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Celebrate the Festival of Lughnasadh

Michael Conneely

Michael ConneelyThe Festival of Lughnasadh

The Festival of Lughnasadh is the festival of Harvest, celebrated around 1st August. Share in the preparation of all the Festivals of the ancient Irish with the Druid Forest School worldwide courses:

Take stock: What talents have you harvested so far this year???

Honour your harvest. Honour those who support you: your Tribe. Honour the Land that supports you: your home and the sacred earth.

The Festival of Lughnasadh is the celebration of the harvest of our individual and our joint Tribal efforts in the year, so far.

The Festival of Lughnasadh is also overshadowed by the approach of winter. The Tribe has to prepare for winter as it celebrates the Harvest. The powers of Darkness must be defeated. You need your Harvest to weather any hard times in the future.

The main theme of the Festival of Llughnasadh was feast celebrating the successful reaping of benefits from the Land by the Tribe, the communal enjoyment of first fruits was the high point of the day’s ritual.

Lughnasadh combines key cosmic sacred themes of the Land and the Tribe. And for the ancient Irish, it was the transition from the culture of the Land (The Formorians) to the spirit of the Tribe (The Tuatha de Danaan), that underlies the Book of Invasions, and this was the difference between the two sides at the Second Battle of Moytura (Maigh Tuireadh), fought near our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland, in the Irish Iron Age.

At Llughnasadh, we hear the call of the new god, Llugh, that was the catalyst for the members and the gods of the Tuatha de Danaan, to value the manifestation of the special and individual skills of each of them, and thus be able to use individual and very special crafts and skills to defeat the more cloddish, vicious and less civilised lower-consciousness Formorians.

We each incarnate to burn negative karmas, and also to develop and manifest our own special unique special skills. Llugh is the catalyst for this. He thus calls us to bring in the harvest of our talents at Lughnasadh.

And so at Lughnasadh, a key theme of any celebration is recounting the call of Llugh for each member of the Tuatha to name and bring in his own special talents, as at the Second Battle of Moytura that the Tuatha fought against the dark Formorians above Loch Arrow, near here.

The issue is also our personal sovereignty. For the Tuatha de Danaan, their victory at the Second Battle of Moytura was yearly sealed by the annual mating of the War Goddess the Morrigan and the Good God, The Dagda, both standing astride the River Unshin where it flows from the Loch, to wend its way to its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean near Carrowmoor. Thus the sovereignty of the Tribe and its Land was sealed.

The issue is also about reverencing and relying upon the Goddess of the Land, she who provides, she who now rules as Queen of the Harvest.

And the Festival of Lughnasadh also calls us to value skills of communication, creative thought and breakthrough, just as Llugh used eloquent oratory to call each member of the Tuatha de Danaan to value themselves and their individual special skills. And thus the Celts linked Llugh to Mercury, but of course, there is also a lightning, revolutionary, fore-front creative Uranian dimension to him too!

And it is these words that inspire the people, win the Goddess for the Tuatha are the people of the Goddess Danu and the actions the words inspire that defeat the cruel blinding heat of the Sun, that defeat Balor: Balor of the evil Eye.

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Summer Solstice Celebration and Course – with the Irish Druid Path

Michael Conneely

For me, Summer Solstice celebration is delight in the light and heat of the Sun, and learning the lessons of that energy in our life.
We give thanks for the Sun.

Summer Solstice celebration is bonfire and shared eating round the fire. There’s leaping over the fire, especially by couples seeking the blessing and energy of fire.  Dance can embody the Fire element.
It is a time for pleasure in the foliage of nature and the growing harvest which will yet be ready to reap.
We give thanks for the herbs that are burgeoning, and for their medicinal powers.
This climax of the light is the turning of the tide, the energy of the Sun sows the very seeds of the dark times to come as from this day, the days get shorter and the nights get longer, until the Winter Solstice on January 21st.
This can feel a vibrant time when the veils between the worlds are thin, as at Beltain and Samhane, to which two festivals Midsummer is equidistant. Spirits and energies of place can usefully be attuned to. The time can be used for divination.

The child of promise that was born at the Winter Solstice with the new tiny Sun has grown to be the Mabon (Child of Promise) and is now the radiant solar young male at the height of his beauty.
At such a time, it is good to make commitment that we will act as guardians of the land and its sacredness.



Enroll on my Druid Forest School Festivals course. Not only do we share in the preparation of your Celebration for each of the Festivals of the ancient Irish Druids, you also give me you astrological natal data, and I share weith you guidance from your Western Astrology and also your Vedic Astrology about your life path and birth chart, but also your current predictive astrology – and especially how your astrology acts as a guide to the special issues, lessons and gifts of each festival.

For example, the Summer Solstice is obviously about the Sun in his glory at his height. We all need a strong Sun to be able to manifest our special skills and tasks in this life time and so as to be able to asset our personal sovereignty and defend it. Some of us are born with very weak Suns, often a destiny of having experienced weak fathering and therefore of not being able to assert ourselves in the necessary way. Astrology can give expert guidance on this – and also how to heal and empower. And of course some of us are born with Suns that are over-strong and burn, like the Eye of Balor, and astrology can clearly identify this destiny – and again such perception can be good basis for healing and empowerment.

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Celebrate the Eight Great Festivals – The Druid Forest School Worldwide Course

Michael Conneely

Celebrate the Festivals of the ancient Irish with The Druid Forest School.

in this worldwide caring course, you are helped to prepare for the Festivals, and we share and discuss how your celebration of the Festival went: what vision, healing and power was achieved!

These Festivals are immensely powerful representations and gateways into the natural rhythms – and connection to our ideal self.

If we celebrate them authentically and creatively in the way that is right for us each as an individual, they contribute greatly to our lives with power, healing and fulfillment of who we were born to become.

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From at least as early as the Bronze Age, our ancestors felt great significance in the turning of the seasons, their link to the fertility of the land and the connection of the rhythm of the Earth to the astronomical dates. They put stupendous effort into constructing monuments with exact astronomical alignments. They felt it was of crucial importance to be one with the great cycles of energy of the stars, the Sun and the Moon.

The modern West has received the practice of the Eight Great Festivals of the Year. And of course, there are also important local alignments as well such as The Bohea Stone and Croagh Patrick Mountain, and also the winter solstice alignment to that Mountain from Kill Dangan.

Make your own personal, honest and authentic understanding of the festivals. You can study them through either, or both of the course modules:
Module 5: The Fire Festivals and/or
Module 6: The Solstice and Equinox Festivals.

Develop your own genuine personal and enriching understanding and practice.

Enable their true flame to grow in our hearts and minds so we can express and speak our vision and truth.

How deeply you study the material is up to you. You may want to ‘keep it simple’ or you may wish to pursue great learning. What really matters is that your life is enriched and made more vital and connected, successful and loving and inspired.
Let’s share connection to the great cycles of the Earth and the Heavens.

We share the deep wisdom of the many facets of the Druid mystical practice of the ancient Irish and their sacred heritage.

We share visionary connection to the Goddesses and Gods of the ancient Irish.

And we share genuine and powerful visionary and energetic connection to the sacred energies of the Land, the waters, the rocks and the trees, and ancient sacred energies held in place there – energies which can so help humanity.

When you have completed a piece of work, you email me how you got on. I then reply to you and we hold discussion.
Maggie and I also run a Healing Centre in the West of Ireland with linked airbnb, so you can come to this sacred land in person as well:

The Festivals course is divided into two modules: the first is The Fire Festivals and the second is Solstices and Equinoxes.
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