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Worldwide Healings from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

Michael Conneely

Read all about our Worldwide Healings from our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland
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Healings with Michael Conneely:

Here are six examples:
1. Inner Child Work exercises consist of my sending you questionnaires relating to your developments and experiences through different age ranges, and you answer and review these, leading to your realisation of what your key attitudes are and how they arose, and what you need to do about them. There is cross referencing to your astrology and you are offered a healing culmination in key transformative statements.
2. Family Constellation Work exercises consists of visualising your family members, , raising what’s been forgotten or repressed, a guided journey to meet each, the process cross-refers to your astrology and ends with your ‘taking your place’.
3. Shamanic Journey – individual module
4. Soul retrieval is a shamanic healer technique, where you journey to meet a split of part of yourself, whose existence, often acknowledged in fact can control your life. You identify how and when that pert of you got split off, befriend and integrate your inner child.
(N.B. you have to do module 3 in order to be able to do this module 4)
Modules 3 and 4 are parts of my Shamanic Healer Course: ( ), but people getting these individual units as part of with my astrology readings and courses, receive them at special individual price. I send you Paypal request, and we then focus on the Healing module in addition to the astrology Reading or Course.
4. Astrological Psychosynthesis Work: this is wonderful perception, healing and empowerment. We work to get authentic and embodied experience of how the energy of a planet manifests in your natal and predictive astrology in your life, and then using the psychosynthesis roleplay techniques of Assaglioni, we do work to define how that planets manifests in our life and what to do about him.
Again I send you Paypal request, and we then focus on the Healing module in addition to the astrology Reading or Course.
5. Past Life regression – using audio file or through shamanic session with me personally. This is such a worthwhile exercise.
6. What story are you living? Working with your vision journeys, worksheets and cross reference to your astrology, we work out and seek to heal and empower around the stories that you are living in respect of Archetypes such as: Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Ruler, Magician, Sage, Lover, Destroyer, and others.
See my Website:

Healings with Maggie Pashley:

Maggie’s Healing Modalities utilize her vast range of worldwide distance energy healings:

1. Heart Wall Clearing is a fantastic way of releasing blocks to giving and receiving love, allowing success and greater abundance into our life and to having a better relationship with ourself. It can be done by distance sessions from wherever you are in the world. It makes use of muscle testing to identify trapped emotions caused by rejection, hurt, disappointment and trauma and clears these energetically. Find out more:

2. Resonating Relationships – this program identifies negative beliefs we have about Relationships, modes of operating which block connection, nurturing and harmony in a relationship. We then clear those blocks using the Body Code. Find out more here:

3. Emotion Code – developed by American chiropractor Bradley Nelson the Emotion Code uses muscle testing to uncover underlying trapped emotions holding us back and then releases them energetically.

4. Body Code – also developed by Bradley Nelson, the Body Code is based on the way he himself worked on clients and is far more extensive than the Emotion Code. It uses muscle testing to undercover imbalances in emotions, nutrition and lifestyle, misalignments, toxins, external interferences, pathogens and then clears them energetically.

5. A Symphony of Possibilities – In an SOP session you will be asked if you could get anything you wished out of the session what would it be? and then uses verbal processing (clearing questions) and energetic healing to bring you into alignment with that desired outcome

6. Access Bars – This is a gentle hands-on process involving lightly touching 32 points on the head to clear out old beliefs, programming, fixed positions that are keeping you stuck. Has been likened to defragging a computer, pressing the delete button on old files in our brain to make room for what we can truly be without the old baggage.

7. Access Body Processes is a gentle hands-on treatment, dialoguing with the body to find out which of over 50 treatment options it currently requires to become freer and more empowered. Can boost immune system, help you reconnect with your body and feel more grounded, release repeating patterns, family scripts and more.

8. Breakthrough sessions – designed to help you go beyond areas of stuckness in your life and uses a combination of the many powerful energetic healing techniques Maggie is trained in. Each session is different and tailor-made to your particular situation.

9. Hypnotherapy allows a deep inner focus to access your unconscious mind enabling transformation in a much easier way. Great for fears, phobias, clearing old limiting habits, and developing greater confidence and self-esteem.

10. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on meridian energy points on the face and hands to rebalance your body’s energies. It has been proven to reduce stress emotions, is effective for fears and phobias, reducing pain and tension. It can help clear unwanted habits and behaviour and create more positive empowering ones.

11. Metamorphic Touch – involves a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head to create an unconditional, open space to connect you with your own inner wisdom and unique gifts and strengths.

12. Bodywork – if you are local or staying at our Sligo Coast airbnb in the West of Ireland, you can choose to have a session of relaxing bodywork. Maggie uses a combination of massage, shiatsu stretches, reflexology and healing to help you feel de-stressed, invigorated and restored.

See Maggie’s Website: and


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Three invitations for you from Maggie Pashley

Michael Conneely

1. Symphony of Possibilities – SPECIAL OFFER TILL END OF 2017
2. Access Bars Class on Saturday 2nd December
3. Hypnotherapy Session and Talk

– For more details of these three special opportunities from Maggie Pashley, please see below.

Our News:

We have moved again! This time to a house we have just bought in beautiful Co Sligo. It is very close to the Atlantic ocean, with its beautiful sea scapes, surfing beaches as well as to the sacred sites of Knocknarea, Carrowmore, and Carrowkeel and many other places. I have a lovely space to teach workshops from and even a spare room which will be placed on airbnb so if anybody is coming from afar they can stay over.

I will continue to do hands-on work – healing, Access Bars, hypnotherapy, reflexology, Energetic Facelifts, Kansa wand sessions and bodywork from our home near Dromore West (between Ballina and Sligo on my N59) but the majority of my sessions can also be done via zoom or Skype. The latest edition to my offerings is the amazing Access Consciousness SOP (Symphony of Possibilities) which I am offering at a very heavily discounted price until the end of 2017 – something to help you in the lead up to Christmas and throughout the holiday period and beyond.

1. Symphony of Possibilities – SPECIAL OFFER FROM MAGGIE PASHLEY TILL END OF 2017

I’m very excited to offer 30 minute sessions of the amazing Symphony of Possibilities for the KNOCKDOWN price of only €35 right up to the end of 2017. This is available in-person from my place in Ballymeeny in Co Sligo or via zoom or Skype.

In the session you get to choose what area of your life you wish to transform right now and my job is to help you align and become congruent with what you are asking to change. We will begin by doing some verbal processing, namely asking questions which open you up to going beyond your current situation to align with your intention. You then lie down on a massage couch while I do the SOP session, which involves clearing energy blocks and inviting you into a much more empowered space. It can feel like a dance of energies.

If you are on-line we simply speak via video or audio link and then you find a comfortable place to lie down and receive. At the end of the session we will check in and you can tell me how that was for you.

So if you feel like some extra help unloosening one of those stuck places (and we all have them!) then get in touch either via my email ( or my landline +353 9647675.

2. Access Bars Class with Maggie Pashley on Saturday 2nd December, 9.30am to 5.30pm in Ballymeeny, Dromore West, Co Sligo – and Worldwide Access Bars Healing Sessions with me any time.

What will I get out of the training?

One day is all it takes to become a certified Access Bars Facilitator and be able to share this amazing modality with others.

A Bars session is an invitation to let go of the limitations you have placed on yourself and go beyond what you thought was possible. The 32 points on the head which are held lightly during the session correspond to different areas of life where most of us can get stuck: such as money, creativity, sexuality, healing and much more.

In this easy relaxed day, you will give and receive two sessions of the Bars each so you actually get to experience four sessions of this transforming technique. You go away feeling lighter, with a certificate and manual and something you can use on yourself, friends and family members and clients for the rest of your life. You can also swap with other practitioners, attend or even create Bars share events.

Investment: €270 if attending for first time, €135 or those repeating (either for the fun of it or as a part of becoming a Bars Facilitator)

For more information please visit: or phone Maggie on 09647675 or 0899799642

N.B. If you would like to experience a Bars session before you commit to a workshop, simply book a session with me and if you decide you want to do the workshop, I will put the cost of your session towards your deposit for the class.

Please note that the cost of the class is due to go up to €300 (for all facilitators) in January and this is the last chance to get the class with me at the current price.

3. Hypnotherapy Talk – and Hypnotherapy Sessions worldwide from Maggie Pashley:

I’ve been invited to talk about hypnotherapy at the Queen Medb Winter Conference at the Rathcrogan Visitor Centre in Tulsk, Co Roscommon

Maggie Pashley – ‘Using the magic of your own mind’
Sligo-based hypnotherapist Maggie Pashley will talk about how the natural occurring phenomenon of trance can be used intentionally to help benefit you in a myriad of ways. She will give you a few short experiences of pleasant trance states and finish with a relaxation to set you up for the rest of the day.

Here is the link to the full programme:

So come along and find out more about the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Too far away???
If you would like to experience some hypnotherapy yourself, remember I do distance hypnotherapy sessions so you can join me wherever you are in the world.

I look forward to hearing from you,

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