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Heart Wall Clearing and Love Astrology

Michael Conneely

Heart Wall Clearing helps remove blocks to giving and receiving love, to success and to having a better relationship with yourself.

It is a Healing Modality that can be received on its own, and that can also be combined with the declaration and insight offered by Love Astrology.

Michael Conneely teaches a combination of Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology of Love.

Michale also offers relationship Astrology readings that powerfully combine both Western Psychodynamic astrology as well as Vedic Relationhsip astrology which is very sure and powerful in its declaration.

So often we need to clear our barriers to Love, and this is where heart Wall Clearing can be so valuable.

Do you have a Heart Wall that needs to be cleared?

Do you ever have any of the following:

feelings of distance in relationships

finding it hard to give or receive love

sabotaging your success and creativity

picking the ‘wrong’ partners

feeling downhearted

and so on…..

Then you most probably have a Heart Wall. In fact the vast majority of people do.


So what is a Heart Wall?

A Heart Wall is created by our unconscious mind as a way of protecting us against future hurts and disappointments. While Its intentions may start out with a positive purpose – namely to help us deal with a difficult situation eventually, a Heart Wall ends up limiting us, our ability to experience life and love. It also cuts us of from ourselves, as we can judge parts of us as unacceptable or unlovable. We dim down our light and become less of who we really are. And that never feels good.

A Heart Wall is made up of trapped emotions, existing distortions in our energy field. If we are faced with a situation which at some level overwhelms us, either because it takes us by surprise or we simply don’t have the resources to deal with it, it is as if it blows a fuse in our energy circuit and that emotion gets lodged inside our body. For example, if we have a trapped emotion of anger then we are always experiencing that emotion at a background level and given a situation where we might feel angry, we will feel it more quickly or more intensely. We may even have a mistaken perception about something as we are expecting (unconsciously) to have something to be angry about. It is as if we are viewing our present through the lens of the past.

Heart Wall Emotions are generally around what I generally call ‘more tender’ feelings – feelings of being hurt, rejected, betrayed but they can actually be any of the sixty emotions on the Emotion Code chart. They can even be inherited trapped emotions, emotions passed on to us from our family line, or pre-conceptual emotions.

Through muscle-testing, we communicate directly with the body’s memory and uncover and release one trapped emotion at a time. In one session we may release up to 7-10 trapped emotions but sometimes fewer. Each trapped emotion we release will enable us to be freer and more present to our life today.

Fully clearing a Heart Wall will normally take around 3 sessions. I have a Heart Wall package which enables you to pay a fixed price for clearing your Heart Wall, no matter how many sessions it takes.


Some responses after Heart Wall clearing:

Well, in my own case, clearing my own Heart Wall opened me up to having a relationship after being single for 13 years!!! I shared this in a talk I was giving on Emotion Code and a woman in the audience raised her hand and said the exact same thing had happened to her.

Many clients have reported ‘feeling free to be themselves’, being more creative and more peaceful. Many report being far more open to opportunities and to the ability to respond to them.

When we clear a Heart Wall, we often clear inherited emotions which come from our parents and back through our family line and can be passed down to our own children. So when we do our clearing it can have far-reaching effects. One woman told me that not only did she feel better, but she also saw a change in her mother who had started dating again!! A father, whose heart wall I cleared, described how his relationship with his son improved and that his son was happier.

For more details, see:

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Worldwide Astrology Readings

Michael Conneely

Caring and Expert Worldwide Astrology Readings from Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

With Michael Conneely’s Worldwide Astrology Readings Western and Vedic Astrology are Expertly Combined.
These are Powerful and Accurate Astrology Readings. They are Positive, Empowering, Healing and have Exceptional clarity and perception.
See Michael Conneely’s Astrology Readings website:

Are you at a crossroads? Trying to understand a life situation or relationship? Maybe you are stuck in a job that doesn’t feel right for you or find it difficult to understand your skills and strengths.

Here’s where a really good astrology reading can help bring clarity, allow you to understand yourself better, see the underlying patterns in your life with greater depth and compassion as well as understanding how best to use the current energies that you personally are experiencing in the best possible way.

A good astrology reading should be empowering, not a list of predestined statements which makes you feel you have little choice. Michael Conneely will work with you to understand the unique set of energies you have been born with, the current astrological period in your life and how best to work with it, help you see the choices that are available to you.

What makes Michael’s reading different is not only are the readings personalised to you but also they combine both Western and Vedic Astrology, tarot guidance and empowering healing strategies.

Why is this important to Michael? He believes Western astrology is really good at explaining psychodynamics and Vedic is expert at defining the soul’s journey and in his opinion can often be more accurate and declarative: then tarot can help bring in intuition to further define what emerges from the astrology. And finally Michael can point to healing modalities if necessary that can help deal with difficult scripts or help to strengthen weak aspects in your chart.

In short Michael Conneely wants to give you an Astrology Reading that can make a real, genuine and empowering practical difference in your life. See:

For more about Michael and his Healing Centre in Foxford in the West of Ireland please see:

BUY a 120 Minute Astrology Reading (Safely and Securely Through Starwheel Astrology’s online shop)

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Powerful Love Astrology Readings from Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Contact me for an astrology reading.

In this video example we look at a destructive script for love in a young man of twenty:

Using both western and Vedic Astrology we gain very good analysis of what goes wrong in love. Vedic Astrology is the sure and powerful astrology of ancient India.

My western astrology is high quality psychodynamic astrology.

But we do not just make a difficult declaration. We point to ways of healing and empowerment.

We mention Heart Wall Clearing and Emotion Code, but we settle for Inner Child Work as the best way forward for cure, because this young man shows traumatic separation from mother as a little child leading to destructive patterns in love.

See my astrology readings website to get in touch with me for an expert powerful reading:

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Learn to Read the Navamsha Chart: The Soul and Marriage chart of Vedic Astrology

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Our Soul and our Marriage Issues:
The Navamsa Chart is the utterly exalted statement of the message of our soul for this incarnation, and it is also the depiction of our scripts for marriage this time. See:
This starwheel webinar class by Michael Conneely includes three vital and enlightening approaches:
1. How to read the Navamsa Chart
2. Use of the Rashi Tulya Technique: apply this to your Navamsa and Vedic Birth/Rasi
Chart to discover the message our soul is sending us in this lifetime.
This includes a simple presentation of the Bhava Suchaka Analysis definitions as a
powerful statement of your soul’s message this time.
3. How to arrive at a definition of your Ishta Devata, your ideal form of the divine to relate
to and to protect you. How do we use this technique in a way that is not literal but is
empowering and authentic? My Ishta Devata is Lord Rama. And this ties in with the fact
that in all my novels there is a young hero setting out on his hero’s Quest.

Rama and Sita

Rama and Sita

See Michael’s websites for his course-related webinar series, all of which include use of astrological perception as a gateway to healing and empowerment techniques such as art work, embidiment and a range of healing modalities:

Level 1 western astrology webinars and course:
Level 1 Vedic Astrology webinars and course:
Level 2 Vedic Astrology webinars and course: The Nakshatras: The wonderful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology:
Level 3 Vedic Astrology webinars and course:

You can join the course at any time:
The upcoming webinars run from February to November 2016 and there’s an enrollment earlybird of January 16th 2016. Please see the relevant website for your interest.

My novels website is:

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