology Forecast for October 2015

Michael Conneely
To see the charts for the positions of the planets, and the movement they make in October 2015, please see my October 2015 Web Page:
Sun moves from 7 deg Libra to 7 deg Scorpio.
Mercury moves from 6 to 27 deg Libra (Mercury is retrograde from 17th Sep to 9th Oct).
Venus moves from 24 deg Leo to 21 deg Leo.
Mars moves from 3 to 22 deg Virgo.
Jupiter moves from 10 to 16 deg Virgo.
Saturn moves from 1 to 4 deg Sagittarius.
Uranus moves from 18 to 17 deg Aries (Ur is Retrograde from 26th Jul to 26th Dec).
Neptune is at 7 deg Pisces Neptune is Retrograde from 12th Jun to 18th Nov).
Pluto moves from 12 to 13 deg Capricorn.
Chiron moves from 19 to 17 deg Pisces (Ch is Retrograde from 23rd June to 27th Nov).
Moon Phase:
The New Moon is 13th October at 00.06 hrs at 19 deg Libra 21
The Full Moon is 27th October at 12.05 hrs at 3 deg Taurus 45
How will these planetary energies affect you? Well, of course, it all depends if any of the planets transiting in the heavens in October form an aspect to any of the planets in your birth chart. It all depends which of the Houses of your birth chart these planets in the heavens are transiting through in October.
You can contact me for an astrology reading of your birth chart or relationship or for your year ahead at
Or you can follow one of my astrology courses which are always very caring

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How to Read the Vedic Birth Chart Pt. 4: Louise’s Chart

Michael Conneely

This reading predicts a period of artistic success and standing in the world for Louise. Her chart is difficult because Sun is most deeply Debilitated and Mars is her Bhadak planet.
Michael Conneely’s Master Vedic Astrology course focuses on in-depth study of two charts: Michael’s and the students, and always offers crossover into western astrology to the extent that the student desires, and so we examine ‘Nature v Nurture issues, Chart aspect shapes and above all the implications of Louise’s Sun conjunct Pluto.
Master Vedic Astrology always offers gateways: gateways to use the superb perception created by Vedic and western astrology as an opportunity for healing and empowerment: becoming the essence of who you were born to be, and so Maggie Pashley demonstrates here the use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to start to create illumination as to the nature of the debilitation of the Sun and the Mars Bhadaka – and also the way out!

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Child Astrology Readings with Michael Conneely

To understand your child’s life, you could not do better than book a Child Astrology Reading from me:
This is because, exceptionally, I combine expert Western astrology with Vedic Astrology. And more than that, my readings are always linked to healing and empowerment techniques such as the many healing modalities you can see on the relevant website page, art therapy and also embodiment techniques.
My child astrology reading will so strongly support your understanding of your child. It will so strongly promote your best parenting of your child. This applies to children of all ages.

Within western child astrology, my specialisms are psychodynamic astrology and evolutionary astrology
Sub Personalities:

Psychodynamic astrology provides the most accurate definition of the different parts of your child’s psychology. It accurately identifies ‘sub-personalities’ your child has. One of the key methods I use to identify your child’s psychology is analysis of the chart aspect shapes in your child’s chart. Chart aspect shapes are a powerful guide to your child’s deepest psychological motivations. They identify what parts of your child’s personality work easily together, and which parts are so different that it is hard to reconcile one with the other.
In particular, chart aspect shapes analysis is excellent for identifying which parts of us are split off: what parts actually go so far as to act as ‘unaspected sub-personalities. The need is for all of us to know even the split-off parts of ourselves, so that we will not be driven by unconscious denied parts, so that we will

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August 2015 Astrology Forecast from Michael Conneely: combined western and Vedic Astrology

Michael Conneely
This August Astrology combines both western and Vedic Astrology. I start with Vedic Astrology.
You can see my western astrology forecast following on from this, below.
N.B. You can see the charts for the planet positions and the ephemeris and details of Moon phases in both western and Vedic Astrology on my Master Vedic Astrology courses website: There’s charts and ephemeris for every month.
So first of all, here is news about how Vedic Astrology says the planets will affect your life:
For me the biggest development to be aware of is that Saturn has ended his long Retrograde motion in the heavens which started March 15th 2015. He is virtually stationary all August and then he will very slowly start to gather forward speed.
How will this manifest in your life now? Well, as a general guide, Saturn going direct releases pent up energy. It clears and activates situations that have been blocked up and have been ‘on hold’. Delays and holdups are challenged. Major crises can erupt. Remember, Saturn is a powerful malefic. He can bring harsh results, and needs to be met with patience, structure and discipline. Lay down new structures. Prune where necessary.
As a useful guide to how to you might work out the lessons of Lord Shani in your life this month, I’m sharing here how this has manifested in my life now:
Well, a sick, tyrannical adoptive sibling died in his alcohol institution (albeit spraying out final harm to others) and my partner experienced a similar death dimension in a

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How to read the Vedic Birth Chart Pt 3: Rebecca’s Chart

Michael Conneely
Have a look at this chart reading on How to Read the Vedic Birth Chart and see the cross-roads time identified for Rebecca now
This is part 3 in the series where the Master Vedic Astrology study group interpret their charts.
Note that there is a disappointing echo on the audio of the YouTube video, but please note that this is only there for the first 18 mins.
So, please do bear with this, nevertheless, and listen anyway, as it is truly fascinating to see how this session reveals how psychodynamic western astrology can be used in crossover with Vedic Astrology to identify that Rebecca is at a crossroads time now – and what to do about it!
This whole reading is well worth seeing, so please do persist despite the initial echo. Here is the link:

N.B. After the 18mins point, there is no echo!!!
This is the 3rd in a series of Webinars where members of a Master Vedic Astrology study Group develop their skills at reading the Vedic birth chart.
Special features in this No 3 session also include:
1. Use of psychodynamic chart aspect shapes.
2. Use of Nature versus Nurture charts in psychodynamic astrology.
3. Use of Art Therapy for healing and empowerment is also shown.
4. Use of Navtara system for understanding how the Nakshatras or Lunar Zodiac of Vedic Astrology are used to identify and help with relationship issues for Rebecca from family members.
5. Use of Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka.
6. Further answer to Rebecca’s question about career indicators will be addressed in a future

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Astrology Forecast September 2015

Michael Conneely
Planet Positions September 2015:
Sun           moves from 8 Virgo           to 7 Libra. Sun enters Libra on September 24th.
Moon        starts September at 9 Aries and starts October at 17 Taurus
Mercury   moves from 5 Libra           to 6 Libra
Venus       moves from 14 Leo           to 24 Leo
Mars         moves from 14 Leo           to 3 Virgo. Mars enters Virgo on September 26th.
Jupiter     moves from 4 Virgo          to 10 Virgo
Saturn      moves from 28 Scorpio    to 1 Sagittarius.
Saturn enters Sagittarius on September 18th.
Uranus     moves from 19 Aries        to 18 Aries
Neptune   moves from 8 Pisces        to 7 Pisces
Pluto        moves from 13 Capricorn to 12 Capricorn
Chiron     moves from 20 Pisces        to 19 Pisces
North Node moves from 2 Libra       to Libra
South Node moves from 2 Aries       to Aries
Retrograde Planets:
(Dates are approx depending on time zones and whether stationary periods are included in retrogradation)
Mercury is Retrograde from 17th September to 10th October
Venus      is Retrograde from 26th July            to 7th September
Uranus    is Retrograde from 27th July            to 27th December (i.e. All Month)
Neptune is Retrograde from 13th June           to 20th November (i.e. All Month)
Pluto        is Retrograde from 18th April         to September 26th
Chiron     is Retrograde June 23rd                   to November 27th (i.e. All Month)
The Nodes of the Moon are always Retrograde (Mean Nodes)
Moon Phases: September 2015
N.B. Both are Eclipses
New Moon         13.9.2015     06.42              20 Virgo 11
Full Moon          28.9.2015     02.51                4 Aries   41
Chart New Moon 13th Sep
New Moon Eclipse 13th September

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