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Jupiter Turns Direct and Future Life Progression Healing

Michael Conneely

Jupiter turns Direct on 10th July 2018. So how to get the greatest benefit from this is crucial.

But, of course, the information in this blog is of applicable at any time.

While Jupiter was Retrograde in the Heavens, our expansion, our Belief in ourselves, our Purpose and our Hope were all held back. Now Jupiter is more easily able to shed his energy into our life.

And this Post also looks at the great benefits of a Future Life Progression Healing. This Healing is a blessing to have any time, but it came through for me as Jupiter was turning Direct, and so that’s why I am writing about it now.

When Jupiter is manifesting fully in our lives, with Direct motion in the Heavens, we have expansion, purpose, belief in what we are doing, divine blessing and higher learning. And you can get an Astrology Reading or enrol on one of my individually taught courses to go so much deeper into this and more.

And to understand where Jupiter will especially manifest in your life, at the time he is turning Direct, you need to look at where Jupiter is transiting now in your birth chart. Please see this detial and more, below.

And of course, we are helped at this time because there is also a most beautiful Jupiter trine Neptune aspect in the heavens now.

So, lower down in this post, I set out a lot more detail of how to understand your Jupiter or any of your planets, below, but first of all, please watch the video, and then read about Future Life Progression Healing:


I’d like to mention more about Future Life Progression Healing, now, that my wife, Maggie Pashley does. Future Life Progression is a branch of Hypnosis. You are asked to imagine or visualise a couple of scenes of your future life, one after the other, at two suggested dates in the future. You can imagine scenes say 5 yrs. ahead and 10 yrs. ahead. And this can give you such SURPRISING purpose and hope.

Please do note that we can be trapped into pessimistic/helpless life patterns now. This can be because we have unconscious, negative, suffering belief about our Future. And we may be unaware of this.

But Future Life Progression Healing can give us:

Good Strategies

Even when difficult circumstances may be seen, we can learn:

How to understand the meaning.
How to prepare.
How to avert.
What changes may be needed in order to create a different Future for ourself.
Maggie Pashley can be contacted by email shown on her website.


Looking now more into the detail of understanding your Jupiter (or any planet), here is a mention of more of the astrological techniques involved, and of course you can have an astrology reading from me, or you can enroll on one of my astrology courses. For the Astrology of July 2018 see our Astrology and Healing Newsletter. And especially see my blog post on the powerful  Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century: The Lunar Eclipse of 27th July 2018.

I use both the western birth chart using Tropical Zodiac, and also the Vedic birth chart which must use Sidereal Zodiac. The thrust of the Western Zodiac is more our psychological unfoldment. Western Astrology is essentially psychodynamic (with special dimensions of Chiron and the Outer Planets and Evolutionary Astrology), whereas the thrust of the Vedic chart is based essentially on the unfoldment of our incarnational Life Purpose and Destiny.

So, for example, if Jupiter is transiting in your 4th House in your Vedic birth chart when he turns Direct, then expansionary work will resume on your home. Whereas if Jupiter is transiting in your 2nd House, then expansionary work will resume in the area of income generation and speech/expression. Whereas if Jupiter occupies your 6th House natally, then you could experience legal issues but also defence against disease.

It’s so helpful, in fact essential, to realize that the planets each have a Divine energy, but that we, ourselves, experience each of our planets through the three filters of Sign, House and Aspect. So, see my video journey: my Meet Jupiter presentation:

and this blog post:

Please note that I have one of these videos and blog posts for each of all the Vedic and Western planets.
For each planet I have a video journey to meet the Divine planet and contact and heal how that planet manifests in your birth chart, for students on my courses, as well.

And in fact, if you have an Astrology Reading from me or enrol on one of my Astrology Courses, I can also draw on really sophisticated techniques to weigh up how each planet will manifest in your life, and also how your planets treat each other.

For example, Vedic Astrology assigns strength scores to planets (Digbala) and Dignity scores (how the planet gets on with the plant that rules the sign he occupies in your Vedic Chart).

There’s also Ashtakavarga Score: How supported your consciousness and your life is for each of the twelve signs of your birth chart that a planet transits through.

There are also the wonderful Varga Charts (Divisional Charts) each of which says something so special and powerful about a particular area of your life (you can enroll on my wonderful Varga Course and study each of your Varga or Divisional charts, and learn so much about each special area of your destiny and how to heal and empower it).

And then there’s the Avasthas technique which is within my Foundation Vedic Astrology Course: and here we lean so much from the score for the standing of each planet in our chart and in our life, and also for how the planets treat each other: does one of your planets really boost another of your planets? Or does one of your planets really trash another of your planets?

Lastly, I would mention that Vedic Astrology has a magnificent and powerful declaration of Predictive Periods unfolding at predictable dates in our lives. In fact, these periods, called Dasas, are even more powerful than transits about setting the scene in our lives and predicting events. And so, if Jupiter has good standing in our Vedic birth chart, we will manifest expansion, inspiration, feel wonderful Purpose when we enter Jupiter Dasa. But we’d also need to check if any of our other planets would be harming Jupiter or cutting into him.

And we also need to check if our expansive Jupiter might be difficult to manage, for example, if we have a Weak Sun or a Gandanta Sun. If we have Chiron conjunct Jupiter in our birth chart, the energy of Jupiter that we will manifest risks being particularly glitzy, vulgar or over expansive. Saturn opposition Jupiter can really block our Jupiter expression and lead to unconfidence and self-doubt.

And you can get an Astrology Reading or enrol on one of my individually taught courses.

Enrol for a Reading with me at:

Or enrol on one of my dedicated Astrology Courses at:

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,


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Tantric Astrology

Michael Conneely

You can enroll on my Vedic Astrology Foundation Course: Master Vedic Astrology, see: and I will share with you the powerful declaration and ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology, including the Tantric Nature of Vedic Astrology. (Tantric Astrology)

You learn this through depth study of two charts: yours and mine.

And you can incorporate Western Astrology crossover, if you wish. There are also more advanced courses that you can continue your studies with.

In this Video I introduce one facet of Vedic Astrology, namely that at its best it incorporates Tantric Astrology.

Tantra is the reconciliation of apparent opposites in that you can go beyond the plane of the apparent opposites to perceive that which unifies.

And this Truth of Tantra reminds me of the five years I spent, having already studied for an Oxford University MA and with post graduate degrees including sociology and psychology, from 1998 completing a Field Study: An Ethnography: a social-anthropological field study of individuals, institutions and communities pursuing spiritual forms new to the modern West: Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community. It was pursued mainly at Glastonbury, a spiritual centre in England, and it included a study of the development of Glastonbury over hundreds of years as a place of pilgrimage and a sacred landscape.

So, in a most important sense, where opposites are stated for your life by Vedic Astrology, this does not negate what is stated. It points to the fact that both are true, and that in exploring the divine perception of how apparent opposites are both true, we develop very sophisticated insight into our life. And this insight is such a sound basis for two very special features which are linked to all my astrology: namely: Healing ourselves and Empowerment.

Another facet of my course which ties into its Tantric Astrology nature is that in the Master Vedic Astrology Course, we study one planet after another (including the western outer planets and Chiron the Wounded Healer if you wish to add these). And we study them first in their Divine Essence: as Gods therefore, and then we study them as they manifest in our individual charts and in our individual lives: through the filters of sign, house, aspect etc. and this manifestation in our lives of course can be a very different matter from the divine, pure manifestation.

Let’s take Jupiter as an example. Jupiter is a natural benefic. BUT under certain destinies, he can manifest as a first rate malefic!
Let’s take the case of Jupiter placed at 1 deg Vedic Sagittarius, using the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (this is 24 degrees Sagittarius using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology).
I’m choosing this because Saturn is transiting this Jupiter at the time of writing – and this is a further twist to the tale of apparent opposites because of course Jupiter and Saturn ARE opposites. So, the question is: how does the Native get them to work together???
So, this Jupiter is in his own sign (Vedic Sagittarius). And therefore he’s strong. In fact, he is in strong Mulatrikona status.
But: how do we square this with the fact that Jupiter will manifest in a weak and marginalised way because he is Rashi Sandhi or ‘edge of sign’?
But: how do we square this with the fact this this is Jupiter in one of the three weakening and insubstantial Gandanta Zones?
And in our example, this chart is a Cancer rising chart and so Jupiter is in the 6th House, which is a Dusthana or fallen house? Of course, on this point Dusthana Houses have the potential to be able to get better with age. But the 6th house IS the house of enemies. The 6th House is associated with Debt!
And there’s’ another twist to the tale. The start of Vedic Sagittarius is of course Mula Nakshatra. Mula Nakshatra (the 1th of the wonderful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology) is ruled over by Niritti, the Dark Goddess. Some Vedic Astrologers see Niritti as ‘adharmic’ but this raises such an important point. If we adopt a tantric understanding, then a ‘dark goddess’ who overturns normality and tramlines can become our so much needed death and rebirth IF we can bring proper tantric understanding.
Of course, one thing we’d need to check into, is Jupiter’s strength scoring in the wonderful sixteen Varga or Divisional charts of Vedic Astrology. It’s really important to know how strong your planet is in each of the divisional charts: each divisional chart makes a priceless declaration about a special area of our life.
So, this Native has a Jupiter score of 16.8 across all the sixteen divisional charts, whereas the score for his Sun across all sixteen divisional charts is only 1.20. so, this crucial measurement points to the fact that he has a weak Sun, so this raises all sorts of crucial spiritual and practical questions of how a super-weak Sun can do his necessary task of directing and controlling a super-strong ultra-expansionary Jupiter?
Not only this, I can include in your course offering if you wish, study of the several systems of Avasthas: measurements of the strength of a planet in your Vedic birth chart and how your planets treat each other: so valuable! Movingly and breath-takingly insightful!
And then we need to understand the tantric point: yes, this Jupiter is STRONG, but this Jupiter is weak and insubstantial and challenged in that he is in the Gandanta Zone. So great spiritual understanding is offered by Vedic Astrology on how the native can understand and utilize these apparent opposites. Strang and weak! Both are true. This is tantric Astrology!
So: go to my Master Vedic Astrology website and enroll. And see that key dimensions of my wonderful course are that it is individually taught and focussed, and always linked to Healing and Empowerment needed potentials within the astrological declaration.
I look forward to hearing from you

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Weak Sun in your Birth Chart and in October, November 2017

Michael Conneely

Weak Sun in your Birth Chart and in October & November 2017

This Blog from Michael Conneely is all about what it means to have a weak Sun in their Birth Chart – and what do you do about it?

The Sun is the King of our Kingdom; he is the Divine Charioteer that drives the Chariot of Self.

Yet some people’s destiny is to work with a Weak Sun: so how do they heal this? How do they Empower?

And more than these Weak Sun individuals, this Blog also actually speaks to ALL of us –

This is because the whole world will experience something of the energy-state that is a Weak Sun for the month starting October 17th, 2017, when the Sun enters the Vedic sign of Libra in the heavens and transits there for a month.

And this weakness to what the Sun stands for is because the Vedic Sign of Libra, using the divinely-accurate Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, is the sign where the Sun is most deeply Fallen or Debilitated, where the Sun’s qualities are most weakened – even trashed.

NOTE: Even if the Sun’s Debilitation is ‘cancelled’ in your Vedic birth chart (e.g. because your Libran Sun is also in your 1st House), NOTE NEVER THE LESS, that you may well be also capable of being Me-First, BUT you will also MOST CERTAINLY have the weak Sun scripts. So, don’t try to overcompensate for your weak Sun root traits, because they will catch up with you

What does a Weak Sun mean in our life? Here are Examples:

1. Lack of confidence.

2. The person whose been taught they should be the glove that fits the Other’s hand.

3. Inability to speak your truth, so even seeming deceptive.

4. The Sun is the King of our Kingdom, he has to be able to fare forth and do the needed tasks. Weak Sun can’t do this.

5. Co-dependency scripts can set in.

6. The Sun is the Divine Charioteer who drives the Chariot of our Self. In his hands are the reins that go to the horse that pull the chariot. The Horses are the other planets. The Sun has to be strong enough to direct them, and strong enough to chart the needed course in life.

7. Weaker Vitality. Weaker health.

8. Can’t cope.

9. Beaten.

– There’ll be these symptoms big time if your Sun is weak in your birth chart – in other words if you have Sun in Vedic Libra, or Sun in 7th or 12th house, or in a Gandanta Zone, or where your Sun is harmed by a malefic effect from another planet.

– AND ALSO everyone will feel something of this in the month starting 17th October 2017, while the Sun is working his way through the sign of Vedic Libra.

Also do Note : for Vedic Librans, at this time, there could be sudden expenses and losses due to planets in 12th House from Libra (Vedic Virgo)

So: What should I do during the weak Sun month starting 17th October 2017?

Hear this perception.
Act on it.
Listen to your body.
Listen to your Feelings.
Eat well.
Don’t push too hard.
Physical Activity.

What else can I do?

Well, there are various options:

Deity Work: Note that I teach deity work worldwide. Men can gain so much from studying and working with such Gods as Cernunnos or The Dagda. Women can gain so much by working with Brigit. See my Druid Forest School Curses:

Healing and Empowerment Work: Do any Healing Work that is needed. Se the worldwide Healing website of my partner: Maggie Pashley: There’s such genuine worldwide Healing Methods as: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Emotion Code, Body Code, Hypnotherapy, just to name a very few.

See details of my wonderful worldwide readings see:
For details of my expert worldwide courses, see:
Principles underlying my work are that I am always prepared to offer Western Astrology-Vedic Astrology crossover.
My courses are highly caring and totally individual focussing on two sets of charts: yours and mine, so as to keep the learning genuine, authentic and grounded.
And my work is never formulaic, but linked to healing and empowerment.
We also run a Healing Centre and linked Airbnb on the Atlantic Coast of County Sligo in the West of Ireland.

I look forward to working with you,

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Have you got a weak Sun? Crucial astrological guidance.

Michael Conneely

surya-1Have you got a weak Sun? Crucial astrological guidance. Healing and Empowerment

Vedic Astrology has a very effective way of measuring the strength of the planets in our birth chart including a weak sun.

If we have a weak Sun, this indicates lack of self-confidence and possibly lack of clear steering, coordination and direction.

My Sun’s position in the chart exactly predicts a lack of confidence which has dogged my life. It has thus failed to manage other planets for example my very strong Jupiter or Mars. It has set me on a path of letting enemies beset me because it can’t manage my strong sixth House of Enemies.

The Sun is the Divine Charioteer which drives the chariot of Self. He hold in his hands the reins that guide the horse that pull the chariot of self: the other planets. What happens to a chariot when the charioteer is weak or lacking in confidence? The horses pull it all ways; they derail it. What happens to a horse (a planet) when the charioteer is weak? Obviously, there’s not enough check on the worse sides of the horse (planet) coming out; the horse (planet) does not get properly trained.

Of course, once we have generated the peerless perception offered by the methods of Vedic Astrology, the question arises of what do we do about it. And this brings me on to the healing and empowerment techniques that I say are the modern remedies for the challenges we see in the chart, in our life, that I offer with my readings and courses.

And of course, I do sincerely believe that the insights of the best in modern western psychodynamic astrology, Chiron astrology and evolutionary astrology do need to be taken on board as well.

That is why my readings and courses always include the option of crossover into both Vedic and Western astrology.

Here are links to my websites:

These Are some Video’s from Michael Conneely’s You Tube Channel:

It will be great to work with you,

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