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Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely with Visionary Worldwide Runes Course

Michael Conneely reads and extract from the novel: Rune Magic, which is available on Amazon worldwide as paperback or kindle.

The book is packed with information about Norse Cosmology as well as being a cosmological cliff-hanger

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Here, Michael Conneely reads how Heimdall, the ever loyal Guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, sound the Gallahorn because the forces of chaos are invading Asgard, and Ragnarok has begun.


Several Moons later, they were all awakened by the sounding of a horn. They staggered out of the cave mouth in time to see, in shock, immense pursuing wolves close upon the sun: Hati, Skoll and Managarm – the wolves got by Loki on the hag-foul giantess, Angrbroda, and diligently fed by her for centuries for this very purpose, fed on the marrow of murderers’ bones, hidden away in the groves of Jarnvid Ironwood.
The four of them stood and stared upwards, speechless and stunned, overcome as the gap between the wolves and the staggering sun steadily narrowed. Horrified, they saw the wolves finally catch up first with Sunna, the sun, and swallow her whole; her blood cascaded from their hideous jaws and drenched the Earth.

Then the mighty distant notes of the horn sounded a second time. They were pure and summoning. The cliff-face cracked. The pool emptied with a drunken gurgling roar. The sky went black.
The Moon became visible in the sudden darkness caused by the death of the Sun; then the ravening evil of the wolves turned after him. He continued forward in his orbit but was far too slow. He was swallowed up in his turn by the monstrous brood of Loki and Angrbroda: his blood cascaded silvery from the closing teeth and, it too, showered the Earth.
Gusts of hail and snow now came at them from all four directions. Now, the only light to see by was the ceaseless lightning crashing across the ink-black skies and a strange sick eerie red flaring growing immensity of light coming up from the south. ‘Muspelheim,’ Declan murmured, pointing to the light.

The tragic purity of the horn sounded again for the third time. ‘It is the Gjallarhorn’ cried Magda – she was the first to realise what it was, so stunned they had been to watch the destruction of the luminaries. Magda was the first to actually break from the horrified trance into which the tragedy of the Sun and the Moon had drawn them all. ‘Heimdall has sounded the Gjallarhorn,’ Magda said urgently. ‘The forces of chaos are invading Asgard.’

‘Magda, sound your own ram’s horn,’ said Declan, shaking himself out of his reverie; ‘gather our weapons and our kit. We must call on the dragon you scryed when we first met, to take us to Mimir’s Grove. The nine worlds are ending. And they are ending fast by the look of it. They are finished,’ he declaimed tragically.
‘What about my mam and dad and Sunna and Ari and Bragi and Einar?’ Frithgeir cried out loud. ‘Mam, I’m coming for you.’ Frithgeir scrambled madly down the disintegrating cliff face and fought off Declan’s attempts to hold him back. Brosni joined Declan and they fought Frithgeir. Declan held his arms and Brosni held his legs and Frithgeir eventually gave up struggling and gave way to sobs, instead. The trees outside the cave crashed down. The roof cracked, and they only just made it back up to the ledge to drag their weapons and their gear to safety.
‘Sound your ram’s horn, Magda,’ said Declan urgently, clambering out of the cave, dragging their packs and weapons to the ledge as the roof fell in. ‘Call on the dragon.’ He drew the ram’s horn from Magda’s pack, carefully unwrapped it and passed it to her.
‘I’ve never blown a horn before,’ said Magda. ‘I do hope it works.’
‘What dragon?’ Brosni asked. ‘You never told us about this, Declan – another of your secrets?’
‘I was oath-bound,’ Declan told him briefly.
Magda put the ram’s horn to her lips and blew. A piercing screaming rasping unlovely note rang high and long. But it seemed it worked. The veil at the far side of the emptied pool suddenly dropped away and the four of them suddenly saw the aged Norns revealed standing silent, now, the Orlog ruined, their chant destroyed; their runes were lying strewn in chaos on the ground, the web in tatters. Declan, Magda, Brosni and Frithgeir stood there and stared at the Norns, appalled.
‘We must dress again in the clothes the High One gave us,’ Magda said. She somehow knew they had to do that. ‘The Ravens are telling us,’ she explained. Again, Declan shook his head to clear his mind and dragged his eyes away from the tragic prospect of the Norns. The two of them hurried into the barbaric magnificence that Odin wished for.

‘Two I agreed to carry and no more.’

The four of them looked up, startled, as, above the din, in the raging gale, the thundering roar of the white-winged horror and pale immensity of the dragon hovered on mile-wide pinions above the remnants of the pool.
The Gjallarhorn sounded again for the fourth time in far-off Asgard, its purity even more urgent and poignant than before. They saw the Valkyries stream across the sky, Herjan’s maidens riding over the earth, eagerly racing toward the final conflict: Skuld bore a shield, Skogul another, Gunn, Hild, Gondul and Geirskogul, all coming from afar.
The Ravens, Hugin and Munin, whispered in Declan’s ear. ‘I see a hall standing on the Shore of Death, sunless Nastrond, far from the sun.’
Declan spoke to complete the words he had never heard before. It was if another was speaking through him; it was like he was possessed: ‘and its doors face north. Venom-drops fall down from its roof and serpents’ spines entwine its walls.’
Then cried Declan in a great voice to the hovering dragon: ‘I shall not come with you unless you take all of us. You have no power to disobey me. You are Odin-sworn. You must take me to the grove.’
Declan’s vision widened; the swirling images he saw were superimposed on the surrounding landscape and becoming stronger. Again the voice spoke through him: ‘I see there, wading in heavy streams, oathbreakers, murderous outlaws, there the dragon Nidhogg corpse-tearing worm rips at Yggdrassil’s roots, causing the World Tree more anguish than men perceive. He sucks blood from the dead. The wolf rends men.’
Declan shook his head and shouted up to the dragon, again: ‘Would you delay to honour your Odin-oath at this time and make the Orlog falter at the roots of the new world’s time? It is foredained. You have no choice. You know it. You are sworn. You must accept my condition. Carry us all to Mimir’s Grove, or I shall curse you by your name and you will perish with all the Nine Worlds and you will live not to see the coming cycle. Fjalar crows in the birdwood. To the gods crows golden-combed Gullinkambi. A soot-red cock crowed in the halls of Hel. You cannot tarry further. Take us all, now. We must be off!’

With a roar of rage or forced obedience or hideous excitement, or all three, the spectral pallid dragon snatched the four of them up in its dreadful claws – packs, weapons and all, and bore them with a sickening swoop aloft, and headed away, flying low, towards Asgard and the field of Vigrid where the battle lines were forming for the tragic final conflict, beyond which lay Mimir’s Grove: Mimir’s Grove, apart from it all, awaiting Lif and Lifthrasir, the prophesied parents of the new race.
The land cracked further as he took off. He flew with slow vast immeasurable wing beats, surveying the ruin exultantly and belching huge gulches of flame to add his fierce delight to the dying of the worlds.
‘The Hell-hound,’ Magda pointed. ‘Garm, look, there!’
‘His fetters will break; the ravener will run free,’ the voice declaimed through Declan. Was it the Ravens using him? The Ravens were still chittering in his ear.
They looked down and they saw Loki, Fenrir and Garm renew their efforts to rend their chains asunder. Then, first, as Magda spoke, Garm broke free; he howled loudly beneath them with malevolent delight, then, arrowed from Gnipahellir to join the coming fight.
Towering Yggdrasil trembled further; the ancient Ash groaned as the giant broke loose, waiting for black Surt’s flames to engulf it.
Loki broke free next. He headed like a fireball for the storm-wracked coast to claim and head his ghoulish fleet.
With a shriek that echoed through all the planes of time, they saw the Norns turn in towards each other and sink into the ground.
‘How fare the Aesir now?’ the voice through Declan cried. ‘How fare the elves? All Jotunheim resounds. The Aesir meet in council; Wise dwarves groan before their doors of stone. Would you know more? And what?’
The vengeful dragon bore them higher ‘til they could see the surrounding world-ocean and they could see where dragon Jormundgand writhed in giant-rage. His serpent coils encircling the whole of Midgard, and churned the waves in fury.
Then they saw Loki’s hideous boat heading towards the shore: the boat, Naglfar, made of human corpses’ nails. Tidal waves raced across Midgard as the serpent thrashed and churned the oceans. Naglfar made its spectral landing and thence disgorged the sons of fiends who follow the ravening Wolf – Fenrir had freed himself and proudly, lovingly joined his exultant father, Loki, howling for revenge.
All the champions of Hel followed Loki. Also leading the army, they saw dark Surt, fire-giant from Muspellheim. Surt raised his mighty fire-sword. His sword shone brighter than ten suns, immensity of light, a flare of fiery power that discharged ever from the sword and seared the atmosphere around it and sent a mushroom cloud towering towards the affrighted devastated stars, who one by one fell from their immemorial places to the ground. Rocky crags crashed down; troll-wives fell. The hideous force of chaos rode over Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge, and onto into Asgard, and now on to Vigrid Field, Black Surt raised his sword in anger yet again, high in the south, brighter now than the explosion of a hundred thousand rising suns.
Now the white dragon hovered over Vigrid; suspended in his terrible claws the four of them saw the gods fare forth to face the coming fray. Noble, beautiful, brave – and doomed, the Aesir gods went forth. Magda started crying. Declan gave them brave salute. There was a terrible hissing as the serpent Jormundgand darted finally from the mountain waves and sought the beach. It undulated swiftly over the land, heading towards the destruction of the hated gods, spraying venom widely as it went. Loki’s monstrous warriors pulled back lest the poisoned venomed breath touch them; foul mist spread around Jormundgand ravening jaws.
Then, as if the present misery were not enough, then there came a second dreadful ship: the ship, Hrym, bound for Vigrid. It disgorged Frost Giants, armed to the teeth, vengefully now eager to destroy the Aesir gods who had always harried them pitilessly and unwarrantedly.
Then, still watching horrified from the magic dragon’s claws, the four of them saw Hel, herself, arise from out the ground, hideous and bi-faced, followed by her walking dead. Nidhogg flew ahead of her, bearing corpses in his jaws.

They looked towards Asgard. There they saw the goddess, Frigga, still grieving the death of Balder the Beautiful, her comely son. Now knew she must lose her husband, Odin, also. All her joy was gone.
Odin with brave anger took the field of war. Noble, magical, in command and brave, but weakened: now he must face the Fenris wolf with just one eye, and his Ravens he had lent to his heir in his secret plan to protect his heritage.
The god, Frey, father of Freyja, too, fared forth, second of the Aesir force; he must face Surt without his sword; he had lent it to his servant, Skirnir, for his wooing-proxy of Gerd, so he must face Surt without a weapon.
Third of the Aesir force came Vidar: Vidar the dependable, one of Odin’s sons, determined to avenge his father should Odin’s contest with the wolf go ill.
Next among the splendid Aesir gods, came Thor, Odin’s son by the giantess, Iord. God of Force, Thor, the renowned and mightiest war-god bore his magic hammer, Mjollnir, wrought by Dwarven skill and craft.
Next came Tyr, grimly aware that he must face the ultimate foe with but one hand.
Then came all the other gods, assembling in their armour and their weapons.

As the shining Aesir gods nobly issued forth to war in Asgard’s Vigrid Plain, in Midgard, now, all men abandoned their homes. Brosni covered his younger brother Frithgeir’s eyes, when he realised what was happening. He thought seeing the end of humanity and therefore their own family would kill Frithgeir.
Blue-cloaked and armoured, noble Odin paused with grim and splendid dignity, heroic before the stern and mighty god-host finally descended to meet the hordes of chaos on the plain: Loki with his off-spring Fenris, Jormundgand and Hel; Hel’s army of the dead, Garm, the motley host of Surt, the Frost Giants – all of these came screaming nearer.
And at that same moment, the High One, Odin, looked grimly up at the mighty pallid dragon that filled the skies and some dark command and warning filled the air that only the dragon could understand. Huge red runes more ancient in form than any Declan knew, flared and filled the air then melted smoking in the gale.
Then Odin looked steadily up at Declan and Magda. Declan and Magda alone could hear the voice of Odin, projected to their minds, blocking out all else; they alone, so none of the gods or hel-fiends, nor even their companions could know what passed between the tired magician god and the young man and woman.
‘I do not know how I could have averted this hour,’ Odin told them. ‘Necessity and fate and duty always drove me – and the love of magic. I could not but kill Mimir. Men and gods cannot live ever in the dream time. There must be progress. Life cannot be slept away. I could not but fight the giants. My mind will not be held back in Giants’ immemorial rumination: I have felt the prick of magic. And my people needed Law and Order. I could not but fight the Vanir. The Folk were growing in their numbers. More land was needed. And more gold! He who conquers not, is conquered! Oden told them. ‘Understand this!’ he commanded.
‘Loki is my beloved blood-brother, my clever, Trickster, other self,’ Odin continued, ‘but Loki’s fire burns too erratic for ordered society. Loki’s day is past!
‘Of myself, know this, Declan and Magda, my beloved adoptive son and daughter: that I did not want to do any of these things. But I was driven by fate and my necessity, and I had no choice. Understand that.
They nodded.
‘You two know full well the lengths I went to, to protect what I have created and what I have built up. To guard and protect the noble beauty that is Asgard, I ranged the face of Middle Earth and Jotunheim to discover prophecies and ways of magic that might have averted this, my ruin.
‘But Fate now proves inexorable it has caught up with me. I, Odin, find, finally, that I am doomed.
‘Yet, still, even at this late hour, in you two, part of my great hope lies. I raised the greatest Seeress from her grave mound. Now you have heard her words. Know, Declan, that you are Lifthrasir: and Lifthrasir means Life-giver: you are Life-giver. Your seed shall take root. Know, Magda, that you are Lif: and Lif is Life.
‘Lif and Lifthrasir they will hide in Mimir’s Grove. They will have the morning dew for food. From them the generations will spring.’
Odin’s voice rang even louder in their minds: ‘I shall live on through you and your issue. That is my plan!’
‘We know High Father, and I swear that in us and our issue you will live on!’ Declan shouted down to him
‘I have taken you for my son and daughter,’ Odin told them. ‘A son does not desert his father; a daughter does not desert her father, either.’
‘We will never desert you, All Father, This I, Declan, swear!’

Then Odin looked at Declan, only. Declan, alone, could hear the last words that shape-shifter, Odin, All Father, now spoke: projected to his mind, alone, so none of the gods or hel-fiends, nor the dragon, nor his companions, could know what now passed in final secret between the tired magician warrior god and the untried young man, his chosen hero son.
‘Know this, Declan, that as each age goes further from the Source,’ said Odin, ‘so every age must fail and be destroyed for new worlds to emanate. And they, in their turn, inevitably will become debased and be destroyed and re-created. The old order fails now. There is no hope left. The Nine Worlds fail. No order lives for ever. All things die. And death is just a new beginning. The scalds say that some Aesir may return. They say that some may come again and find again their gaming board in which they once delighted before the Nornir came. Some even say that Balder the Beautiful, my beloved son will return. The Seeress told me before she sank back in the Earth that the Nine Worlds will birth again anew, some time. But you, Declan, you are my wild card. You are my wild card, Declan. You are the dice throw. You are Peorth. I salute your courage, Declan. I salute your heroism, my son, in journeying thus far. For you are my secret weapon, Declan, and you are my hidden spell of immortality. I know you love me in your heart. I know you are a young man of honour. I know your heart will never bend. I know you are truth itself. And I have honoured you, as I have given you gifts beyond imagining.
‘And so you will honour me by making me live on. You have already seized the magic of my runes. Hear this, when you are ready, you, too, will drink of the Well of Wisdom. You, too, will one day fight through and drink the Mead of Poetry. Then you will be the bearer of my magic. You are now carrying my magic to your own world. That is the spell I wove. And so it is!
‘Now I must die. And I shall die a hero’s death! But you, Declan, you must bear my craft: my spell-craft and my shape-shifting, my fylgja and my rune-craft, my Seithhjallr and my Seithr, all back to the world you came from. A world that has lost its way.
‘Declan, my powerful son, I know that you thought you had further plans, to go back to your home. But do you not realise? That was what the prophecy always intended! I know that it is never in your heart to repopulate the recreation of the Nine Worlds, as the Seeress foretold you would. But no, you do not make her wrong. Because it is to your own world that you were fated to bring my magic. And the son your woman bears shall carry the magic forward into time. I would not have chosen you were you not heroic; I did not want a cipher; I wanted someone like myself! You will return to your own world, and I wish you fortune. You have received Fimbultyr’s old runes. To you has been given the secret wisdom of your father, Odin. The dragon is oath-bound: compelled to deliver you safely to Mimir’s Grove, otherwise he would eat you and think nothing of it. He will take you to Mimir’s Grove to expunge his debt to me.
‘Then Odin’s voice changed as he quoted again the ancient words of prophecy. ‘Lif and Lifthrasir they will hide in Mimir’s Grove. They will have the morning dew for food. From them the generations will spring’.

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Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Rune Magic Novel by Michael Conneely and Worldwide Runes Course

Michael Conneely’s novel Rune Magic is available on Amazon worldwide as paperback or kindle. It tells the story of two young people taken up by Odin as Ragnarok approaches, because the High One has a plan to ave the Aesir Gdos and the Nine Worlds where they are somehow key.

Michael also teaches a worldwide Runes Course where you can study each rune in turn, learn the special wisdom and power each rune expresses about an area of life, and heal and empower yourself with the magic of the runes, runes chant, rune stance and meeting the Norse Gods and Goddesses.

In this video, Michael Conneely reads and extract from the novel. Here, the young hero, Declan, does the ritual to mount Yggdrassil and seize the magic of the runes:

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Declan refused to eat when he finally awoke. He stood there, shockingly, before them. He looked so harrowed. He seemed almost destroyed by the third Norn’s prophecy: that his life was short.
‘Smear my body in white clay,’ Declan told them grimly in a voice that was almost beyond despair. ‘The clay from the pool is the paste the Nornir use to heal the Tree. It will heal me as I prepare for my part in the coming End of Time. Smear me with white clay to token coming death.’ His voice was sounding ever further from them in his coming trance.
The other three went repeatedly to the waterside, back and forth, until every inch of Declan’s body was covered with think swirls of limey clay which set a corpse-white sheet, rigid on his skin.
‘I know what he wants,’ Frithgeir said, ‘it has come into my mind.’ Frithgeir opened the one of the two silver flasks that Odin had given Declan. Then he painted onto the dry hard white corpse-covering paste covering Declan’s body, a great vermilion spiral at the base of Declan’s spine, running on up the back of his neck, the line snaking upwards to his skull where Frithgeir ended it in the snake’s head drawn red atop the crown amid the flaming tresses of his hair.
Declan put his hands behind him and briefly tilted his head far backwards and stared up to the crown of the World Tree, Yggdrassil. Then, grimly, he shouldered his spear and waded round the edge of the pool to where three roots of the World Tree opened at the base of the trunk and went towards the gap between them. The other three shuddered and cried out loud when, one foot in the water and one foot on the earth, Declan suddenly pierced his side with the spear as Odin had done when he first seized the Magic of the Runes and disappeared between the roots, leaving a trail of bright red blood on the snowy rocks behind him and a red swirl in the water that was seized and taken by the current.
Magda gasped and put her hand to her mouth. ‘I didn’t know he was going to do that! – with the spear. Oh no: he could die.’

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‘Things are coming towards us,’ Frithgeir suddenly said.
‘What things?’ Magda almost screamed.
‘Look: through the shadow of the wood.’
They each found themselves trembling in every limb, not from fear they realised, but from dizzy mounting excitement. ‘Something is coming to us,’ Frithgeir whispered, ‘something big and massive-’
‘Vast – And in its train, many lesser things of the same nature,’ Magda whispered, using her Sight to penetrate the wood further that the eye could see. Every nerve in their bodies began to sing ecstatically. ‘Declan’s act is attracting entities,’ she told them.
‘The Old Ones!’ The words came unbidden from Frithgeir’s lips. ‘It must be The Old Ones!’ and without their wishing it, each one of them stepped forwards as the primal attraction of Earth’s most ancient gods and spirits drew and enveloped them in their ancient presence. ‘The Old Ones,’ Magda whispered. ‘I can see them. They are making themselves present as Declan seizes the runes.’
‘They have expectations of him,’ Brosni murmured.

The primal spirits came and carried Declan’s soul in a state beyond sleeping or waking to the other world. His body hanging naked on the Tree, he came to know his spirits, gods, ghosts, ancestors and beasts and they dismembered his body and tore it into pieces then regurgitated what they had picked over and stuck it laughing back together again with the ancient rough humour that always comes from feeding on other people’s guts.
‘I’ll remember your beaks,’ Declan shouted at the Ravens, ‘you won’t get away with this. I shall know you,’ he warned them. But no sound came out because his lips had not re-healed and it felt like his face split with the pain of shouting at them, and, anyway, the Ravens just fell around laughing at his futile raving. Declan tried to feel if the other bits of him were all there, but it hurt him to even try to move to look for them.
Declan’s mind was taken apart in the spirit realm. His mind was dissolved. All the conditioning was taken apart. He saw things as they are. ‘Normal’ objects came before his mind, but he now could see they have fantastic scope: their implications! Each thing speaks volumes to those that can hear them. ‘Each thing is a magic broomstick,’ Declan saw, ‘it can carry me anywhere.’ Each object that came into his mind: its implications were what he had never realised before: beautiful or terrible, new and ancient. The utter beauty of the objects his mind called in as he hung there was breathtaking – it was like he was seeing the universe for the first time. The colours were fantastic, bright beyond bright, utterly beautiful. He hung in a realm of beauty and terror. Hanging between the worlds, lost to time. He saw the futility of the things people normally focus on: what they call their lives.
Declan began to receive the fullness of the rune-vision on Yggdrassil. His mind grew increasingly exhausted as he hung there, yet clarity grew from the exhaustion. His body was wracked. He was going beyond pain. How many days? He had no idea. And yet he gave thanks. In the dissolution of Declan’s mind he knew the void and the peace and certainly of the void; his exhausted mind was void and simple and easily overwhelmed by sensation. In what to most men seems everyday, Declan now saw the true meaning: the hand of god. He thrilled with the joy of life and death. He saw how the material world is just a skin on the spirit world and how the past is in the present, and how the present is the womb of the future so that past, present and future are always at the same time everywhere. And he saw how lives and the material world are just the outworking of forces much vaster and more ancient.
The word Yggre kept rolling round Declan’s hurting skull and echoing. The name of the World Tree, Yggdrassil means ‘Yggr’s Horse’ someone had told him once. Yggre means terrible one. Yggre means ogre: one of Odin’s names. Declan dimly remembered.
There must be a message,’ his mind told him ‘ … a m m m- … a message.’ Someone had implanted a message for these words to come now. Declan’s head hurt so much. ‘The message…’ Declan’s mind groped dully, ‘the message.’ The message. Horse? How could a tree be a horse? At last he felt he remembered. Odin rode the Tree. Like riding a stallion. Painfully Declan shifted his gaze and then he could see it. ‘I too must ride the tree.’
In the places where the branches split, where twigs split off, he now saw clearly there were rune shapes! Declan began to see them: Peorth, Tyr. Runes he had learned from his mother’s books. He tried to move his weary head to look for others, but his vision blurred. ‘It is a ritual of exhaustion,’ he told himself. The words ‘ritual of exhaustion’ arose in his mind, floated there, and then receded. Another message. Who had implanted these? Declan wondered feebly. Another phrase rolled around, but he could not tell whose voice: ‘so as to transcend ego’, then another: ‘to get past everyday self’. Who had spoken those words to him once? The suffering wracked Declan’s body but he felt he understood. ‘This is not masochism,’ he spoke out loud, trying to rally himself. ‘This is not self-sacrifice. It is sacrifice. Necessary sacrifice to gain power.’
‘.. worked with the runes in a previous life ….’
Declan looked around. He saw the ravens and the wolves were gathered at the foot of the Tree waiting for parts of his body. He flinched. The ravens and the wolves eyed him toothily and he hardly felt he had the strength to fight them and live on. He knew than that if he died, the ravens and the wolves would consume him – flesh and bone and sinew, everything he loved about his body; nothing would remain. But then Declan screamed as he foresaw that they would consume him anyway. First the wolves came towards him. There were two of them: Geri and Freki, but it was not just his tortured body that they sought with their gaping jaws and lolling tongues, it was more his soul. Declan lived, but the two wolves took over part of him, but as Declan started to scream again, he surrendered and he suddenly realised it was actually not too bad after all. They shared their souls with him – and he with them.
Now, Declan knew what it was to be pack-brothers; what it was to howl at the Moon; what it was to fight for dominance and mate joyously and fiercely and see the rest of the animal world as food and what it was to care for your pups and play with them.
And then the Ravens consumed him. There were the same two of them he already knew, or thought he knew: Hugin and Munin. But they consumed him in a different way: they took over part of his consciousness and he took over part of theirs. They became friends and travelling-fellows and allies. And Declan found he had ravens wings sprouting from his shoulder blades and a raven’s head and neck upon his shoulders and he opened his beak and cawed viciously and the raven part of his being soared above the Well, and then returned to his tortured frame. But in that brief and triumphant flight, Declan knew what it was to eat the guts of dead warriors and kings and glory in a find of carrion and soar over cliffs of limestone afire with berried rowan trees.
And then Declan received another gift: he knew, he knew with utter certainty that when you do not allow your beast spirits enough action, enough physical motion, enough of your body-consciousness, they first get edgy: then they get angry! And then without fail you will die to life and you will become a shell. And Declan realised in this pain-wracked vision that that was what went wrong with his own world: with the country he had grown up in. and that was why he was called to reclaim the Groves of Innocence, now.
And in the next moment, he understood Loki, because that was what went wrong: what went wrong when the Norse folk left the simple life behind and in the end became the Vikings centuries later, when they started to have arranged marriages and rules beyond imagining, and did anything for money. That was how Fire Spirit, Loki, Trickster Loki, once Odin’s blood brother, got pushed out. Loki hated them for that. Then Loki got blamed and finally bound … and thinking of Loki: ‘Oh no,’ Declan gasped, ‘not you!’ Appearing before Declan’s naked dangling body was the Fire Spirit, himself. Declan felt totally vulnerable and exposed.
Loki leered at Declan shockingly intimately. His body shimmered with the play of fire. His eyes were volcanic, roiling magma. Their impact made Declan flinch as he hung unprotected, but with a supreme effort Declan gathered what was left of his strength; he summoned his wolf-self, bared his teeth and stood his ground.
‘Favoured one of Odin,’ Loki drew a mocking bow.
Declan growled.
Loki laughed delightedly.
‘You look so much worse upside down with blood and puss running over your face,’ Loki drawled.
‘I thought you had been bound!’ Declan spat at him.
‘My bonds are loosening it seems,’ Loki giggled. ‘So, how goes the acquisition of the Runes little one?’ Loki asked him.
‘It hasn’t started yet. I’ve been doing other things first. So, if you’ll kindly get out of my Tree, I’ll get on with it.’
Loki laughed long and hard, and minced affectedly.
‘How can you be like that?’ Declan spat at him. ‘Time was you and the High One were blood brothers. Now, look at you. You’ve let yourself go rather, haven’t you?’
Declan thought he could see that his jibe had scored a hit. In fact he was sure it had! But Loki covered it immediately and mocked Declan: ‘Moral indignation is it?’ Loki tittered. ‘From a little whelp who’s lost more than he thinks in the dismembering just now and would have trouble fathering now it seems.’
Loki laughed delightedly as Declan looked on horrified impulse to see if anything else had happened to him.
‘Oh, and I know about your secret plan,’ Loki told him, conversationally, nearing Declan confidentially, ‘I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes if the High One finds out what you really want to do is go back home taking all your new magical knowledge with you, when what He wants is for you to save his skin and stop the nine worlds sliding to destruction.
‘Even if it is a little unorthodox even for him, even for the High One-,’ Loki managed a beautiful sneer on the words ‘High One’, ‘-the High One could live on if you and your little girl friend do fulfil the Lif and Lifthrasir thing, but what would He say if He knew that all his darling adopted son really plans is to use all the new magic to get back home? I wouldn’t like to be in your shoes when He realises!’ Loki continued, ‘I really wouldn’t-,’
‘You don’t know what my plans are,’ Declan spat, ‘and there’s no way I would want help from you!’ Declan cried.
Their faces were now only inches apart. Their skins were hairbreadth apart. He could feel it, and Declan squirmed at the thought that Loki might actually touch him as he hung there, helpless. The Loki-fire flared and burned Declan dreadfully and he gasped. The eyes turned inside out in fiery spirals. Loki’s form fluctuated and grew mountainous then resumed the human size he was affecting earlier.
‘Declan,’ insinuated Loki, ‘you know the way the Aesir ran things all went wrong. Oh, and I am impressed at how quickly you saw it. You’re a very intelligent boy. You know the way the Folk ran their lives got more and more full of all your boring rules. Declan, now you have become the wolf and the raven. You know that humans are doomed if they leave the beast side and the dark side behind them.
‘Declan. Declan, Declan, I know you don’t just see me as I am now. I know you also see me as I was before the Aesir hurt me. I know you see me as I was when the High One and I shared our blood and swore blood-brothers at the start of time.’
For an instant, Declan saw the noble trickster spirit flicker of fire, instead of the leering bitter face of a now seedy lascivious giant. ‘Ah ha,’ you know!’ said Loki triumphantly. ‘I see you know. Declan. The Nine Worlds are finished, Declan’ Loki explained. ‘Very soon, oh yes, very soon, I shall head to shore in my boat made of human corpses’ nails, and the Aesir gods will die – every one of them. None shall escape, not even Odin. But it need not have been like this, Declan. It need not have been like this! Always remember: it need not have been like this. Can you avoid the same mistake?’
‘What do you want with me, Loki?’ Declan shot the question.
‘What do you want?’ Loki answered him. ‘You have been too frit to even tell anyone your plan because you doubt it and you lack the courage,’ Loki challenged him. ‘Remember this conversation when you go to Mimir’s Grove. I am who you need, not just Mimir, not just Odin. Remember what I could have been.
‘Do you really want to save your own world from itself? Can you? Isn’t it too far gone? But Declan, if you do really have the courage to be a hero, and if you do succeed, remember me. I, too, want to change, remember! We can help each other. You and I, Declan, the fact is: we need each other.’ And with a smell of sulphur, Loki disappeared.
‘We will meet again’ echoed soundlessly in Declan’s skull as the fire spirit flared and vanished.

If you would like to Buy The Rune Magic Novel it is Available on Amazon Simply Click Here

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Rune Dagaz A New Day Dawns

Michael Conneely

Rune Dagaz A New Day Dawns and Worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Rune Dagaz is best to be seen as Rune 24: the last Rune in the Futhark, the 24-Rune alphabet of the ancient Norse.

You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path).

I have been putting videos about the runes on my YouTube Channel over several years.

I have written a Novel called ‘Rune Magic’. It’s available on, and Amazon worldwide.

Is it a coincidence that I am filming this video about the final Rune just after I filmed Rune 23 Othila?

The reason I ask this is because this is the month after we moved to what is in fact our Othila: Our native land, Our home. We have just moved to a new house here in the beautiful West of Ireland where we have our Healing Centre.

And now a new day dawns: This is our Rune 24 Dagaz. A new day has dawned.

Of course, the meaning of Rune Dagaz is not just about a whole new Chapter in your life starting: it is also about the dawning of a new day: the dawning of each and every day of your life.

The Norse were very attuned to the starkness of opposites and how they work together. And one of these opposites is Fire and Ice. The Nine Worlds of Yggdrassil the World Tree were born out of the union of Fire and Ice.

And our life is divided into two opposites: Day and night.

Day is ruled over by the Fire of the Sun; Night is ruled over by the Ice of Darkness and the Night.

And so, this rune tells us we need to live our life in a way that honours the rhythm of these two opposites. We need our time of dreams and going inward when we sleep at night, if we are to properly greet the day and are to be able to powerfully and properly do the tasks of our life when the new day dawns.

And we can use the world of dreams and journeys to travel to the other of the Nine Worlds of Yggdrassil from our home here in Midgard. The Norse cosmology honours the essences and nature of the different races of human and giants, elves and Gods – all the living entities.

Look at the shape of the Rune 24 Dagaz. It includes the X shape of Gifu = Gift, with the shape of the rune Isa. And so it tells us that to get the real gift of our Day ruled by Rune 9 Gifu, we have to honour and receive the gift of our time of night: Rune 11 Isa.

Out of the Ice of Darkness, the great Goddess Sunna rides her Sun Chariot.
But Nott the goddess of night, the daughter of the Giant Nafi is the origin of the dreams that will manifest in the day that dawns when the night horse Hrimfaxi ‘frost man’ shakes his mane and whinnies.
And the Moon God, Mani also rides both skies of night as well as day. The Moon waxes and wanes in cycles. And we are very much affected by the position of the Moon in the heavens in relation to our astrology birth chart.

And at the time of Eclipse, the wolves Hati and Skoli who always race after the luminaries actually catch up with and devour their prey – but that’s another story!

Where we have moved into its pitch black and totally silent at night. The few people around us here in the hamlet where we have our Healing Centre, genuinely seems to live according to an impressive cycle of hard work and decent family by day, and honouring the quiet of night = all on the beautiful ancient soil and situated just a mile from the Ocean of the Atlantic. So, living in this way, we can become increasingly sensitive to our right rhythms, heal and live according to them, and thus empower ourselves and reap our Harvest.

Indeed, the other thing to consider is that both night and day are chances for us to reap the harvest of the Earth (The Goddess Jord, the rune Jera). So, we need to live in a way that honours the rhythm of our body and consciousness through both night and day and has right relationship to Mother earth so that the Harvest we may receive from her is the right Harvest for our life.

If we get our connection to the world and to the rhythms and seasons and cycles, what we reap will be Nauthiz: the dread 10th Rune of calamity and restraint, lack and need. You will get Nauthiz, not Gifu!

So, Rune Dagaz is a rune of: seize the day.
Be in your body. Be authentic to your truth.
Live life day by day in one way
But also be prepared to have strategies and targets. But don’t let these take away from the spontaneous gifts of the Day = Rune Dagaz.
Tomorrow is another day. What is this day asking of YOU?
What is this day about? Experience it: don’t pre-plan it. Don’t impose scripts on your life and relationships. Don’t lay your trip on the day, on others – or on you!
This day dawns as fresh new light
Don’t over discuss.
Root down into the truth of your body. Heal your body by true connection to the land you live on.

Don’t be overtaken by the bureaucratic priesthoods of organised religion,
nor the often power-stealer hierarchies of new spiritual groups
The stories of your culture
The virtual living pattern that has arisen.

The gift of the earth arising out of Day and Night and the nine worlds is there for proper harvesting by you.

So go to:
Enrol on my wonderful Runes Course.
I’ve been teaching the Runes for 23 years.
You receive two audios for each Rune: presentation and then a Journey where you journey to find out your issues in relation to the principle that each Rune represents.
Then you email me how you got in in your journey to meet the rune you are studying.
We discuss. To supports our insights and understanding, learning, growth, healing and empowerment, I draw on your western astrology (which uses the Tropical Zodiac and is psychodynamic in orientation) and your Vedic Astrology (which uses the Sidereal Zodiac and is orientated to your destiny and Incarnational Life purpose).
You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path).

I look forward to hearing from you


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Rune Othila : Your Home. Your Native Land

Michael Conneely

Rune Othila : Your Home. Your Native Land and worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Rune Othila is to be treated as the next but last Rune in the Futhark, the Rune alphabet of the ancient Norse.

The myth/truth is that the great warrior magician God Odin hung upside down in the World Tree Yggdrassil for nine days journeying and trancing until he fell screaming from the branches the letters and meaning of the 24 letters of the Rune alphabet which he saw in the shape of the twigs of the World Tree.

Each letter – each Rune – tells us something tremendous about a facet of our life. Each letter reveals our relationship with that facet. Each letter is in a special sequence of growth and development of perception, healing and empowerment.

You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path). My ‘Rune Magic’ Novel is available from and and Amazon worldwide in both paperback and digital, Kindle editions.

I have been putting videos about the runes on You Tube over several years – teaching the runes for 23 years. Is it a coincidence that I am filming this video about Othila just after we moved to what is in fact our Rune Othila: Our native land? Our home?

It’s as if the filming for this rune had to wait until we had arrived here:
here in the beautiful West of Ireland where we have our Healing Centre, on the Atlantic Cast of Co Sligo.

I tell the story of our finding our Native Land, our home:

Looking for a home to start off with in Ireland a year ago, I put up Estate Agents’ websites and used Tarot to find our first place – and it was great! We found that whenever we went out we ended up coming to the Atlantic coast of Sigo so we decided to move here and re-site our Healing Centre here.
Here there’s Ireland’s most ancient sacred sites like Carrowmore and Carrowkeel, W B Yeats country like Ben Bulben, Lock Gill, The lake isle of Innis Free, Slish Wood, Hazel Wood, the Fiddler of Dooney.

So, again, I just looked at the Estate Agents’ website and used Tarot to find this place!

And what have we got? Lovely house in half an acre. Silent.
Near three world class surfing beaches.

It is in fact my native land. I was born to an Irish mother though put in orphanage and brought up in England.

Through my father I have Yakut shamanic rots from the Baltic coast, the Danzig Corridor, the Barents Sea. Hence my novel Rune Magic available on and and worldwide. Hence my worldwide Runes Course.

Indeed, we owe the inspiration of another to spur for us to come to our Native Land. An Airbnb guest who stayed with us while searching for a house to buy to emigrate to Ireland. We had felt we could not afford to buy. She inspired us. Our blocks were broken. We are here! This is our Rune Othila!!!

But please note that there’s an inner and an outer meaning to Rune Othila.

On the inner meaning plane:
Othila is coming home to you
Acknowledge who you are.
Acknowledge your lineage
Acknowledge your past lives direction and fulfilment.
Acknowledge your ancestors

Find you own place within this that does not distort yourself, that does not make you fit into a structure imposed by family, group memberships, the culture of a country. That does not enable you to contribute to you.
Find the place that lets you flower, that gives you the life you need to go with rather than keep looking for answers outside of you.

Astrologically, some people will find success far from the land where they were born.
In 1994 I had a palm reading from Ian France who said that I would emigrate and settle – in Ireland.
If you have Moon in the 9th House in your Vedic birth chart, using the Sidereal Zodiac, you will find success if you move to a place far from the land where you were born.
Early on in studying Vedic Astrology, I read some Indian formula that with Ketu (South Node) in 4th House: he will be denied his maternal inheritance.
To have Neptune on IC can mean you have no roots, only spiritual roots.
But when Jupiter transits your 4th House, that’s good for finding enlargement and purpose through move of house.

The Rune Othila demands you make genuine authentic connection with the meaning of the Runes.
So many of the Rune books are too didactic, too formulaic. People laying their trip on you.

If you encounter Rune Othila in a Rune Reading ask:
what is your home?
is there a right home for you?
Do you need to acknowledge the issue of right home more?
Does your home let you express yourself, live in your rhythms and be healthy?
Move to a new house?
Find a home more suitable for your needs
OR: Work to alter where you live now? Make it more home?

Ask yourself: what have you perceived from your family/relations/friends about what is the right home? Is their example good or dysfunctional for you?

Home also raises the issue of what you will pass to your descendants.

Just as home raises the question of: how are your ancestors talking to you now.
What is your heritage?
What is your homeland?
What is your inheritance?
What is your relationship with your lineage? What are your gifts? Some may come from your lineage (even if its coping with their challenge) others may come from past lives of the growth thrust of your karmic unfoldment: your need to manifest the very special talent you came here this time in this life to manifest.
And so, creativity and fertility is a linked issue: Rune 22 Inguz.

And bear in mind that we inherit from our family our strength issues, our health and illness issues, as well as inherited skills and curses. Take stock of these as you seek your Othila home.

Some cultures we are born into a family line several times
Other people see that we incarnate in soul groupings.
There’s even the case of the twins who reincarnate together time after time: the Light Twin and the Dark Twin.

And we return to our homeland only to start a new journey again: a new day dawns: Rune 24 Dagaz.
By the way Rune Othila and Rune Dagaz is sometimes switched with Rune Dagaz coming before Rune Othila, but for me it feels more right that we sort the issue of finding our home/roots first so that the new day can dawn.

Returning to your Othila Home raises and addresses the issue of your death. Does the place create a good death?
Does it create a good next life?
You practice for Ragnarok.
What is your afterlife home? Alfheim?

In another way, Rune Othila can bring us back home to our body. For example, through work on the land, for example by seeing the spirits of place, for example by allowing a more Mindful life.

Question and review where your life has got to. Question: what did you inherit from your culture, your ancestors, your past lives?

The 24 Runes are divided into three AEtts, or groups of eight. The first AEtt is all about what it is to lead a successful human life. The second AEtt is all about developing divine perception so as to deal with difficulties. The third AEtt is all about being one with the Divine, one with the Gods: co-creation.
You need the right Othila Home to manifest yourself fully as a co-creator, to fully perceive, contact and express the Divine Meaning in your incarnation and life.

If you look at the shape of Rune 24 Othila, you see that it contains within it Rune 7 Gebo a gift
It contains within it Rune 22 Ing Fertility: the great god Ing.
And it contains within it Rune 6 Kano Torch: the torch of opening light, the flare of initiation, the light of Truth.
Rune Othila Home is a summation of your life. It combines your roots and the Orlog:

The Norns hold the universal order. From the beginning, they wove the threads of fate; they healed the World Tree from the dragon Nidhogg who ever gnaws at its roots. They anoint its trunk with soothing healing clay that they mixed from Urd’s Well at the foot of the Tree to stem its rot. The Norns sit there, ever chanting endlessly the Orlog: the rules that govern cosmic balance.

It is a key factor in the resolution of your karma
It is the gift of your family culture and roots – however hard or tortuous those gifts may be in your case: a big part of the solution is Rune Othila.
So go to:
Enrol on my wonderful Runes Course.
I’ve been teaching the Runes for 23 years.
You can buy the course directly below this post if you wish.

You receive two audios for each Rune: presentation and then a Journey where you journey to find out your issues in relation to the principle that each Rune represents.
Then you email me how you got in in your journey to meet the rune you are studying.
We discuss. To supports our insights and understanding, learning, growth, healing and empowerment, I draw on your western astrology (which uses the Tropical Zodiac and is psychodynamic in orientation) and your Vedic Astrology (which uses the Sidereal Zodiac and is orientated to your destiny and Incarnational Life purpose).
You can see the details of my worldwide Rune Course at: (Remember to use the hyphen between rune and path).

If you are interested in Rune Retreats then have a look at this post

I look forward to hearing from you


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Rune Magic Novel and On-line Runes Course

Michael Conneely

Rune Magic Novel and On-line Runes Course from Michael Conneely

Rune Magic is a wonderful novel by Michael Conneely, available on, and Amazon worldwide.
It has got an associated worldwide Runes Course at:

It tells how two young people are caught up by Odin in his attempt to avert the destruction of the Aesir Gods at Ragnarok.

Steeped with information about Norse Cosmology, the Nine Worlds and Gods, the novel is a moving account of a family’s attempt to avert destruction and secure a future for their people.

In this reading from the novel, Michael Conneely recounts how Odin seized the magic of the Runes:

This passage tells how Declan and Magda have been taken up by Odin to the time when Ragnarok looms. They have been given shelter in the dwelling of the family of a Gothi: a Ritual Priest of the ancient Norse.

When they found themselves in this new land, they found various gifts from Odin in their packs. One of these gifts were rune tablets which Declan read night after night to the family as it sheltered from the eternal Fimbul Winter outside:

‘Odin sacrificed himself,’ Declan told them thoughtfully, ‘he sacrificed himself to gain all these magical powers, first and foremost, so that he and the Aesir might escape the doom the prophecy rumoured.’

Suddenly, Declan shivered, the words ‘sacrificed himself’ took on a frightening immediacy for him and Magda because Declan intended to do exactly just that: seize the magic of the runes, knowing that gain can demand its sacrifice, its price.

‘Odin undertook a terrible Vision Quest to be granted knowledge of magic,’ Declan explained, and a wondering look coming on his face, as the prick of magic and its excitement suddenly replaced in his heart the earlier shadow of the knowledge of the sacrifice it demands, ‘but I the magic that is contained in the Runes.

‘I have already worked with some of the Runes,’ Declan told them. ‘I have learned a way of bringing their energy into yourself called Rune Stance. You stand in the shape of the rune,’ he told them. ‘You open your mind to the images of its energy. Each rune is a code. It is a gateway. Together, they are a gateway to the all the spiritual and physical forces in the universe.

‘Naked and alone for nine long days, Odin hung on the World Tree: Yggdrasil, until he became magically initiated,’ Declan read the Tablet. Overawed, he added: ‘and I intend to follow Him.’ The words hung almost shocking in their immensity. The atmosphere in the small hut grew awesome. ‘He wants me to do it. And I want it, even though I don’t really know why. But I do. Is that because he wants me to do it? How exactly will he need me to use it?’ Declan furrowed his brow and looked perplexed. He suddenly shot another crafty unexpected look at the Ravens to see if they might have let their psychic guardedness slip, and he was delighted when it worked. He actually picked up an echo dropped unawares by Munin. Declan’s sudden mind-dart caught unguarded words from Munin’s mind: ‘‘Lif and Lifthrasir they will hide in Mimir’s Grove. They will have the morning dew for food. From them the generations will spring’. These words dropped like ripples from the startled Raven’s mind into Declan’s. Declan gave a sudden cheer of triumph and laughed full face at the Raven. He resolved to file the words away for later consideration as the outraged Raven screamed and whirled in its anger at Declan’s cunning trickery and its own untypical, unawares lapse. Declan laughed. ‘Lif and Lifthrasir they will hide in Mimir’s Grove. They will have the morning dew for food. From them the generations will spring’ he shouted. Then Declan took up the rune tablets again. He put The Havamal, the sayings of the High One on top, again. Now, Declan began to trance and speak:

‘I speak the words of the High One:
‘Nine long nights I hung
Upon that windswept tree
Pierced by a spear and pledged to Odin:
Sacrificed unto myself
Upon that tree whose roots arise
Whence even the wisest know not.
None gave me drink; none gave me bread.
Then, looking down, I saw the RUNES.
I seized them with a scream.
I fell down from that tree.’

They all sat round in silence at the strange message that had come from the rune tablet.

‘But Odin then came to realize that knowledge of magic, is not enough,’ Declan told them after the long reflective silence, ‘even though magic is totally wonderful, even though you can’t live your own real life without it. Odin realised he had to have wisdom as well as rune magic.

Rune Magic Novel is available from Amazon worldwide

Michael Conneely’s worldwide Runes Course can be found at

In addition to learning the Runes, you can also make vision contact with the Norse Gods and Goddesses in this visionary and well-established Course.
You can buy the Rune Course Directly below if you wish:


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Ogham Alder Intuition and Defence

Michael Conneely

Michael ConneelyOgham Alder

In this celebration of the Spring Equinox I combine my two inheritances: My heredity on my father’s side is from the Baltic and Yakut tribesman from the North polar shore. My heredity on my mother’s side is for thousands of years from Connemara in County Galway Ireland. And in this Spring Equinox Ritual, I included a rune Journey for us to work on the issue of our self-value and self-worth, and I also included an ogham alder Journey to contact use of intuition.
(If you are looking for an in-depth and comprehensive anlaysis of your DNA genealogy then please click here
We cannot recommend this service enough, it is superb.)

We need both these qualities of self-value and self-worth to be healed and active if, at Spring Equinox, we can indeed rise in our power and expression, aligning to the growing power and brightness of the Sun, which is what the spring Equinox is all about.

We may fail unless we increase our sense of self-worth.
We may fail if we can’t use and trust our intuition, and defend ourself if needed on the basis of our intuition.

The ogham is the mystical alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids, where the principal correspondences for each of the letters of the Ogham Alphabet are the very different energies of the trees.

See the video of my entering the Celtic Otherworlds of intuition at a celebration of the Spring Equinox by calling on the intuitive energy of ogham alder, and by seeing how to use this for defence, just as in the iron Age, shields were often made of Alder.

And see my Worldwide Druid Forest School Course, with its worldwide course on the ogham at:

Our Healing Centre and linked Airbnb in the West of Ireland is at:
I look forward to working with you,

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A Really Happy New Year 2017 to you from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

Michael Conneely

Here’s our Starwheel New Year’s Day Newsletter
Wishing you a Blessed 2017

Our very best wishes to you for your year ahead, 2017, from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley.

What would it take for this year to be the time when your special talent will really flower???

Here’s a sharing of our personal unfoldment journey in 2016, where we feel blessed to have listened to the call for change and taken decisive action and we hope this will inspire you to follow your dreams.

What started out feeling like a unexpected blow in May 2016, led to us quickly perceiving it as liberation and being set free to move and as it turned out to move to another country- Ireland.

Maggie and I now find ourselves amid the utter beauty and sacred sites of County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, and with a Healing Centre and our Airbnb. And once we had made that decision we were amazed at how quickly and smoothly (despite the odd touch of bureaucracy) it all played out.

So in sharing the wonders that we have found here we’d like to invite you to come and share in what we have found here, to have a holiday, to take a course, have a reading or healing session. You can personalise it for your own particular needs and interests. Or simply take it as inspiration that when you decide to step out of your comfort zone a whole new world can emerge – or of course all our work is also available worldwide online using the internet as well.

After a rollercoaster 2016 that turned out to be a total blessing, Maggie and I find ourselves amid the utter beauty and sacred sites of County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, and with a Healing Centre and our Airbnb.

This Blog Post tells you of the beauties of the area where we live, its music, art, dance and culture, its mountains beaches and history, and the Healings, Readings and Courses we offer here and also worldwide using the Internet.

The astrological energy we were resonating with was Uranus, planet of jarring revolution transiting conjunct the Moon in our birth charts. See my Blog:  We were freed to emigrate to Ireland in May this year, and by August 10th we had done it! And emigrating’s not easy! And if you think it is, you should meet the Irish bureaucrats!

Here’s the graph of our Uranus transits to our natal Moon.

Each of the vertical columns is for one month, so: Jan, Feb, March, etc. And remember, Uranus takes 84 yrs to orbit the Sun, so this can only happen next for us in 84 years time from now!

Here’s Michael’s Graphed Uranus Transits 2016 and then 2017:



Here’s Maggie’s Graphed Uranus transits 2016 and then 2017:


And so now we find ourselves in the most beautiful land a sacred deeply historical area of mountains and beaches and monuments, a special place beyond imagining running a Healing Centre and a B&B, and offering many worldwide online Healings, Readings and Courses, but also local healings and retreats in our Foxford centre too.

Maggie offers so many deeply intuitive healing modalities. See her website for Emotion Code, Body Code, Access consciousness, Hypnotherapy, healing massage, Emotional Freedom Work (EFT), Stop Smoking and metamorphic Technique.

I offer Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses, unusually offering both Western Astrology and also vedic Astrology, but I also offer my wide range of Astrology Mini Courses and Mini Readings. See my Astrology Readings website:

I also teach Shamanic Healing See:, The Runes (the mystical, healing and empowering alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples) See:  and also The Ogham (the mystical Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids) See:

Now, in addition,I am offering tours of the many Sacred Sites of the ancient Irish within an hour of here (see below) as well as offering, as I have done for years: online and face to face courses and events exploring and empowering ourselves through the beauty of the ancient Irish Druid Path: visionary contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, their festivals, their body energy work (The Three Cauldrons of Poesy, the four sacred weapons of the Tuath de Danaan, and for another example: the Duile, the nine Elements of Self of the ancient Irish Druids that link our bodies and minds and hearts to all of the Cosmos). See my Druid Forest School website:

And a very special thank you to my Webmaster, Robert A Williams for doing such wonders and getting my messages on the road to you. If you are looking for search engine optimisation and all the other arcane mysteries of web work, you couldn’t do better: See:

But I would like to share what is special about the village where we have ended up living, and we were not looking to live here. We were looking for a place in Westport, but every time I searched on the internet Foxford came up instead! It would be difficult to pick out what is especially special, if you see what I mean, about the village of Foxford where we now live.

It could be the dozens of beautiful beaches within an hour of Foxford It could be the homely traditional family atmosphere of Foxford the village, where so many families are dedicated to music, dance and creativity. See the eight music videos on And then there’s the Foxford Brass and Reed Band as well founded at the end of the 19th Century, which is thriving from strength to strength.

And Foxford is so historical, and spiritually so. A Sister of Charity called Agnes Morrogh Bernard gave up her life with vows to serve the Poor, and came to Foxford in around 1890 when Famine had returned and the poverty was dire, and if any family showed signs of bettering themselves the Landlord just put up the rents.  Although knowing nothing of woollen industry, she started up a Woollen Mill to bring wages into the hovels of the starving families who subsisted in what the landlords called ‘Cabins’ with the pig inside the cabin with the family as the pig was ‘the gintleman as pays the rent’! This nun believed in the Eye of Providence and I believe she brought a holy and blessed energy to this land here.





And, weirdly, Foxford also boasts the national hero of Argentina among its former inhabitants: Admiral William Brown, founder of the Argentine Navy and hero of Argentine’s struggle to throw off the colonial oppression of the Spanish Empire.

Aged nine, he set off from Foxford for the USA and a new life in 1786, with his grieving father after the deaths of the mother and all the children, but sadly his father fell ill in the coffin ship and died a few days after landing in Philadelphia, leaving William an orphan. But William was not daunted. He got a job as a Cabin Boy, and ten years later, by age 19, he was in command of his own ship. He later escaped from a Napoleonic prison and in 1814 led the Argentine navy in a desperate but victorious battle against the fleet of the Spanish Empire and in a moment of glory freed the Colony from the Spanish Imperialists.

But there’s another thing that’s special around here, I believe there are especially powerful healing energies in the rocks around this whole area. You can feel them if you go to the exalted special sacred places of the Palaeolithic Irish, the oldest farmers in Ireland, places they founded from around 3,700 BC, sacred places that the Irish Druids still worked with two thousand years ago, and less. There’s so many of these:

If I was forced to choose one sacred place, I would choose Ben Bulben Mountain. It is august and vast. The great poet W B Yeats spent his childhood at its foot, and he is buried there, and it was here that he saw the Hosting of the Sidhe, the great Goddesses and Gods of ancient Ireland, and here he awaited the time to be right for their return to human consciousness, and so from here, he started the Celtic Revival with Lady Gregory.






I should mention Carrowmore which nestles in the arms of a protective circle of mountains: the Sun of the Samhain or Halloween Sunrise streams down its central passage.

There’s high the exalted Carrowkeel tombs.

And there’s Lough Arrow near which the second Battle of Moytura was fought. The manuscript Cath Maighe Tuireadh tells how the godlike and skilled people of the Tuatha Dé Danann, having conquered Ireland, fell under the oppression of the cruel and unworthy Fomorians, who could not understand or appreciate their divine specialness, nor the Goddesses and Gods who incarnated dwelt among them, and so they did battle here to assert their divine qualities and to free themselves.

And what can you say about Rath Croghan? Yes, it’s home of Queen Maeve who lived two thousand years ago, and plunged all Ireland into war. But more than that it’s the inauguration site of the Kings of Connaught. The last King to be inaugurated there was just before Oliver Cromwell turned up. He so hated and despised the Irish for being Catholics that he herded them into the churches and set fire to the buildings with the families inside. He sold off tracts that weren’t his to his Lieutenants, just as so many English Kings had done with parts of Ireland from the late 12th Century onwards, especially Henry VIII. BUT Rath Croghan is also the home of the great Battle Goddess of the Ancient Irish: The Morrigan. Oweynagat, the cave where she dwells, is beneath the inauguration mound. She is the Ethical Defendress of Sovereignty. According to the legends, she mates with The Dagda, the Good God every Samhain, and according to the legends Her divine people the Tuatha de Danaan are waiting until their great consciousness and specialness can be appreciated again, so that they can return.

And I have to mention Croagh Patrick Mountain. I seem to have come across quite a few healing occasions recently. Maggie and I celebrated the Winter Solstice on December 21st, at Kildangan on Clew Bay, where there is a line of standing stones pointing to a cleft in the side of Croagh Patrick Mountain, through which the Sun shines at the moment of Winter Solstice, and sure enough it did. The sky was grey, and then at the exact moment, the Sun blazed into sight like a hydrogen bomb, and its rays shot down the line of standing stones. And the thing is, after I felt very healed and have felt unaccustomedly well since, and other people said they felt forgiveness to situations and healing. Maybe it is energies in the rocks of the place, and maybe it is to do with the exaltation of the sun, the birth of the new Sun and the combination of Sun energies and Land energies. Croagh Patrick area is one of the special healing places where great beings contact the earth, and inhabit those places to bring power, kingship, authority and healing. I seem to end up in these. I was quite struck to find out that the Yew grove where I ran my organisation Glastonbury Ritual Tours for five years was deemed by Catherine Maltwood to be the centre of the Glastonbury land Zodiac. And I am certain that Croagh Patrick Mountain is one of them.

Croagh Patrick is felt by many on the Sacred Earth energies path to be Dragon Energy, and indeed, it is the place where Saint Patrick fasted for forty days before he set out to convert Ireland to the Raman Church, and indeed, in the account of that vigil, Saint Patrick fought with Corra, the spirit of the place there. She engulfed him in her jaws at one point, which does sounds very dragon-like!

But Saint Patrick threw his bell of exorcism at her and he bested her, and he consigned her to Lough na Corra, to the lough beneath the mountain, for eternity – or so he thinks.

But there’s more about sacred energies in the rocks here: Just around the corner from there, is Rossroe on Killary Harbour, where my Irish mother took me once. this was where the great Oxford University philosopher, the German Jew, Ludwig Wittgenstein, went into retreat to write his greatest work: Philosophical Discourses, and I sense it may have been the energy in the rocks there that prompted his greatest philosophical expression. I studied his thought at Oxford in 1968.



But if that was not enough, just around the corner from Rossroe is Glassilaun Beach, nestled Aat the mouth of Killary Harbour below Mweelrea Mountain, where my mother told me that my Irish Grandparents first set up home, and – and this was so important and helpful for me:

The wonderful psychic and psychic surgeon Elizabeth Hendricks ‘saw’ that I should go in the September of 2015.
She said that she ‘saw’ I should go there because she saw that there was an energy in the rocks waiting to enter me to heal me.

And so, unexpectedly, Maggie and I went to Glassilaun, and I was a different person there from those energies, and within 11 months we had emigrated to Ireland. And I I do feel much more accepted for myself, here in Ireland, and so much better able to express myself. I feel there is a destiny running!

So, I hope you will, yourselves, grasp revolution when it calls to you.

I hope we can serve you with our worldwide healings, Readings and Courses.

And it would be great to see you at our Healing Centre and Airbnb, and take you on tours to the ancient sacred sites near here.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Michael Conneely

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Michael Conneely

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Druid Retreats in the West of Ireland

Michael Conneely

Druid Retreats in the West of Ireland, W B Yeats and The Celtic Revival

west-coast-keeperHave a Druid Retreat in the West of Ireland with the Druid Forest School.

Visit the many sacred sites within an hour of our Healing Centre in Foxford County Mayo with its fantastic accomodation.
Experience and learn the spiritual pathways of the ancient Irish Druids.

Visit the many sacred sites within an hour of our Healing Centre in Foxford County Mayo with its fantastic accomodation.

I really had a sense of the greatness of Yeats as I stood by his grave. I was moved. We honour the memory of William Butler Yeats who with Lady Gregory brought the Celtic Revival that began to put the Irish back in touch with the ancient glories and their Goddesses and Gods.

The Irish had been brought so low by oppression, famine and mass emigration, but W B Yeats opened the portal for us to again receive the special divine path of the Gods and Goddesses, the Druids and the Tuatha de Danaan, the Ogham: The Celtic Tree Alphabet, the Festivals. We owe so much to W B Yeats. And his poetry of the Irish inspiration is such a force and power in our lives.

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

So, how can you share in the visionary inspiring and caring work of the Druid Forest School?

Well, one way is to do the work of the beautiful and caringly taught worldwide on line Duid Courses.
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Runes (The mystical alphabet of the ancient Norse and other Germanic peoples of Northern Europe): Work with a Rune that will have special healing or empowerment for you, for example Fehu the Rune of Value or Uruz the Rune of Strength. Session Includes Rune Stance and Rune Chant £35
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We do look forward to greeting you at our airbnb accomodation in Ireland. We do look forward to working with you in our visionary, healing and empowering retreat sessions. We do look forward to taking you on the deep spiritual experiences of our sacred Ireland tours in our area.

Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

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A Magical and Healing Worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

A Magical and Healing Worldwide Runes Course with Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Enroll on the wonderful Worldwide Runes Course caringly taught by Michael Conneely
The Runes are powerful and ancient magic. Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life. Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.

The Runes were the alphabet of the ancient Norse and other peoples of Northern Europe. But they are also Gateways to new ways of being, ways of bringing in needed change. Learn how to transform your understanding of the events in your life.

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Use the genuine magic of making a Rune, chanting its name, rune stance and journeying for its true meaning as applied to your life at the present.

You are supported to find your own true spiritual path in these wonderful powerful worldwide distance learning courses. The Runes are not imposed. This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part with all the support you need from me.
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rune-fehu-3The Runes are also Gateways to new ways of being, ways of bringing in needed change. Through the three Aetts they are grouped in (three groups of eight Runes each), they teach us how to live successfully as a human being, how to understand and work with challenges, and how to share in the consciousness of the divine. Welcome to the wonderful world of Odin, the Norns, Freya, Heimdall and Tir.

Through Michael Conneely’s Rune course, you can learn how to transform your understanding of the events in your life and you can use the genuine magic of making a rune, chanting its name, rune stance and journeying for its true meaning as applied to your life at the present.
You are supported to find your own true spiritual path in these wonderful powerful worldwide distance learning courses.
The Runes are not imposed.
This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part with all the support you need from me.
For more course details

For each Rune you receive an audio recording download with information. For each rune you also receive a guided meditation with opportunity for trance drumming and chanting and divination.
You can then correspond with Michael as guide, friend and counsellor as your personal spiritual and life-journey progresses, helped through the perceptions and magical transformations offered by the Runes.

The Runes Course has the very special bonus that, when you are learning it, Michael can also draw for perception, wisdom and guidance on your Western and Vedic Astrology.

The insights from your natal chart and your predictive astrology are used to deepen your connection to the course and your spiritual pathway.

Please provide your date, place and (if possible) time of birth when booking to allow astrological perspective to underpin the journey and transformation. You will find this is a very definite bonus.

Michael has been teaching the Runes since 1994. Michael’s heredity comes from lands where they were used for centuries. My father escaped from the Danzig Corridor on the Baltic coast in 1939. Michael’s mother’s family have lived in Connemara for thousands of years – a part of Ireland where at one time in its history, those who used the Runes were no strangers.
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I live in Foxford in County Mayo in the beautiful West of Ireland where my partner: Healer Maggie Pashley:
and I run a Healing and Retreat Centre
with Airbnb and I also offer spiritual tours of the ancient sacred sites in Western Ireland:

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