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Astrology and Healing Magazine April 2018

Michael Conneely

Welcome to the April 2018 fourth Edition of Maggie and Michael’s Astrology and Healing Magazine, brought to you from their Healing Centre on the
wild Atlantic way coast of Sligo in the West of Ireland.

And this month’s issue covers the impressive Healing modality of EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique

Plus clear and empowering inspirational expression of the Astrology of April 2018, valuably embracing both Western and Vedic Astrology! And asking you key questions that are raised about your life.

MAGGIE BEST JUNE 16Tap your way to a happier you.

This month I’m going to talk about how Emotional Freedom Techniques can help you improve your life.
I first came across the idea of tapping on meridian energy points way back in 2001 and as a trained shiatsu practitioner, I was both intrigued and also pretty cynical as to how this simpler approach would work.  I initially dismissed it as another fad which would at best yield only temporary or superficial results.

Yet EFT kept grabbing my attention and within the year I had trained in Emotional Freedom Techniques and was surprisingly impressed by the responses I was getting with clients. So impressed in fact, that I became and EFT Trainer and helped others get those wonderful and, often surprising, releases from all sorts of conditions, even difficult long-standing ones. Sure it does look a bit weird, or did so at the time when it was less well-known, but when something works, where nothing else has so far, it certainly grabs your attention. I was happy to update my opinion of this new way of working if it could help people feel better.

Some of my early successes were helping a client improve his walking and be able to play with his child again, have a long-standing back pain disappear, resolve trauma and phobias, help prepare a client for IVF, dissolve interview nerves and increase confidence, overcome fear of flying and on and on. The best thing about it too is it gave my clients a way of continuing to manage the on-going stress situations which occur in daily modern life. It is something that can be done face to face or over the internet or phone.

First of all you are invited to bring into awareness the issue or problem you wish to overcome – calling a spade a spade, rather than trying to rationalise it or cut off from it. We give the intensity of how that issue is affecting us a number on a scale of 0-10. The second part is tapping on a series of points on the face and head and sometimes on the hands while we say words which sum up the issue. The words are simply there to hold the focus on whatever it is we wish to address, it is the tapping on the meridian points that does the balancing of our energy. We then compare how you feel now. Has that initial number changed? Do we tap again in a similar way or has the focus changed. Often tapping can help you be aware of what is really going on and help clarify actions to take. It can release the charge of an old traumatic incident so it simply becomes a memory, rather than something that haunts you.

And having released the stuff holding you back it can also be used to help adopt new responses more easily, build confidence and facilitate learning. It can be used to help children with the various emotional challenges encountered during their growing years. In that way it can be a great way for parents to support their children and to also help them cope better with the pressures of a busy family life.

Research has been done over the years which show that tapping helps reduce the stress response. It has increasingly being taken up by therapists, educators, some doctors and even the health service.

You can find more information on my website or drop me an email to find out how it could help you, your family or even your pets.

The Astrology of April 2018, from Michael Conneely:

The energies of the planets are presented in both the Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology (which has a destiny unfoldment focus) and also using the Tropical Zodiac of Western Astrology, which is focussed on our psychological unfoldment.

You can see the charts for the start and the end of the month, also lunations and eclipses, by going to Michael’s Starwheel Astrology website:  
and information about the Planets in 2018 are covered by going to:

What are the top news items for you to be aware of and deal with?

Here is the powerful ‘Top Twelve’ summary, and it’s followed by a very useful Table of the planets’ positions in both Vedic and Western Astrology below that:

1. The Saturn Mars Conjunction
Saturn and Mars start April in exact conjunction at 14 Vedic Sagittarius (PurvAshada Nakshatra), this is 8 Western Capricorn. And the two planets stay in conjunction all month.
This is good for technical work and DIY but it’s tough when Mars pitts himself against Saturn’s structures, patience and blocks, or when Saturn puts the lid on Mars leading to disastrous explosions of swearing impatience!
The energy of Mars-Saturn conjunction is bumpy and antagonistic. Positively, you might break out of the concrete prison you erected for you life, and free up your force of expression. Hopefully knowing this astrology will allow you to see the danger signs, and plan to manage your energy level.
You could enter April with big ideas, but be prepared to modify them, integrate them with other things in your life, and ‘go with the flow’. Channel your Mars power carefully and direct it with good ethical conscious awareness.
Mars is exalted in Vedic Capricorn from May to November! Cultivate courage.
If you have been feeling overwhelmed, let things balance out. Prioritise. Be guided by your intuition and inspiration. And as a very special issue to watch: Mars and Ketu are both in Capricorn from May 2nd to November 5th. See next month’s magazine on what this means and how to handle it.

2. The Sun enters Vedic Aries on 14th April, crossing the immaterial and unconfident (but inspirational) Vedic Pisces-Aries Gandanta Zone for four days either side of that date. The Sun is exalted in Aries (Adolf Hitler had his Sun there), and Mars is strong, so this can hold a useful guide picture of energy up to you.
Develop your individual expression. Embrace who you are. Sun is square Pluto on April 10th. This can open a portal for you to come to grips with your life direction and embrace deep change.

3. The Sun is conjunct Uranus in the heavens on 19th April. Anticipate unexpected events, impulses and inspirations. Will this be a matter of explosions of impatience or inspired revolutionary breakthrough in your case? Try to use this inspirational time to consciously take stock! To identify the habitual negative expectations of your life. Try to imagine instead how you can live connected to your wellspring of inspiration- driven confidence. Maggie’s ‘Access Consciousness’ healing and empowerment work is very good for this. See: worldwide on-line via Zoom hands on work in Ireland

4. The Moon is conjunct Ketu in the heavens on 10th April at 17 Vedic Capricorn. This is not good for confidence or sound health.

5. Mars conjuncts Pluto exact on 26th April at 27 Vedic Sagittarius (21 western Capricorn). Be careful not to wield force implacably! Beware of darkness rising with violence.

6. Mercury is Retrograde from 1st to 14th April, and does not regain his pre-retrogradation position until the end of April. If Mercury has problematic stats in your Vedic Birth Chart, expect problems in IT, filing, posts and communications, and do your best to stay calm (somehow) and deal with them methodically and in a friendly way.
Mercury is square Mars on April 4th to 5th: avoid angry words.
Saturn is square Mercury on April 5th: consciously avoid blocks or pessimism or over-focus in the Mercury areas of life.
Mercury is in Vedic Pisces, so this does in truth lead to confused mental and communication issues, but can be inspirational.
Mercury Retrograde periods are actually good if you take note of the glitches, review your programs, and make good realistic decisions for how to manage your priorities.
The Mars-Saturn conjunction will force you to be pragmatic and respond to Mercury Retrograde glitches. Determine where you are going with your projects.

7. Saturn is Retrograde from April 17th to  September 6th. Saturn is in Sagittarius from October 2017 to January 2020. And within that Saturn and Mars are now in PurvAshada.
If you have Sun there, you could experience golden reaping (or professional downfall if you are off course in your life, or weak).
If you have Moon there, this is the centre of your Sade Sate: the difficult and separative, often depressed seven and a half period where Saturn transits through the Vedic sign before your natal Moon, the Vedic sign of your natal Moon and the sign after that. Note that a Nakshatra defined sequence for Sade Sate gives better definition than sign based definition.
Saturn actually retrogrades from 16 to 9 deg Sagittarius in 2018, so traversing from PurvaAshada back into Mula Nakshatras.
With Saturn transiting Sagittarius, note that you will need to honour and balance principles of both Jupiter expansion and Saturn contraction and consolidation.
With Saturn being retrograde, this is a wonderful chance to understand yourself better. Ask yourself these Retrograde Saturn questions:
a. Do I do too much under the influence of impulse and excitement?
b. Do I recognise my bedrock motivations?
c. And this is a big one: Do I draw back out of what would be good for me and my loved ones out of blocks and FEAR???
d. Does bedrock sense that you are a loser and a failure hold you back???
e. Develop awareness of the consequences of your decisions through your life.

8. Pluto is Retrograde from 22nd April to September 30th. Note this is the same time as Saturn is Retrograde, and note that a Saturn-Pluto conjunction is implacably building to be exact: see the chart for this moment on my website page:

9. Jupiter is Retrograde all month: this is the time to consolidate and bring into form your inspirations and ideas of the previous month or to.
Dot the Is. Cross the Ts.
Create sound structures and procedures. Apply diligence and discipline and your expansionary projects will FLOWER  and SUCCEED!

10. Rahu is in Ashlesha Nakshatra until 27th April when he retrogrades into Pushyami Nakshatra. Ashlesh is difficult serpent energy. Rahu can be driven, over-expansionary and toxic. Ashelsha is ruled by Mercury and its last four degrees are Gandanta. Seek to find the INSPIRATION offered at this time. Avoid the Mercury over-discussion and criticism. Avoid the Rahu darkness and over-ambition. Notice if you feel pray to psychological imbalance. Transmute the poison. Embrace vision and energy work. What with the breakthrough of Uranus entering Vedic Aries/Ashwini this year, and the earlier eclipse in Ashlesha, 2018 can be a most wonderful year for INSPIRATION. By Vedic Sign, Rahu is transiting Cancer at this time. Issues of mothering arise in our lives, emotional breakthrough and healing and empowerment from this.

11. Venus enters Taurus on April 20th bringing pleasure and art and socialising.

12. Chiron enters Aries: A very special event occurs on April 12th. Chiron enters Western Aries (Vedic 6 Pisces). Chiron is in Aries for the first time since it was discovered in 1977! Chiron actually retrogrades back into Western Pisces in September.
Please do a conscious survey and ask yourself these questions and make a note of the answers:
a. Are the needs you are striving for your actual valid needs?
b. You need a healthy ego so that you can do the work you incarnated to do in this lifetime. Is your ego healthy?
c. Do you need to reorder your self?
d. How are you dealing with the challenges of your wounds?
Please embrace the Chiron in Aries energy to recognise what wound(s) you have to the way you assert yourself in the world! What are you doing to make them a thing of your past??

Planet Positions in April 2018:

So, using the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac, the planets move as follows in April 2018:

This table shows their positions in the Sidereal Signs, and also in the wonderful Lunar Signs, the Nakshatras:

Sun from          17 Pisces to 16 Aries, Revati to Bharani
Mars from        14 to 19 Sagittarius, PurvAshada to UttarAshada
Mercury from   17 to 19 Pisces. Retrograde from 1st to 14th April, direct at 10 Pisces. Revati
Jupiter from      28 to 25 Libra: Retrograde all month. Vishakha.
Venus from       7 Aries to 13 Taurus. Venus enters Taurus on April 20th. Ashwini to Rohini.
Saturn from      14 to 14 Sagittarius, Retrograde from 17th April. PurvAshada.
Rahu from        17 – 16 Cancer, Retrograde throughout (Mean Node). Ashlesha to Pushyami. Ketu from 17 – 16 Capricorn, Retrograde throughout
(Mean Node). 
Uranus from      3 – 5 Aries. Ashwini
Neptune from    20 – 21 Aquarius. PurvaBhadra
Pluto at              27 Sagittarius. Retrograde from 22nd April to September 30th. UttarAshada.
Chiron                5 – 7 Pisces. UttaraBhadra
The New Moon is on 16th April at 2 Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra. This New Moon is in explosive conjunction with Uranus.
The Full Moon is on 30th April at 16 Libra in Swati Nakshatra

And using the Western Tropical Zodiac, the planets move as follows in April 2018:

Sun              11 Aries to 11 Taurus
Mercury        12 to 14 Aries. Retrograde from 1st to 14th April.
Venus           1 Taurus to 8 Gemini
Mars              8 to 23 Capricorn
Jupiter           22 to 19 Scorpio. Retrograde all month.
Saturn           8 to 9 capricorn. Retrograde from 17th April
Uranus         27 to 29 Aries
Neptune       14 to 15 Pisces
Pluto             21 Capricorn. Retrograde from 22nd April.
Chiron          29 Pisces to 0 Aries
North Node 12 to 10 Leo
South Node 12 to 10 Aquarius

The New Moon is on 16th April at 26 Aries
The Full Moon is on 30th April at 9 Scorpio

Note that these charts are based on time and date Sligo, Ireland. To see what the time it is in your country, use:

Book a Reading: To enroll for one of my expert natal chart interpretations, Prediction or Relationship Readings, go to:

Enrol on a Course: Transform your life by learning Astrology with expert individual teaching and guidance:
It would be great to work with you on one of my Courses:

For All Products Course and Astrology Reading permutations visit our online shop:

Astrology Reading

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Worldwide Healings from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

Michael Conneely

Read all about our Worldwide Healings from our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland
Get in touch with us. 

Healings with Michael Conneely:

Here are six examples:
1. Inner Child Work exercises consist of my sending you questionnaires relating to your developments and experiences through different age ranges, and you answer and review these, leading to your realisation of what your key attitudes are and how they arose, and what you need to do about them. There is cross referencing to your astrology and you are offered a healing culmination in key transformative statements.
2. Family Constellation Work exercises consists of visualising your family members, , raising what’s been forgotten or repressed, a guided journey to meet each, the process cross-refers to your astrology and ends with your ‘taking your place’.
3. Shamanic Journey – individual module
4. Soul retrieval is a shamanic healer technique, where you journey to meet a split of part of yourself, whose existence, often acknowledged in fact can control your life. You identify how and when that pert of you got split off, befriend and integrate your inner child.
(N.B. you have to do module 3 in order to be able to do this module 4)
Modules 3 and 4 are parts of my Shamanic Healer Course: ( ), but people getting these individual units as part of with my astrology readings and courses, receive them at special individual price. I send you Paypal request, and we then focus on the Healing module in addition to the astrology Reading or Course.
4. Astrological Psychosynthesis Work: this is wonderful perception, healing and empowerment. We work to get authentic and embodied experience of how the energy of a planet manifests in your natal and predictive astrology in your life, and then using the psychosynthesis roleplay techniques of Assaglioni, we do work to define how that planets manifests in our life and what to do about him.
Again I send you Paypal request, and we then focus on the Healing module in addition to the astrology Reading or Course.
5. Past Life regression – using audio file or through shamanic session with me personally. This is such a worthwhile exercise.
6. What story are you living? Working with your vision journeys, worksheets and cross reference to your astrology, we work out and seek to heal and empower around the stories that you are living in respect of Archetypes such as: Innocent, Orphan, Warrior, Ruler, Magician, Sage, Lover, Destroyer, and others.
See my Website:

Healings with Maggie Pashley:

Maggie’s Healing Modalities utilize her vast range of worldwide distance energy healings:

1. Heart Wall Clearing is a fantastic way of releasing blocks to giving and receiving love, allowing success and greater abundance into our life and to having a better relationship with ourself. It can be done by distance sessions from wherever you are in the world. It makes use of muscle testing to identify trapped emotions caused by rejection, hurt, disappointment and trauma and clears these energetically. Find out more:

2. Resonating Relationships – this program identifies negative beliefs we have about Relationships, modes of operating which block connection, nurturing and harmony in a relationship. We then clear those blocks using the Body Code. Find out more here:

3. Emotion Code – developed by American chiropractor Bradley Nelson the Emotion Code uses muscle testing to uncover underlying trapped emotions holding us back and then releases them energetically.

4. Body Code – also developed by Bradley Nelson, the Body Code is based on the way he himself worked on clients and is far more extensive than the Emotion Code. It uses muscle testing to undercover imbalances in emotions, nutrition and lifestyle, misalignments, toxins, external interferences, pathogens and then clears them energetically.

5. A Symphony of Possibilities – In an SOP session you will be asked if you could get anything you wished out of the session what would it be? and then uses verbal processing (clearing questions) and energetic healing to bring you into alignment with that desired outcome

6. Access Bars – This is a gentle hands-on process involving lightly touching 32 points on the head to clear out old beliefs, programming, fixed positions that are keeping you stuck. Has been likened to defragging a computer, pressing the delete button on old files in our brain to make room for what we can truly be without the old baggage.

7. Access Body Processes is a gentle hands-on treatment, dialoguing with the body to find out which of over 50 treatment options it currently requires to become freer and more empowered. Can boost immune system, help you reconnect with your body and feel more grounded, release repeating patterns, family scripts and more.

8. Breakthrough sessions – designed to help you go beyond areas of stuckness in your life and uses a combination of the many powerful energetic healing techniques Maggie is trained in. Each session is different and tailor-made to your particular situation.

9. Hypnotherapy allows a deep inner focus to access your unconscious mind enabling transformation in a much easier way. Great for fears, phobias, clearing old limiting habits, and developing greater confidence and self-esteem.

10. EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique involves tapping on meridian energy points on the face and hands to rebalance your body’s energies. It has been proven to reduce stress emotions, is effective for fears and phobias, reducing pain and tension. It can help clear unwanted habits and behaviour and create more positive empowering ones.

11. Metamorphic Touch – involves a gentle touch on the feet, hands and head to create an unconditional, open space to connect you with your own inner wisdom and unique gifts and strengths.

12. Bodywork – if you are local or staying at our Sligo Coast airbnb in the West of Ireland, you can choose to have a session of relaxing bodywork. Maggie uses a combination of massage, shiatsu stretches, reflexology and healing to help you feel de-stressed, invigorated and restored.

See Maggie’s Website: and


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Weak Sun in your Birth Chart and in October, November 2017

Michael Conneely

Weak Sun in your Birth Chart and in October & November 2017

This Blog from Michael Conneely is all about what it means to have a weak Sun in their Birth Chart – and what do you do about it?

The Sun is the King of our Kingdom; he is the Divine Charioteer that drives the Chariot of Self.

Yet some people’s destiny is to work with a Weak Sun: so how do they heal this? How do they Empower?

And more than these Weak Sun individuals, this Blog also actually speaks to ALL of us –

This is because the whole world will experience something of the energy-state that is a Weak Sun for the month starting October 17th, 2017, when the Sun enters the Vedic sign of Libra in the heavens and transits there for a month.

And this weakness to what the Sun stands for is because the Vedic Sign of Libra, using the divinely-accurate Sidereal Zodiac of Vedic Astrology, is the sign where the Sun is most deeply Fallen or Debilitated, where the Sun’s qualities are most weakened – even trashed.

NOTE: Even if the Sun’s Debilitation is ‘cancelled’ in your Vedic birth chart (e.g. because your Libran Sun is also in your 1st House), NOTE NEVER THE LESS, that you may well be also capable of being Me-First, BUT you will also MOST CERTAINLY have the weak Sun scripts. So, don’t try to overcompensate for your weak Sun root traits, because they will catch up with you

What does a Weak Sun mean in our life? Here are Examples:

1. Lack of confidence.

2. The person whose been taught they should be the glove that fits the Other’s hand.

3. Inability to speak your truth, so even seeming deceptive.

4. The Sun is the King of our Kingdom, he has to be able to fare forth and do the needed tasks. Weak Sun can’t do this.

5. Co-dependency scripts can set in.

6. The Sun is the Divine Charioteer who drives the Chariot of our Self. In his hands are the reins that go to the horse that pull the chariot. The Horses are the other planets. The Sun has to be strong enough to direct them, and strong enough to chart the needed course in life.

7. Weaker Vitality. Weaker health.

8. Can’t cope.

9. Beaten.

– There’ll be these symptoms big time if your Sun is weak in your birth chart – in other words if you have Sun in Vedic Libra, or Sun in 7th or 12th house, or in a Gandanta Zone, or where your Sun is harmed by a malefic effect from another planet.

– AND ALSO everyone will feel something of this in the month starting 17th October 2017, while the Sun is working his way through the sign of Vedic Libra.

Also do Note : for Vedic Librans, at this time, there could be sudden expenses and losses due to planets in 12th House from Libra (Vedic Virgo)

So: What should I do during the weak Sun month starting 17th October 2017?

Hear this perception.
Act on it.
Listen to your body.
Listen to your Feelings.
Eat well.
Don’t push too hard.
Physical Activity.

What else can I do?

Well, there are various options:

Deity Work: Note that I teach deity work worldwide. Men can gain so much from studying and working with such Gods as Cernunnos or The Dagda. Women can gain so much by working with Brigit. See my Druid Forest School Curses:

Healing and Empowerment Work: Do any Healing Work that is needed. Se the worldwide Healing website of my partner: Maggie Pashley: There’s such genuine worldwide Healing Methods as: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, Access Consciousness, Emotion Code, Body Code, Hypnotherapy, just to name a very few.

See details of my wonderful worldwide readings see:
For details of my expert worldwide courses, see:
Principles underlying my work are that I am always prepared to offer Western Astrology-Vedic Astrology crossover.
My courses are highly caring and totally individual focussing on two sets of charts: yours and mine, so as to keep the learning genuine, authentic and grounded.
And my work is never formulaic, but linked to healing and empowerment.
We also run a Healing Centre and linked Airbnb on the Atlantic Coast of County Sligo in the West of Ireland.

I look forward to working with you,

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Astrology Can be Healing

Michael Conneely

My Astrology can be linked to powerful worldwide Healings:

I can offer heartfelt vision journeying as part of my worldwide Astrology Readings

And I work with my partner, Healer Maggie Pashley, who offers so many healings worldwide:

Whenever we do Astrology, it should be orientated to our Healing and Empowerment as a general principle.

And if we wish we can move over into actual explicit healing work as well as our astrology, growing out of our astrological perception.

In my courses in particular, art work and embodiment work can really bring to life for you the meaning of some feature in your birth chart or predictive astrology. And astrology should not just be the offering of perception, however accurate: it should be coupled with healing and empowerment work. This, plus the unique combination of both western psychodynamic astrology with Vedic astrology is the essence of my approach when I work with you.
Importantly, Astrology can pin-point specific needs for emotional release or healing. I work with my partner to bring to you worldwide distance healing modalities if you feel these are needed:

So, have a look at my Astrology Readings website and choose a Reading: there are three lengths of reading to choose from. I am very caring and thorough:

Or, enrol on one of my Foundation astrology courses and make wonderfully life-changing steps in learning how to understand your Self, your life, your Love issues for yourself.

There’s my Vedic Astrology Foundation Course: and there’s my Western Astrology Foundation Course: in this course, I teach wonderful Psychodynamic Astrology and Evolutionary Western Astrology, as well, of course, as the mainstream of the best expert Western Astrology.

And if you know something of Astrology Techniques already, there’s my wonderful dedicated more advanced Astrology Courses:

And there’s my Mini-Readings and Mini-Courses too!

I look forward to hearing from you,


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Emotional Freedom Technique – discount sessions for Foxford airbnb guests

Michael Conneely

maggie_healerEFT Tapping sessions in Foxford, Co Mayo

Skype Sessions worldwide

Emotional Freedom Techniques often referred to as EFT Tapping is a fairly recent and revolutionary approach to dealing with all manner of issue ranging from anxiety, phobias, trauma and self-defeating patterns, to headaches and physical tension, boosting confidence and improving performance. Results are generally permanent even for long-term issues. Maggie has been using EFT since 2001 and finds it one of the most useful and empowering tools to use on clients. She has taught it to many groups of people too who have found it an amazing asset to have in their lives.

tapping-points-blueA session involves gentle tapping on meridian points while focusing on whatever is bothering us. It is gentle and easy to learn. Generally only a few sessions are required. Once you’ve got the basics, you can also continue to use it on yourself as a self-help tool. EFT was developed by Gary Craig and is based on pioneering work by Dr Roger Callahan.

How many sessions are needed?

It depends on the complexity of the issue. In some cases one session may be all that is required or a few sessions may be needed. Maggie’s aim is to help you in the shortest number of sessions and in as complete and holistic way as possible. Maggie will also give you guidelines on how to use EFT for self-help between sessions.

Sessions are via Skype, zoom or phone.   Distance sessions are just as effective as face-to-face sessions and you have the benefit of the comfort of your own home or environment. You’ll be emailed a sheet explaining exactly where to tap and if using Skype video you can watch Maggie as you tap along together.

What’s involved in an EFT session?

Maggie will chat to you to find out as specifically as possible what your problem area is and then sum that up in a phrase which you say out loud while both of you tap on points of the face, hands and head. It is even possible to keep the issue private and simply find words which have a meaning for you as you tap along. The words are simply to keep the focus, it is the tapping that does the work. It is simple and easy and Maggie will guide you every step of the way.


Can’t believe my back pain has gone after 20 years. Wow! – Nan

Come to our Healing Centre and linked airbnb in Foxford Co Mayo for a relaxing holiday amid the utterly beautiful beaches, mountains and forests of Mayo in the West of Ireland and treat yourself to discount Healing Sessions and readings  – all at discount prices specially offered for our airbnb guests.

The towns around are homely, and the music and culture is special beyond imagining.

Your Hosts are Maggie Pashley who has worked for over twenty years as a gifted intuitive healer skilled in many healings methods, and also Michael Conneely who has worked for over twenty years too, as a worldwide astrologer, Druid path teacher and shamanic healer. You are guaranteed a kind and warm welcome.
There’s so much to do. Mayo is the adventure capital of Ireland.

Book your Guest Session at our Foxford AirBnB website Retreats Page:

And see Maggie’s main website is:

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Black Friday Wonderful Discount OFFER

Michael Conneely

Astrology Readings, Spiritual Courses and Healings – Benefit from Black Friday wonderful Discount OFFER

good fortune 4Benefit from Black Friday wonderful Discount OFFER:

Special prices on Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley’s vast range of expert and very special Readings, Courses and Healings.

The range is vast.

There’s worldwide Astrology Readings: both birth chart and Prediction for 2017.
What can 2017 mean in your life and destiny?
How can you best navigate this time and succeed in your life and make the most of the energies?

And if it feels like the time to learn a new skill and pathway then do look at my worldwide astrology courses in western and Vedic astrology that are so caring and learned.

There’s also wonderful visionary worldwide Earth Spirituality courses: The Irish Druid Path, Shamanic Healer, The Runes, The Ogham.

And Maggie’s range of worldwide Healings is truly exceptional: there’s Access Consciousness, Access Bars, Body Code, Emotion Code – and also Hypnotherapy and EFT and many more. If there’s an area you feel stuck in or want to change, this is such a great offer.

Click the link below to make your special discount purchase, using the following code:

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Please take a look around our shop and see if there is anything that takes your fancy.

For over twenty years we have been building up a huge repertoire of spiritual and healing work. We run a Healing Centre with its own airbnb in utterly beautiful Mayo in the far West of Ireland. You can come for a holiday here and book in for healing and retreat sessions as well to make it a very special holiday OR you can receive all our Readings, Courses and Healings worldwide on-line as well. For more information on retreats offered for guests booking accomodation please visit:

And now there’s this generous Black Friday Discount Offer as well!

With Best Wishes,

Maggie and Michael


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A new healing dimension to Astrology: EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Maggie Pashly is a worldwide healer.

Maggie works with Michael Conneely who is an international astrologer using both western and Vedic astrology.

In her first video in this little series, Maggie Pashley explains about the basics of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: what it
is and how to use it.

Maggie Access Bars 2

Maggie Pashley

In her second video, Maggie explained about how EFT can add a huge dimension of healing and empowerment to working with the Runes, which are the alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples, where each Rune is a Key to special understanding and transformation of an area of our life. Her use of EFT features in Michael Conneely’s worldwide Runes Course.

In this, the third video in the little series, Maggie Pashley explains how astrological guidance and perception can be almost revolutionized in your life: so that you are not just being given formula and simple description of what your birth chart might say or what your predictive astrology might say, you can use EFT to heal and transform those difficult fates and experiences, and find the gold buried within them. Her use of EFT features in Michael Conneely’s worldwide astrology readings and his worldwide courses – where both his readings and his courses feature a unique and powerful combination of western and vedic astrology.

See her website:

So, here in this third video in the series, we talk about combining EFT with Astrology Readings. See Michael Conneely’s worldwide Astrology Readings website: and see how Michael Conneely uses EFT and other healing and empowerment techniques in his worldwide Astrology Courses:

EFT2What is EFT?

Basically, EFT is used as a powerful and easily accessible healing and empowerment technique. It can very gainfully be applied to your understanding of your life through astrology.
For example, if your astrology predicts that you will be in a difficult predictive period, well so what: what do you do?
Well, astrology when well done can offer you invaluable perception of what will be. To have that perception is very valuable. Perception is valuable to the point of being essential.
But the important question is: what do you then do about that perception???

EFT and difficult transits: 

sade sate image 4Here’s an example: a difficult transit in your predictive astrology when ’s Saturn transits for two and a half years through the 8th House from Moon in your Vedic Astrology birth chart. To the left is a picture of the higher manifestation of Saturn: Lord Shani, Lord of Karma.

Or, of course, there is Sade Sate: the difficult seven and a half year predictive period as Saturn transits across the natal Moon in your birth chart.

Or there’s the two and a half inward period where things die in your life that is when Saturn transits through your 12th House.

EFT and difficult configurations in the birth chart:

An example of very difficult configuration and destiny within the birth chart itself, is if you have planets (especially Sun, and most especially the Moon) in one of the three Gandanta Zones. The Gandanta Zones are the difficult zones where Water signs transition into Fire signs in your birth chart.

If the Moon is in the Gandanta Zone in your birth chart, this is a very difficult karmic knot which means that ‘Mother will not be there for you’. How do you handle that one?!?! The Karmic know can’t be untied. It only tightens. So a purpose of your life is to work with this permanent karmic issue and somehow make the difficult growth you incarnated to make.

My astrology readings and courses are a unique and powerful combination of western psychodynamic astrology and Vedic Astrology.

Vedic Astrology has a valuable system of mantras to stabilise and raise the consciousness of the Mind, the play of emotions, the way we have of perceiving experiences. But Mantra is not enough. Indeed there is the danger from Mantra that, unless you realise it, you can actually become controlling and formulaic and actually diminish your creativity. Powerful and wonderful though it is, there’s the risk that Vedic Astrology can be used in a way that is legalistic or clone like. That’s why I join it to healing and empowerment techniques.

And turning to western astrology, there’s the risk that psychodynamic western astrology can be cerebral and disempowering. That’s why I add in Vedic astrology. That’s why I add in healing and empowerment techniques. Still looking at western astrology, there’s the risk with western ‘Evolutionary Astrology’ that it can be used fatalistically or at the level of glib intellectualisation. That’s why I always add in the powerful declaration of Vedic Astrology. That’s why I always add in strategies for growth and strategies for the the creation of empowering vision, and of course being open to the use of healing and empowerment modalities.

As you see from this Video, EFT provides one way of authentically and really contacting the suffering and difficulty we may be going through – but EFT then offers a way of going beyond that: beyond that into healing and empowerment.

Maggie Pashley’s EFT and many other worldwide healing modalities can be seen on her website:

My worldwide Astrology Readings website is:
My worldwide Astrology Courses websites are:

My worldwide Runes course website is:

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Use EFT with the Runes: Emotional Freedom Technique

Michael Conneely

See Maggie Pashley’s first video in this little series where Maggie explains the basics of  EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: what EFT is and how to use it.

In this second video, we go on to learn how to use EFT when working with the Runes.

The Runes are the wonderful, powerful and beautiful alphabet of the ancient Norse and the Germanic peoples. Here we hear how to add dimensions of EFT to our Rune work. We use EFT to add to the healing and empowerment that the Runes always offer.

See My worldwide Runes Course:
And see Maggie Pashley’s worldwide healing website:

EFT is used as a powerful and easily accessible healing and empowerment technique. It’s a simple way for transformation. I use it often on my runes course. Each Rune tells us about a key facet of our life. Each Rune is a key to deep personal transformation.

rune fehu 3For example the first rune, Fehu, is about value issues in your life. EFT can help you add to the power of the rune by healing the issues of value in your life and empowering you thereby and making you open to vaster opportunity in issues of value.
rune uruz2For example, the second rune is Uruz, the rune of strength:
Have you got the strength you need for the Journey???
If there’s a wound to your strength or a lack of it, EFT can help you heal and empower.



rune thurisazFor example, the third rune is Thurisaz: the rune of defence: Thorn. Can you adequately defend yourself?




rune ansuz 4The fourth rune is Ansuz: the rune of prophetic utterance: do you need the healing and empowerment of EFT to enable you to make your utterance in life?

And so on through the rune alphabet…

The Runes are an alphabet, but they are also Gateways to new ways of being, ways of bringing in needed change.

Learn how to transform your understanding of the events in your life.

Use the genuine magic of making a Rune, chanting its name, rune stance and journeying for its true meaning as applied to your life at the present.

You are supported to find your own true spiritual path in these wonderful powerful worldwide distance learning courses. The Runes are not imposed. This is totally personal sacred exploration on your part with all the support you need from me.

My Runes course can either be followed individually or as a group.

Maggie Pashley’s EFT and many other worldwide healing modalities can be seen on her website:

My worldwide Astrology Readings website is:
My worldwide Astrology Courses websites are:

My worldwide Runes course website is:

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Learn about EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique

Michael Conneely

Maggie Pashley and Michael conneely work together to bring EFT healing and empowerment to both astrology and the Runes.
In this post, Maggie Pashley explains about the basic EFT Emotional Freedom Technique: what EFT is and how to use it. See Maggie Pashley’s worldwide healing website:
This is Maggie Pashley’s basic introductory video where she describes the foundation method of EFT.
And after that lower down in this post, Michael Conneely describes how EFT can be then powerfully brought into use, both in his astrology work and also in his runes course.

First of all, here is Maggie Pashley’s basic EFT instructional video:

EFT is used as a powerful and easily accessible healing and empowerment technique. It’s a simple way for transformation. It involves tapping on the body’s energy points whils speaking healing and transformational formulae.
We describe a bit of the method: how actually to do EFT, below.

EFT and Astrology: But before we do that, I’d like to say how I have used EFT in connection with my astrology for many years:
For example, if a difficult challenge is identified by your astrology birth chart, you can use EFT to heal and transform it.
Secondly if your Predictive astrology identifies a difficult transit ahead, your can use EFT to heal the distress and bring you to a position whereby you can come out of the period with new power and standing.
See Maggie Pashley’s EFT and Astrology YouTube video.
My worldwide Astrology Readings website is:
My worldwide Astrology Courses websites are: an

EFT and Runes: Also, before we go on to the detail of how to do EFT, I’d also like to say how I I use it on my runes course so as to add a further dimension to the healing and empowerment that working with the Runes always brings.
See Maggie Pashley’s EFT and Runes work YouTube video.
See My worldwide Runes Course:

rune fehu 3For example the first rune, Fehu, is about value issues in your life. EFT can help you add to the power of the rune by healing the issues of value in your life and empowering you thereby and making you open to vaster opportunity in issues of value.

rune uruz2For example, the second rune is Uruz, the rune of strength: have you got the strength you need for the Journey. If there’s a wound, EFT can help you heal and empower.


rune thurisazFor example, the third rune is Thurisaz: can you adequately defend yourself?

rune ansuz 4The fourth rune is Ansuz: the rune of prophetic utterance: do you need the healing and empowerment of EFT to enable you to make your utterance?
And so on through the rune alphabet…

So, now, let’s go on to the actual technique of EFT itself: How do I actually do EFT?

Well, basically you could start by attuning to yourself:
Take a deep breath ……….
Close your eyes ……….
Settle in to the awareness:
Of your physical body ……….
Of your mental body ……….
Of your emotional body ……….
And also your spiritual body  ……….

EFT 1Next, you do the EFT Tapping Sequence. Here’s the summary:
Side of hand:
Crown of Head:
Side of the eye:
Under the eye:
Top lip:
Under lip:
Collar bone:
Heart point:
Stomach point:
Side of chest:

Basically, the 5 point plan you are following is this:
–  I have found this way of explaining our transformation process particularly helpful when I am building EFT sequences.

please note that it is important to start to change your wording as you work through the EFT sequence. Use words that add opening, change, possibility and hope. 5+ minutes.

“Even though I feel really lost right now, I am open to the possibility of answers arriving.”
“It may be possible for this to change and I am open to seeing how.”
“I have seen support show up in my life before and have had experiences that remind me it’s possible. Maybe it is possible again.”

There’s the three Baseline Statements:

I sense …….. (what are you sensing?)
I feel ………. (what do you feel right now?
I imagine …….

If a body part is involved, ask: what is the metaphor for this body part? What is the functionality of this body part?
e.g. hands, grab and let go, they hold and let go
e.g. spine = flexibility, mobility uprightness
e.g. feet = stepping forwards, grounding
e.g. left side is receiving
e.g. right side is giving
e.g. heart is opening and closing, boundaries, our giving life force rhythm

Make a written record of these three baseline statements, above. See how you are progressing working over time with the issue using EFT. Be kind to yourself.

Release/Growth: The final part of the tapping allows the release and growth to occur. You should notice a new ease, acceptance or a sense of opening, hope and possibility. Often a new determination to take some sort of action step arrives.

And then there’s the important issue of Tracking: you track how you are wounded, then moving to being healed and empowered.

Of course there’s more to it than as described here. Obviously! This is not an EFT Training Manual. It’s an attempt to give you some idea of what EFT has to offer, and how you can do EFT.

But I am sharing this framework so you get an idea of what you have on offer!!! Want to know more about EFT? Get in touch!

Maggie Pashley’s EFT and many other worldwide healing modalities can be seen on her website:

My worldwide Astrology Readings website is:
My worldwide Astrology Courses websites are:

My worldwide Runes course website is:

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Fabulous June discount on Michael Conneely’s astrology readings – Healings too!

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Get 15% off all my astrology readings throughout June

Many people are contacting me now because the energies of this time are not at all easy.

It is always a pleasure for me to use my astrological knowledge to empower my clients to be able to work with their innate abilities and challenges and understand how to get the best out of each transit.

For this reason I’ve decided to offer a 15% discount across all my astrology readings for the month of June to make it even easier for people to reach out and get the support they need.

My Astrology Readings are already exceptional value in that they combine both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology which I believe presents a much fuller and clearer picture of what is going on.

In addition I have developed a special expertise in the energies prevailing until the end of January 2017 and how to develop the best perception of their meaning including how to best manage the Mind and make decisions and strategies in your life; how to use them for your healing, how to use them for your empowerment.

But more than that, because my astrology readings and western and Vedic Astrology courses have always been taught with the view to defining what is the most healing and empowering way of handling your situations and the energies at the time, this Special Offer is now also optionally linked to a wide range of healings:

My partner Maggie Pashley is also offering a 15% discount on her healings (not workshops) throughout June.

Basically very challenging energies in fact run until the end of January 2017. Though how each one of us will personally experience them depends on how the chart for ‘Now’ each day relates to our own personal birth chart.

In the Vedic Astrology Teaching, the challenges are summed up by three current configurations:
A. A malefic Saturn-Mars conjunction now transiting in Vedic sign of Scorpio.
B. The potentially risky Jupiter-Rahu (North Node) conjunction now transiting in the Vedic sign of Leo.
C. All planets in the heavens get caught up in the divisive and challenging energy of Kal Sarpa Yoga from 28th September to end January 2017. Kal Sarpa Yoga means that all planets are enclosed within the Nodal Axis: the Mouth of the Serpent. And the fact that the Moon will spend half of each month within the Nodes and half isolated outside the Nodes will also pose challenge for the stability of our Minds and emotions, and the quality of our decisions and relationships.

To take advantage of this wonderful astrology offer, go to my Starwheel Astrology Buy page:
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And to get the special 15% discount on Maggie’s healings go to her Shopify page and enter the code MAGGIEJUNE. Healings on offer include hypnotherapy, EFT, Body Code and Emotion Code, Access Bars and Access Body Processes, and Metamorphic Technique. You can also find more information on Maggie and how she works at but note the discount code can not be used through this site.

Maggie is also offering 30 minute taster sessions of Access Bars and Access Body Processes for only £15 throughout June. See what she says about this offer

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