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Moytura Battle Ireland’s Iliad

Michael Conneely

Please bear with the occasional wind noise during the group’s working in late January at the battlefield of the Second Battle of Moytura.

The earth energies and the vision of the ancient Irish Gods makes the whole event so powerful, beautiful and special.

Such a lot was channelled. Members felt they had such a lot to share.

The group was left with such a sense of the truth that The Book of Invasions is Ireland’s equal to the Greek’s Iliad.

It is Ireland’s equal to the Indian Vedas.

It is the Equal of The Matter of Britain that brought to us the great King Arthur, and the druid magician who made his greatness possible: Merlin.

Like these three others, it brings down to us through time, a Golden Age, when Gods walked the earth through their Avatars and emanations.

The Book of Invasion was written by medieval monks, but it preserved epic history that came down from the iron Age of a time when Gods walked the earth.

The medieval monks could not really encompass the greatness of the Beings, nor the divine power of the materials they were writing about, but they could not diabolise the Tuatha de Danaan too much for fear of upsetting the Irish nobles who, let’s face it, were paying the monastic scriptoria for the great tale, and demanded enough truth to the Epic which hitherto had come down through oral transmission of Druids and Bards.

And so, we have to see past the monks horrible caricaturising of the great Good God, the Dagda.

Just as we have to see past all the modern caricaturising of the great ethical War Goddess of the ancient Irish that goes on: The great Morrigan.

You can work on making genuine authentic personal vision connection to these great Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish through the courses of my Druid Forest School:

Find your own true and life-giving connection with the true nature of The Morrigan, the Ethical Defender of our Sovereignty, and also of The Dagda, the giving, sexual, warrior, regenerative Good God.

And it is their relationship that perpetuated the sacred people of the Tuatha de Danaan. It was their mating at Samhain, and every Samhain, that assured the Tuatha de Danaan victory. It is this relationship of sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine that is the true nature of these two great beings, and their true gift to modern people.

Now is the time to see and benefit from their dignity, their beauty and their gift to us.

They are the God and Goddess of the Sacred Land, and they renew it and give it power at their annual mating astride the River Unshin which flows from Loch Arrow to its mouth in the Atlantic Ocean next to Carrowmore (which itslef includes a huge Samhain alignment of the central tomb: Listogil).

Meeting and developing visionary connection with the Gods and goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan is more and more possible.

They, themselves,  retreated to the mounds and barrows after the coming of the Milesians, perceiving that humanity could only caricaturise and devalue them.

But now following W B Yeats and Lady Gregory and the Celtic revival, the time is right for their message and their beauty and specialness to be heard and seen again.

We also meet Manannan, the eerie God of the sea and its tides and mists, Ogma, the warrior who invented writing, Llugh: Lord of the Harvest of our talents.

Once again Corra will be restored to her sacred mountain from where she was thrown in 432 to be consigned to the Loch below the mountain.

The Four treasures of the Tuatha de Danaan fully radiate their power and beauty again. once more we walk the Ogham pathways and sense the Celtic Otherworlds.

We meet once more Boann, Oengus Og.  Many are meeting and learning to understand the Irish hero Fionn mac Cumhall, leader of the warrior band: the Fianna.

We can feel the sacred energies placed in the ground and the rocks at Carrowmore, Carrowkeel, Ben Bulben, the dragon energies in the mountain now called Croagh Patrick, and so many more sacred places of Ireland.

There’s the purity and force of Brigid’s Imbolc fire. And we grow in understanding Danu, the Mother of them all. There’s the Healers: Dian Cecht, Miach and Airmed. We seek to meet and learn: who was great Ernmas? And what is the nature of the triple Goddess?

See the main video about the battlefield:

Lough Arrow and the battlefield is only 35 miles from the Healing Centre and airbnb that Maggie Pashley and I run in Foxford in beautiful County Mayo in the stupendously beautiful far West of Ireland, where we offer holidays, holidays with healings, retreats and Sacred Ireland Tours.

See the detail of my wonderful courses:

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I look forward to working with you

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Our Mind, the Nine Elements and The Well of Wisdom

Michael Conneely

Our Mind, the Nine Elements and The Well of Wisdom

Druid Forest School - Circle

I’d like to share the valuable and perceptive work of a druid student of mine who was working with the nine elements of the ancient Irish Druid, and I’ll paraphrase her report on her valuable vision work: She was working with the mind, and the sense of cosmic man, how we are a microcosm, how we connect to everything: whatever you do to part of the web you do to all of the web. And this is what came through vision-journeying about the well or mind for the 6th element of the duile: the mind; The well: ‘there was a strong feeling of going into a well or the mind. I started to experience some interesting events. One of them was me walking along a path and there were signs along it. Each sign had a word, and I had felt that the words linked to phrases. Each phrase was connected to a subject, so I had felt like the well is about the well of knowledge. The mind can expand as well as recall memories about one’s life.
I feel that the journey was about searching within my mind for answers. I feel that the well is about a need to connect to understanding oneself on many levels. The web of life, is a phrase that had come to mind as I did my journey. There was also a sense of the feeling of expansion not only spiritually but also mentally. Learning and evolving as a person is what I am doing, for me, it’s a path that I am on. I feel that I am always learning. I then returned back to my center.’She likened the mind of each one of us to the Well of wisdom. Yes, we all have our own Well of Wisdom, and it connects to the great Well of Wisdom,
This journey gets to the heart of this course, clearly experiencing how we are made up of elements and that we are each the cosmic man connected to the Universe.
Of course this is the way intuitive people tap into knowledge they couldn’t possibly have otherwise, like in Tarot and Divination and Kinesiology which my partner Maggie uses so successfully in her worldwide healings.

In the ancient spiritual path of the Irish Druids, which draws on even more ancient Stone Age spiritual knowledge and sense of sacredness of place, there’s the Well of Segais (also called Connla’s Well and the Well of Nechtan). It has nine sacred hazels of wisdom surrounding it, blooming and fruiting in the same hour. Knowledge and poetic inspiration is received by eating the hazelnuts that fall into the well, through drinking the well water when the hazelnuts fall in, or through eating the salmon. The well was accordingly the great destination of poets and philosophers.
But the most ancient myth has it that the goddess Boann, Goddess of the river Boyne by which New Grange anciently stands, approached the well in the wrong way because she did not understand the truth of what she was seeking and handling – like so many spiritual teachers. The legend expresses this with the image that she circled it three times anti-clockwise rather than sunwise, causing the waters to rise up and rush to the sea, becoming the River Boyne. Because her consciousness and actions challenged the power of the truth of the well, this caused the waters to surge up violently and rush down to the sea, creating the Boyne. In this catastrophe, she was swept along in the rushing waters, and she lost an arm, leg and eye, and ultimately her life, in the flood.

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Work with the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish : Druid Forest School worldwide Course

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

A Worldwide Course to meet the Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Irish, offered by The Druid Forest School.

This video presents one of the techniques you learn: Aisling or ‘vision journey’ to meet a Deity.

In the Druid Forest School, we learn a number of ways to make visionary contact with the great and beautiful Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, such empowering figures as The Morrigan, The Dagda, Llugh and Manannan, Brigid, Airmid, Dian Cecht and Miach, great Ogma, Goibnu, Aengus Óg, Boann and others. Your personal style and consciousness is always respected. Valuable insights are added from your western and Vedic natal and current predictive astrology. After each vision journey you share supportive email with myself.

See the Druid Forest School website for details and how to enrol:

Thank you for watching this video, Michael

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