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The Cauldrons of Poesy : Druid Forest School Worldwide Course

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

This is a supreme healing and empowerment meditation and ritual of the ancient Irish Druids.
It was preserved in a later surviving manuscript.
We envision three cauldrons with our body: abdomen, heart and head. These were called the Cauldrons of Poesy.
We use them to develop our good physical health, the mature and creative use of our emotions (including our most difficult emotions) and above all our Wisdom.
And when we attain our own special sort of mastery in all three of these, in all three of these areas of our life, in this incarnation, only then can we express our own especial spark of creation.

The aim of this vision work ritual is to achieve full creative expression of our special reasons for being here this time.

See the Druid Forest School website for details and how to enrol:

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