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Jupiter enters Hasta Nakshatra 14th April 2017 – Understand the present Jupiter Transit

Michael Conneely

Michael ConneelyOn 14th April 2017, Jupiter enters Hasta Nakshatra or Hasta Lunar sign as it is known in Vedic astrology. And i would say this brings a special caution that Vata impulses should not be allowed to reign over-free, but that Hasta’s true capacity for inspiration should be tapped in to to support Jupiter to bring you inspiraiton and genuine success.

By the 5th February 2017, transiting Jupiter had reached 29 degrees Vedic sign of Virgo, but on this day, he turned Retrograde, and Jupiter has been retrograding ever since.

Now, note that 29 degrees of the Vedic sign of Virgo, is actually in the very creative Mars-ruled 14th Nakshatra of Chitra. Chitra’s ruling deity is Vishvakarma, the Heavenly Architect. Chitra is the 14th in the wonderful and powerfully declarative 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of vedic astrology called the Nakshatras.

But on the 14th April 2017, Jupiter has retrograded to 23 degrees Vedic Virgo and so he actually retrogrades out of Chitra Nakshatra and enters into Hasta Nakshatra. Hasta is the 13th Nakshatra. And Jupiter will continue to be retrograde until 9th June 2017 when he finally turns direct at 19 degrees of the Vedic sign of Virgo. And thereafter, Jupiter continues to be direct, moving forwards again through vedic sign of Virgo and finally entering Vedic Libra on 12th September.

So, what change in the energies will we feel from 14th April, when Jupiter leaves Chitra and enters Hasta?

Well, Chitra is very temperamental and creative. Chitra’s power animal is the female tiger (and you really should NOT upset one of these!!!)

But Hasta on the other hand is ruled by the moon. It’s power animal is the female buffalo, and it is in the very airy Mercury-ruled energy of Virgo. Don’t let the buffalo run too erratically! Its Ayurvedic Dosha is Vata. Its gunas orientation is Tamas, Tamas and Rajas. Because Hasta is ruled by the Moon, the mind energy is moody and fluctuating, reflecting the waxing and waning phases of the Moon. Although they can Mercurially appear confident and in control, they are actually vulnerable, insecure and in conflict, always questioning themselves, and far too flexible about the truth, even to the point of cheating. Hasta can be the hand of the conjurer; let him now be the hand of the guru!

I feel we will lose the wonderful creative building energy that I certainly felt when Jupiter was in Chitra. Instead, I feel there will be much more of a wordy energy. And I feel there’s a danger with Jupiter in Hasta that some people will try to control others through wordiness and even sleight of hand. So, I feel the call when Jupiter is in Hastā from 14th April to 4th August when Jupiter re-enters Chitra again, having reached 23 deg Vedic Virgo is to avoid getting lost in wordiness and to check out is constructive work continuing to be done!!!!

Let’s face it, the true call of Jupiter is Guru. He is a refraction of the divine. So, we must take care that the inspiration of words in Hasta will only be used to genuinely communicate the energies and inspiration of true divine power and wisdom. Monitor and check out these communication and wisdom issues when Jupiter is transiting through Hasta. If Hastas, themselves, can avoid being drained by words, they will achieve expansiveness and reap the rewards of the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square that is transiting in the heaven. They will express genuine inspired expansion and not get lost in words. It will be a wonderfully successful time for them, and for all of us who share the Jupiter in Hasta present inspiration with this awareness. Could be a good time for a job interview or designing a website.

Just to add a footnote about how the transit of Jupiter is reflected using the tropical zodiac of western astrology: Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac. But, in terms of the Western tropical zodiac, the Jupiter transit sequence is as follows:

5th February :    Jupiter turns retrograde at 23 degrees Western Libra.
14th April :          Jupiter leaves Chitra and enters Hasta Nakshatra at 17 degrees western Libra.
9th June :           Jupiter turns direct at 13 degrees Western Libra.
2th September : Jupiter enters vedic Libra, which is 24 deg western Libra.
– For details of the uses of the western and vedic zodiacs see my blog post.

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please contact me on:
Or if you would like to enrol on one of my wonderful astrology courses, with their dedicated individual attention, please contact me on:
And see details of my earthspirituality courses and novels on:
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And for our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland with its linked airbnb, see:
I look forward to hearing from you

And here’s a video on Hasta Nakshatra:

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Sun enters Vedic Aries on 14th April 2017

Michael Conneely

Michael ConneelyThe Sun enters Vedic Aries on 14th April 2017 – in Ashwini Nakshatra

April 2017 is a month of churning astrological energies with some great potential as well, but a lot of complication energies where good perception will mean your success – and also some downright aggressive energies as well. A major feature is: Sun enters Vedic Aries.

So, this Blog Post focuses on the fact that on the 14th April 2017, the Sun enters the first Vedic sign of Aries. Vedic Aries is a Fire sign ruled by Mars.

Impatience will increase. You will feel more energy and purpose. And for four more facets of the way we will all be affected by sun in Vedic Aries, read on below.

At the same moment, of course, note that Sun is also entering the first of the 27 Lunar Signs or Nakshatras which is Nakshatra 1: Ashwini Nakshatra.

So, note that on 14th April is at the point in the heavens where Vedic Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra both start. Sun is at 24 degrees Western Astrology Aries. See my special Blog post for how the two zodiacs, Western and Vedic, each inter-relate.

So, for more detail, after the five big facets to the Sun in Vedic Aries energy described below, you can also see below for the dates of the Sun’s move through Vedic Aries and for the dates of the Sun’s moves through the first three of the Nakshatras that fall within Vedic Aries: Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika.

Also shown below are the Western and vedic Astrology charts of this moment of ‘Sun enters Vedic Aries’. Do have a look at those.
And also below, there’s other details such as the exceptional number of retrograde planet in the heavens in April 2017, and also past life implications.
And see below, too, for details of my wonderful worldwide Astrology Readings and many worldwide Astrology Courses. All my work offers you Vedic or Western astrology, or the opportunity to combine the two if you wish for that. And all my work offers option for visionary astrology and psychosynthesis and healing work. I’m based at our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland by the way, so this means that the charts below are erected for there, but to see planet positions and times for your own locations see the various handy calculators on:

What will Sun’s entry into Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra mean for you?
Well, five things in particular:

1. The Gandanta Effect: Goodness, what a hammering some people are getting if they have planets on the transition point from Vedic Aries to Vedic Pisces. The first thing to be aware of, and this will affect everyone but will especially affect people with planets in the last two degrees of Vedic Pisces and the first two degrees of Vedic Aries, is that the Sun will be transiting through the dangerous Gandanta Zone: the Gandanta transition point is where a water sign dissolves and the first flare of a fire sign happens. If you have planets here, they will be sensitive all your life. They will be insubstantial. It’s important to know that the closer to the zero point the more difficult the destiny they will create for you. If you have Moon there, it means ‘mother will not be there for you’ in this life. If you have Sun there it means that ‘father’s influence will in some way be lacking for you’, creating a less sure and less substantial sense of self in this life, less confidence innately, though it is more possible to heal Sun Gandanta than it is Moon Gandanta, which has to be lived with and learned to be lived with.  Please do note that people with Moon or Sun in the Gandanta Zone already have had a very sensitive time in the last few days when the Full Moon of 11th April was there at twenty-seven and a half degrees Vedic Pisces (21 western Libra), and also of course because of the great fact that Uranus entered Aries on 8th April. BUT there’s glorious expansion also being offered out of the sensitivity and the pain of inspiration: inspiration about what needs to change: for Gandanta people and for all humanity. But to return to Gandanta people, Uranus is now transiting conjunct these people’s Moon or their Sun. this brings huge wired change and revolution. AND Uranus is transiting in opposition to Jupiter all this year bringing ‘thank the lord success’ possibility and definitely wired revolution. AND this Uranus – Jupiter opposition is additionally caught up in an ultimate explosive T-square: the opposition is T-square to the depth tectonic energy of Pluto!!!

2. The Revolution: As I said in my blog post on ‘Uranus enters Aries’, and in the paragraph above, Uranus entering Vedic Aries means you need to be sensitive and perceptive and aware when revolution is being offered to you, especially as Jupiter and Uranus are forming a transiting opposition around now, and also Pluto is T-square to the in the ‘generator effect’ of remorseless depth charge energy of needed change. Importantly: you can actually try to develop a visionary picture of these planets and of the planets in your chart and you can imagine how they can best combine in a way that will bring you the needed effective revolution. Yet we also have to honour structure and strategy; we have to honour the demands of Saturn: Lord Shani, Lord of Karma, and of course you have to act in a way that will harmonise in with the other treasured parts of your life: your family, your relationship, your home. But because Sun, Mercury and Uranus are all in Vedic Aries in April, there will be a new energy of inspiration, awakening and inventiveness running. Uranus will be in Aries for seven years: for the more thoughtful people, this will bring new creativity, but for the more violent people it will bring war, as it did last time. The energy of Sun being in Aries will bring more impatience and energy to kick these things off: more self-assertion that will help the process!

3. The Ashwini Healer: It’s useful to also be aware that the energy of the first Nakshatra, Ashwini, is in its best thrust of manifestation a healer energy. The sign itself is born out of often sexual panic at some sub-stratum. They are so impatient because they are springing up out of the void of the Gandanta into manifestation and being. Their power animal is two stallions streaking across the skies of dawn. They can commit to relationship in an instant and their families are powerless to point out when their ‘marry at first sight’ object of total love nearly is to be the destruction of them. Yet the fact is that all this actually makes them become healers. And they have the sort of healer energy like the ambulance man: racing to the spot and giving the most totally effective first aid!!!!

4. War and Violence: As I also said in my blog post on ‘Uranus enters Aries’, sadly I do feel there will be war and political divisiveness. The last time Uranus entered Aries saw the burning of the Reichstag and the rise of Adolph Hitler and the World War that followed. The Sun is exalted in Vedic Aries, and Adolph Hitler’s Sun was at 8 degrees Vedic Aries (this is 0 degrees Western Astrology sign of Taurus). You need high consciousness to handle things like Sun and Uranus in the Vedic sign of Aries, not to mention the energies of the eclipse on 21st August 2017, and of course the Kal sarpa Yoga that reasserts itself after the eclipse does need a person of high spiritual consciousness to manage such a divisive energy, and to reap spiritual reward and giving from such a challenge.

5. Persecution: Maggie passed me details of something I hadn’t heard of when i wrote this post about Sun and Uranus entering Vedic Aries. She said she had been reading my post about Uranus entering Vedic Aries and one of its manifestations the last time it happened was the rise of Adolph Hitler. And next she came across a post which said that ‘Chechnya is rounding up gay people and taking them to torture camps, and it’s as horrific as it sounds. Men are being electrocuted, tortured until they reveal names of other gay people, and beaten so badly that some have died. Targeting gay people and dragging them into camps is like something the Nazis would do…’ and Adolph Hitler did do this. So my point is a plea to be aware of how the Sun/Uranus in Vedic Aries energy can be used by people operating at a low level of consciousenss. Its power and aggression can be used to fuel force and coercion. I do want to say that the organised religions are very prone to being taken over by the negative side of the Sun/Uranus in Vedic Aries energy. This is because they are formulaic, and also because they are dualistic. Their doctrines and their organisation leads to scapegoating, where all one’s inner darkness can be projected onto another, and the other then tortured, persecuted, villified, dehumanised and killed. Such dualistic behaviour is not part of the uranus/Sun in Aries energy, but that energy can feed such human being disasterously at these times when it is activated. So, after the initial fillip of Sun/Uranus in Vedic Aries now, well: Uranus is in Vedic Aries for the next seven years. We are all born to turn our darkness into light. I predict that a lot of aggressive warlike dark is rising to be dealt with now!

Now for a few other April astrological features, plus details of my Astrology Readings and Courses:

The Sun : Movement dates in April and May 2017: The Sun will continue in Ashwini until 27th April when he enters the 2nd Nakshatra Bharani, and Sun enters the third Nakshatra which is Krittika (Krittika continues into Vedic Taurus). Sun enters Krittika on 11th May, finally leaving Vedic Aries to enter vedic Taurus on 14th May

Sign Changes now: On the same day, there are two other energy changes as transiting planets change Nakshatras: Transiting Jupiter moves retrograde from Nakshatra 14 Chitra to Nakshatra 13 Hasta, and transiting Ketu south node moves from Nx 24 Shatabishak to Nx 23 Dhanistha.

Retrograde Planets now: And also in April five planets: Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all retrograde.

Ketu, South Node and Past Lives now: Not only that! Five planets are in Nakshatras ruled by Ketu the South node of the Moon. This will come into the lives of some of us in the form of inspirations and/or of people and skills from past lives, and also sudden revelations to aid our spiritual growth: Sun, Moon and Mercury will all be in Nakshatra 1 Ashwini, Saturn is transiting retrograde in in Nakshatra 19 Mula, and Rahu is transiting in Nakshatra 9 Magha.

My Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses:

If you would like a reading for yourself or family members covering your birth chart and this period ahead, please view our products available:

Or if you would like to enrol on one of my wonderful astrology courses, with their dedicated individual attention, please contact me on:
And see details of my earthspirituality courses and novels on:
For Maggie’s healings see:

And for our Healing Centre in the West of Ireland with its linked airbnb, see:

I look forward to hearing from you

Here is a video about Ashwini Nakshatra:

And here are the Charts for Sun enters Vedic Aries:





























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Worldwide Nakshatra Course and Rohini Nakshatra

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Worldwide Nakshatra Course and Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra is the 4th Nakshatra. The Nakshatras are the wonderful and powerful 27 Lunar Signs of Vedic Astrology. See my Worldwide Nakshatras Course website

In Part 1 of my course, you receive full charts at the outset and full information about each of the Nakshatras’ qualities and characteristics, plus a reading list, and there’s a video for each Nakshatra for you to review. You study each of the Nakshatra with reference to your chart and mine, and this approach makes our study caring, grounded and authentic. We develop great penetrating perception and wisdom, and always we ask: what steps can we take to heal and empower?

In Part 2 of my course, you receive a statement of the several powerful dedicated techniques of Nakshatra Analysis, including predictive use of the Nakshatras through predictive periods called dashas, and also transits. You apply each of these powerful and illuminating techniques to our charts. These techniques are very powerful illumination indeed. They transform our astrological understanding. They transform our life.

The Nakshatras give very powerful and penetrating insight into our emotional natures and our consciousness arising therefrom, and our potential for relationships, career, spiritual path and relationships. Each Nakshatra has many subtle attributes to give us depth uncanny knowledge about ourselves and others. For example, each Nakshatra has a power animal, a ruling planet, a ruling deity, a symbol, and each Nakshatra links to the great and ancient Vedic analysis systems of the Doshas, the Ganas, the Aims of Life, and so on

Nakshatra No. 4, Rohini Nakshatra occupies 10° – 23°20′ Taurus. It contains the bright star Aldebaran. Rohini is ruled by The Moon, its ruling deity is the powerful, creative Brahma. Its symbol is the Chariot, its power animal is the Male Serpent. Rohini is motivated to Moksha (salvation). Its Gunas orientation (to three levels) is: Rajas, Tamas and Rajas, so Rohini people are desirous and materialistic. Its Ayurvedic Dosha is Kapha. And, being all in the Vedic sign Taurus, its quality is Fixed.

How can we describe Rohinis? Well, Rohinis are passionate, sexually seductive, elegant, attractive and charismatic. They have an alluring, wish-fulfilling, creative nature. They love children, art, music and luxury, prosperity and abundance. Their fertile nature means they achieve their goals. They are generally snobbish, pampered and materialistic and are often horribly critical of those whom they consider not up to their own standards. They are snobby, so they only really open up in intimate situations.

Rohinis are expressive ‘smooth talkers’, often popular and charismatic in the right social circles. They have an unflinching fixity of purpose to get their way. They are opportunists with a knack for gaining favours, and can generally be conservative, healthy and long-living. Unfavourably, Rohinis take advantage of the trust or belief that others put in them; they can be the deceptive manipulator; sexually or sensually indulgent; capri­cious; quick to find weakness then lose interest in others. Rohinis have huge potential for con­flicts or lack of alignment with their mother – conflicts where they are stubborn and definitely overly analytical.

The Myth of Rohini is that The Moon fell in love with her above all the other 26 signs. Rohini is regarded as one of the most favourable lunar con­stellations for one’s earthly life. Rohini was the favourite bride of Chandra, the lunar god. She became his favourite because of her beauty, artistic talents and exper­tise in the ‘erotic arts’. The colour red is associated with Rohini. Rohini means red and red relates to passion and sensua­lity.

Rohini constellation consists of five stars, among which is the red star Aldabaran. If the Moon is in Rohini, then the Moon is exalted. This means that Rohini is an exceptionally favou­rable position for the Moon to be in.

Rohini carries a big risk, however. A person with a strong Rohini emphasis in their birth chart may get lost and stuck in the materialistic aspects of life, and lose their spiritual meaning and path. They lose their spiritual meaning at their peril.

Each Nakshatra is divided into four quarters or ‘padas’.

The first pada of Rohini is Aries pada 10°00′ to 13°20′ Taurus. The Mars ruled quality brings passionate, impulsive, impatient nature, where the Sun is exalted and Saturn is debilitated and cannot express his qualities well.

The second pada of Rohini is Taurus pada: 13°20′ to 16°40′ Taurus. This pada has special potential as it is vargottama: in the same sign in the Rashi birth chart as in the Navamsha soul/marriage chart. And this second Pada is also pushkara, which means it has special potential for healing its wound and achieving success thereby.

The third pada of Rohini is Gemini Pada: more mentalistic and business-like.

And the fourth pada of Rohini is Cancer Pada: 20°00′ to 23°20′ Taurus. A person with this emphasis is very home orientated, but can be watery and unstable. Jupiter and Moon do well here, but Mars does not.

See my Nakshatras Course website:

I look forward to working with you,
Michael Conneely

Learn more about Ashwini Nakshatra #1
Learn more about Bharani Nakshatra #2
Learn more about Krittika Nakshatra #3

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New Moon or Solar Eclipse, 26.2.17

Michael Conneely

There is a New Moon or Solar Eclipse, on 26.2.17, at 14.58 hrs.
To find out the time of the Eclipse where you live, you can use:
The western and Vedic Astrology charts are below, at the foot of this Blog.

For this eclipse, Sun, Moon, Ketu (South Node), Neptune and Mercury are all in the western astrology sign of Pisces.
And, most significantly, all of these planets are in Shatabishak Nakshatra (Lunar Sign) in Vedic Astrology.

If you have planets in this area especially, this eclipse will have a big effect in your life.

Shatabishak is a difficult and very complicated Nakshatra, but if you are prepared to be open, and to face, admit and slay your demons, then I predict that you will have a great breakthrough and enlargement in your healing energies and intuitions.

Here is my video about the eclipse:

And for more on the nature of Shatabishak Nakshatra, see my YouTube video:

So what I am predicting for those directly affected by this eclipse is a breakthrough energy of growth of healing and intuition- and on many levels.

This is because Neptune, Ketu and Mercury are all conjunct each other in this solar eclipse in this nakshatra, so there’s great intuitive potential here.

And also I’m making this prediction due to the position of Jupiter, in the healer sign of Vedic Virgo.

But please note that this development will manifest in your life as a Fledgling energy of ‘one step at a time’.

There is great force in this eclipse, what with the Uranus/Mars conjunction being opposition Jupiter, and with both ends of this opposition being T-square Pluto! But although there has already been an earthquake in Turkey – already as the Eclipse energies are building, I don’t think this T-square will generally manifest violently in the world, but it will instead  be a courageous energy for those with planets affected by it: A ‘Truth Conquers All’ energy.

N.B. The energy is more about benefiting if you are open and if you are prepared to admit your mistakes and blocks, and so in that way: gaining ‘The World’, rather than the violent side manifesting as actual violence.

For those with planets affected, I think the violent side of this Eclipse more creates what I would call a Hero’s Challenge!

And those caught in Jupiter-Uranus opposition could well experience great gains.

So, see the charts in western and Vedic Astrology for this eclipse, below, and see if your planets personally are affected.

Before going into the nitty-gritty detail of the energies of this eclipse, the details of my readings and courses are as follows:
My Astrology Readings website, offering both western and Vedic Astrology Readings is:
And there’s also my Courses in both western and Vedic Astrology:

Do remember that a New Moon is always a time for withdrawing, and Shatabishak is about healing as well. Saturn has only just crossed the sensitive and very difficult Gandanta zone between Vedic Scoprio and Vedic Sagittarius, so many will still be feeling that, and also feeling Saturn’s confusing shift from Tamasic Nakshatras to Sattvic Nakshatras.  Saturn grinds away at patterns we must let go of. And Uranus moves towards the Gandanta again: the Vedic Pisces to Vedic Aries Gandanta, and some will be feeling that, already. Eclipses are sensitive, uneasy, destabilising, chaotic times of at least two days – and with consequences!

Neptune and Ketu have been conjunct in Vedic Aquarius, in Shatabishak for some time, and their gift can be intuition. A Neptune Ketu conjunction occurs every 18 years, and Neptune and Ketu last formed an eclipse in Aquarius in 1849. The consequence then was that a new way of spirituality was pervading western society: Spiritualists, Theosophical Society, Madame Blavatsky, Emerson and Thoreau.

Ketu (South node) and Mercury are caught up in this eclipse: Jnana Karaka: enlightenment indicator, if you are open: The conceptual mind shattered by the éclat of potential spiritual realisation: the limits of concepts.

Jupiter is opposition Uranus, with Mars exactly conjunct Uranus! And the opposition is T-square Pluto! Breakthrough! Shock and upset. Jupiter is conjunct Spica. Auspicious. In health sign Virgo. Retrograde: health issues, organisation of detail. I am really sorting out my teeth!

Uranus will occupy the Vedic Pisces-Aries Gandanta for the third of four times: 28.6.16, 31.8.16, 8.4.17 and 2.1.18 (just short of the zero point). This can turn your life over if you have planets here, and it contributes to the mystic spiritual healing energy eclat.

Jupiter and Venus are occupying opposite Vedic signs of Virgo and Pisces for the next four months: The two Gurus. And Venus is the spark of life and beauty. The Jupiter retrograde Transit period is at the same time as the long transit of Venus, exalted in Pisces (ruled by Jupiter) from January 27 – May 30, 2017. Venus will be retrograde and opposite to retrograde Jupiter from March 4 – April 15, 2017. Venus and Mars are conjunct in Vedic Pisces, but i say not as easy as western astrology usually says. Venus prefers gentler company. But note that Venus is exalted in Pisces, and so much stronger than Mars in this sign.

Here is the western astrology chart for the Eclipse of 26th February 2017:

Eclipse 26.2.2017














Here is the Vedic astrology chart for the Eclipse of 26th February 2017:

Eclipse 26.2.2017














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Understand and heal your planets

Michael Conneely

Get one of my worldwide Astrology Readings, on enroll on one of my really supportive, caring and expert worldwide Astrolgoy Courses.

In my Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses the perception I offer is skilled and caring. Unusually, I combine Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology.

Western Astrology when expertly done is deeply psychodynamic and its branch of evolutionary Astrology states past life scripts which we carry in to this life.

Vedic Astrology is vast and you get truly awesome declaration of the energies that will manifest in your life, both in your birth chart, and predictively over a period of time.

See this video:

My worldwide Astrology Readings website is:
My worldwide Astrology Courses websites are:

In my opinion, the best relationship Astrology needs to combine psychodynamic Western Astrology with the Vedic Astrology of Relationships which offers clear statements of whether the couple will be friends, whether their relationship will be linked to downfall, whether their relationship will have inherent shared purpose and many more.

Vedic Astrology uses not only the 12-sign solar zodiac, the 12 signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini etc, but also a magnificent and deeply ancient 27-sign Lunar Zodiac which uncannily depicts the deep secrets of your emotional realities, the energies flowing through hour life, the very difficult emotional scripts you need to experience so as to Heal. In particular, each of these 27 Nakshatras, as the Lunar Signs are called, has a power animal, and comparison of the power animals really can tell a lot will happen in a relationship. What do you think will happen when a Male Tiger falls in love with a female tiger? What happens if a Female tiger falls in love with a Cow – there are forbidden combinations!!!

But, seriously, astrology is not about ever more learned utterance. Yes, perception is crucial. But astrology does need to be linked to Healing and Empowerment.

Sometimes you can find your own healing and perception out of the expert declaration of this astrology.

Other times, you may feel you would benefit from advice as to which healing approach might be appropriate. And if needed, we can add healing sessions worldwide or face to face to the astrology.

I work as a shamanic Healer, both at our Healing Centre in the utterly beautiful West of Ireland, and also worldwide over the internet. I can so often guide you to the best healing response and ways of managing when difficult but valid astrological perceptions are seen in the birth chart on in your predictive or relationship astrology.

Our Healing Centre and linked airbnb website is:

As just one example, Art work and Embodiment work can really bring to life for you the meaning of some feature in your birth chart or predictive astrology – and can heal it and bring forth the new you, the you you were born to be. Astrology should not just be the offering of perception, however accurate: it should be coupled with healing and empowerment perception and sometimes healing and empowerment work. This, plus the unique combination of both western psychodynamic astrology with Vedic astrology is the essence of my approach when I work with you.

Importantly, Astrology can pin-point specific needs for emotional release or healing. My partner Maggie Pashley is expertly trained in juts about energy healing modality under the Sun, again offering healings here in Ireland in our Healing Centre or Worldwide.
Maggie’s website is

I look forward to hearing from you,

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How Strong are your Planets?

Michael Conneely

In my Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses, I can combine both Western Astrology with Vedic Astrology, and this gives a really vast and comprehensive declaration. It is possible to judge how a planet will manifest in our life in a very accurate way.

Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac, which is anchored to the (relatively) fixed stars; Western Astrology uses the Tropical Zodiac which is based on the position that Sun occupies on the day of the Vernal Equinox, the First Day of Spring, and so Western Astrology, being Sun sign based is attunes to our egoic psychological unfoldment, whereas Vedic Astrology declares more of our spiritual destiny and how that will unfold. In fact, you need both. And the contribution of the Outer Planets of Western Astrology: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is crucially needed, as is the importance of Chiron the Wounded Healer in our Chart.

It is so helpful to have this sort of expert Astrological declaration about how each of our planets will perform in our life. And so you can book an Astrology Reading with me, see:

But it also wonderful to learn to do it for yourself, so you can enrol on one of my courses, for example:
Western Foundation Astrology Course:
Vedic Foundation Astrology Course:

But Astrological perception on its own is not enough. And we must certainly not fall victim to astrological formula and rule-bound repetitious utterance.  We so crucially also need to be open to our magic – especially where destiny has dealt us a more challenging than usual hand (where our soul has chosen that for this lifetime).

Regarding the question about strength of a planet in our Vedic birth chart: the key thing I learned on my second Vedic astrology course was to ask: strong for what?

When a planet is strong we absolutely need to be aware: ‘strong’ is not necessarily a boon: it can be a curse. Just for one example, it can make us too pushy until we learn to understand and heal it. Adolph Hitler had an Exalted Sun in Ashwini Nakshatra in Vedic sign of Aries. The Nakshatras are the wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac of vedic Astrology. See my:


Having made the crucial introduction about the need to be flexible and intuitive about the use of the Vedic astrology formulae, I thought it would be a good idea to show the clear foundation for working out how strong a planet is in your birth chart:  planets are strong if:

In own sign
In sign of exaltation
In moolatrikona sign
When certain yogas are formed, such as Parivartana and so on.

And then there are other considerations like directional strength, and strength calculated across a range of Varga or ‘Divisional’ charts (The Vimshopak calculation).

And in Western Astrology too, which is very psychodynamic and encompasses psychosynthesis, there are also ways of calculating whether a strong or weak.


I do that is that having mastered the basics, we need to go on to examine the statements about a planet being strong or weak and ask ourselves what does this really mean??? You have learn to think intuitively and flexibly as well, when you are working out how strong a planet is in your birth chart.

For example, my Moon at 29 Pisces 58 could be considered ‘weak’ in that it’s rashi sandhi or edge of sign.
Now, my Moon is Lagnesha: i.e. my Moon Lord of my Cancer lagna/Ascendant in my birth chart, but some would definitely consider it a weak Lord for my chart.

Indeed, worse than this, my Moon is Gandanta: in one of the three dangerous and difficult points in the birth chart which are the transition points from Water signs to Fire signs. Moon being Gandanta means that mother will not be there for you (and she wasn’t: she put me in a Convent Orphanage – and then an adoption followed where I was treated as invisible, belittled and walked over time and time again).

BUT you have to realise that my Moon actually has immense strength potential.  It has the potential to achieve immense strength.

This is firstly because it is my Atmakaraka (or ‘soul indicator’).

And it is also because it’s Vargottoma. Vargottoma means a planet is in same sign in Rashi (birth chart) as it is in Navamsha (The 9th Harmonic or Divisional Chart, also called Varga Charts which make powerful declaration about specific areas of our life: in the case of the Navamsha, this is the chart of Soul and Marriage.

So, the point I am making is that horrible challenge was set for me by my Gandanta Moon, BUT – but enormous spiritual strength is also there if I can heal and access the magic.

The essence of that special strength is in terms of spiritual messages (good or hard) that will come all my life due to my Moon being Vargottoma.

So you can see that to ask the question: How strong is my planet? Actually, needs to be answered with a lot of learning and intelligence. And so, this is what you will get if you enrol for one of my Astrology Readings. And this is what you will learn to do for yourself if you enrol for one of my very caring Astrology Courses.

Let’s take a second example around the issue of strength:  Mars.

My Mars is really strong. It’s what’s called Raja Yoga in Vedic Astrology because it’s in Scorpio, the sign Mars rules.

But, there’s a twist to the tale: Argala!

Using the Argala system of Jaimini astrology, that strength is weakened or made very complicated because I have three difficult planets in the 12th House from my Mars (12th House is the House before the house occupied by my Mars. If you have planets in the 12th House from the planet you are assessing, this is Negative Argala (where some problem is created for the functioning of the planet).

And in my case, these three planets that are in the 12th House from my Mars are a deeply Fallen sun at 1 deg Libra, also Ketu (the South Node of the Moon) and Mercury (where Mercury is problematic as he is Lord of the 12th House of Loss as well as the third House of obstacles! – and he’s Retrograde!

So here we have a case of a strong Mars being made very complicated by negative Argala. Yet the gift of this problematic Mars is capacity for deep mystical focus and insight!

Like my Moon, my Sun, too, is Vargottoma (i.e. Sun is in same sign in Rashi as in Navamsha). So, this means my Soul will always be sending my Fallen Sun strong messages throughout my life, with the divine purpose to lead me to understand what a weak Sun means, and that will have the aim to spur me to learn how to strengthen, heal and empower my weak Sun. so in this way, to have this weak Sun is a spiritual gift, though a difficult spiritual gift. So here we have a case of a planet being weak is not necessarily ‘bad’.

My Sun is conjunct Ketu, the South Node of the Moon. Ketu is, of course, potentially undoing and dissolution, and with Ketu being conjunct my weak Sun, this is a very bad indicator for Father issues, because in Vedic Astrology Sun is Karaka (or indicator) for Father: I only met my father once and he asked to borrow money from me!

Never the less, my weak Sun makes backhanded strong gift: Having Sun conjunct Ketu and conjunct Mercury as the Lord of the 12th House, can give you openings to spiritual truth and can give you spiritual and visionary merger: the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow, as the Irish round here would say!

So, you are guaranteed a very caring, thorough and expert Astrology Reading if you book with me: see:

Or, I will give you very caring and individual teaching if you enrol on one of my Foundation courses, for example:
Western Foundation Astrology Course:
Vedic Foundation Astrology Course:

And I also offer wonderful Advanced Course teaching too, and am used to supporting students who already have a lot of astrological knowledge. See:

And also, there’s my wonderful mini-courses:

I look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,


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A Really Happy New Year 2017 to you from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley

Michael Conneely

Here’s our Starwheel New Year’s Day Newsletter
Wishing you a Blessed 2017

Our very best wishes to you for your year ahead, 2017, from Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley.

What would it take for this year to be the time when your special talent will really flower???

Here’s a sharing of our personal unfoldment journey in 2016, where we feel blessed to have listened to the call for change and taken decisive action and we hope this will inspire you to follow your dreams.

What started out feeling like a unexpected blow in May 2016, led to us quickly perceiving it as liberation and being set free to move and as it turned out to move to another country- Ireland.

Maggie and I now find ourselves amid the utter beauty and sacred sites of County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, and with a Healing Centre and our Airbnb. And once we had made that decision we were amazed at how quickly and smoothly (despite the odd touch of bureaucracy) it all played out.

So in sharing the wonders that we have found here we’d like to invite you to come and share in what we have found here, to have a holiday, to take a course, have a reading or healing session. You can personalise it for your own particular needs and interests. Or simply take it as inspiration that when you decide to step out of your comfort zone a whole new world can emerge – or of course all our work is also available worldwide online using the internet as well.

After a rollercoaster 2016 that turned out to be a total blessing, Maggie and I find ourselves amid the utter beauty and sacred sites of County Mayo in the far West of Ireland, and with a Healing Centre and our Airbnb.

This Blog Post tells you of the beauties of the area where we live, its music, art, dance and culture, its mountains beaches and history, and the Healings, Readings and Courses we offer here and also worldwide using the Internet.

The astrological energy we were resonating with was Uranus, planet of jarring revolution transiting conjunct the Moon in our birth charts. See my Blog:  We were freed to emigrate to Ireland in May this year, and by August 10th we had done it! And emigrating’s not easy! And if you think it is, you should meet the Irish bureaucrats!

Here’s the graph of our Uranus transits to our natal Moon.

Each of the vertical columns is for one month, so: Jan, Feb, March, etc. And remember, Uranus takes 84 yrs to orbit the Sun, so this can only happen next for us in 84 years time from now!

Here’s Michael’s Graphed Uranus Transits 2016 and then 2017:



Here’s Maggie’s Graphed Uranus transits 2016 and then 2017:


And so now we find ourselves in the most beautiful land a sacred deeply historical area of mountains and beaches and monuments, a special place beyond imagining running a Healing Centre and a B&B, and offering many worldwide online Healings, Readings and Courses, but also local healings and retreats in our Foxford centre too.

Maggie offers so many deeply intuitive healing modalities. See her website for Emotion Code, Body Code, Access consciousness, Hypnotherapy, healing massage, Emotional Freedom Work (EFT), Stop Smoking and metamorphic Technique.

I offer Astrology Readings and Astrology Courses, unusually offering both Western Astrology and also vedic Astrology, but I also offer my wide range of Astrology Mini Courses and Mini Readings. See my Astrology Readings website:

I also teach Shamanic Healing See:, The Runes (the mystical, healing and empowering alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples) See:  and also The Ogham (the mystical Tree Alphabet of the ancient Irish Druids) See:

Now, in addition,I am offering tours of the many Sacred Sites of the ancient Irish within an hour of here (see below) as well as offering, as I have done for years: online and face to face courses and events exploring and empowering ourselves through the beauty of the ancient Irish Druid Path: visionary contact with the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish, their festivals, their body energy work (The Three Cauldrons of Poesy, the four sacred weapons of the Tuath de Danaan, and for another example: the Duile, the nine Elements of Self of the ancient Irish Druids that link our bodies and minds and hearts to all of the Cosmos). See my Druid Forest School website:

And a very special thank you to my Webmaster, Robert A Williams for doing such wonders and getting my messages on the road to you. If you are looking for search engine optimisation and all the other arcane mysteries of web work, you couldn’t do better: See:

But I would like to share what is special about the village where we have ended up living, and we were not looking to live here. We were looking for a place in Westport, but every time I searched on the internet Foxford came up instead! It would be difficult to pick out what is especially special, if you see what I mean, about the village of Foxford where we now live.

It could be the dozens of beautiful beaches within an hour of Foxford It could be the homely traditional family atmosphere of Foxford the village, where so many families are dedicated to music, dance and creativity. See the eight music videos on And then there’s the Foxford Brass and Reed Band as well founded at the end of the 19th Century, which is thriving from strength to strength.

And Foxford is so historical, and spiritually so. A Sister of Charity called Agnes Morrogh Bernard gave up her life with vows to serve the Poor, and came to Foxford in around 1890 when Famine had returned and the poverty was dire, and if any family showed signs of bettering themselves the Landlord just put up the rents.  Although knowing nothing of woollen industry, she started up a Woollen Mill to bring wages into the hovels of the starving families who subsisted in what the landlords called ‘Cabins’ with the pig inside the cabin with the family as the pig was ‘the gintleman as pays the rent’! This nun believed in the Eye of Providence and I believe she brought a holy and blessed energy to this land here.





And, weirdly, Foxford also boasts the national hero of Argentina among its former inhabitants: Admiral William Brown, founder of the Argentine Navy and hero of Argentine’s struggle to throw off the colonial oppression of the Spanish Empire.

Aged nine, he set off from Foxford for the USA and a new life in 1786, with his grieving father after the deaths of the mother and all the children, but sadly his father fell ill in the coffin ship and died a few days after landing in Philadelphia, leaving William an orphan. But William was not daunted. He got a job as a Cabin Boy, and ten years later, by age 19, he was in command of his own ship. He later escaped from a Napoleonic prison and in 1814 led the Argentine navy in a desperate but victorious battle against the fleet of the Spanish Empire and in a moment of glory freed the Colony from the Spanish Imperialists.

But there’s another thing that’s special around here, I believe there are especially powerful healing energies in the rocks around this whole area. You can feel them if you go to the exalted special sacred places of the Palaeolithic Irish, the oldest farmers in Ireland, places they founded from around 3,700 BC, sacred places that the Irish Druids still worked with two thousand years ago, and less. There’s so many of these:

If I was forced to choose one sacred place, I would choose Ben Bulben Mountain. It is august and vast. The great poet W B Yeats spent his childhood at its foot, and he is buried there, and it was here that he saw the Hosting of the Sidhe, the great Goddesses and Gods of ancient Ireland, and here he awaited the time to be right for their return to human consciousness, and so from here, he started the Celtic Revival with Lady Gregory.






I should mention Carrowmore which nestles in the arms of a protective circle of mountains: the Sun of the Samhain or Halloween Sunrise streams down its central passage.

There’s high the exalted Carrowkeel tombs.

And there’s Lough Arrow near which the second Battle of Moytura was fought. The manuscript Cath Maighe Tuireadh tells how the godlike and skilled people of the Tuatha Dé Danann, having conquered Ireland, fell under the oppression of the cruel and unworthy Fomorians, who could not understand or appreciate their divine specialness, nor the Goddesses and Gods who incarnated dwelt among them, and so they did battle here to assert their divine qualities and to free themselves.

And what can you say about Rath Croghan? Yes, it’s home of Queen Maeve who lived two thousand years ago, and plunged all Ireland into war. But more than that it’s the inauguration site of the Kings of Connaught. The last King to be inaugurated there was just before Oliver Cromwell turned up. He so hated and despised the Irish for being Catholics that he herded them into the churches and set fire to the buildings with the families inside. He sold off tracts that weren’t his to his Lieutenants, just as so many English Kings had done with parts of Ireland from the late 12th Century onwards, especially Henry VIII. BUT Rath Croghan is also the home of the great Battle Goddess of the Ancient Irish: The Morrigan. Oweynagat, the cave where she dwells, is beneath the inauguration mound. She is the Ethical Defendress of Sovereignty. According to the legends, she mates with The Dagda, the Good God every Samhain, and according to the legends Her divine people the Tuatha de Danaan are waiting until their great consciousness and specialness can be appreciated again, so that they can return.

And I have to mention Croagh Patrick Mountain. I seem to have come across quite a few healing occasions recently. Maggie and I celebrated the Winter Solstice on December 21st, at Kildangan on Clew Bay, where there is a line of standing stones pointing to a cleft in the side of Croagh Patrick Mountain, through which the Sun shines at the moment of Winter Solstice, and sure enough it did. The sky was grey, and then at the exact moment, the Sun blazed into sight like a hydrogen bomb, and its rays shot down the line of standing stones. And the thing is, after I felt very healed and have felt unaccustomedly well since, and other people said they felt forgiveness to situations and healing. Maybe it is energies in the rocks of the place, and maybe it is to do with the exaltation of the sun, the birth of the new Sun and the combination of Sun energies and Land energies. Croagh Patrick area is one of the special healing places where great beings contact the earth, and inhabit those places to bring power, kingship, authority and healing. I seem to end up in these. I was quite struck to find out that the Yew grove where I ran my organisation Glastonbury Ritual Tours for five years was deemed by Catherine Maltwood to be the centre of the Glastonbury land Zodiac. And I am certain that Croagh Patrick Mountain is one of them.

Croagh Patrick is felt by many on the Sacred Earth energies path to be Dragon Energy, and indeed, it is the place where Saint Patrick fasted for forty days before he set out to convert Ireland to the Raman Church, and indeed, in the account of that vigil, Saint Patrick fought with Corra, the spirit of the place there. She engulfed him in her jaws at one point, which does sounds very dragon-like!

But Saint Patrick threw his bell of exorcism at her and he bested her, and he consigned her to Lough na Corra, to the lough beneath the mountain, for eternity – or so he thinks.

But there’s more about sacred energies in the rocks here: Just around the corner from there, is Rossroe on Killary Harbour, where my Irish mother took me once. this was where the great Oxford University philosopher, the German Jew, Ludwig Wittgenstein, went into retreat to write his greatest work: Philosophical Discourses, and I sense it may have been the energy in the rocks there that prompted his greatest philosophical expression. I studied his thought at Oxford in 1968.



But if that was not enough, just around the corner from Rossroe is Glassilaun Beach, nestled Aat the mouth of Killary Harbour below Mweelrea Mountain, where my mother told me that my Irish Grandparents first set up home, and – and this was so important and helpful for me:

The wonderful psychic and psychic surgeon Elizabeth Hendricks ‘saw’ that I should go in the September of 2015.
She said that she ‘saw’ I should go there because she saw that there was an energy in the rocks waiting to enter me to heal me.

And so, unexpectedly, Maggie and I went to Glassilaun, and I was a different person there from those energies, and within 11 months we had emigrated to Ireland. And I I do feel much more accepted for myself, here in Ireland, and so much better able to express myself. I feel there is a destiny running!

So, I hope you will, yourselves, grasp revolution when it calls to you.

I hope we can serve you with our worldwide healings, Readings and Courses.

And it would be great to see you at our Healing Centre and Airbnb, and take you on tours to the ancient sacred sites near here.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Michael Conneely

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Black Friday Wonderful Discount OFFER

Michael Conneely

Astrology Readings, Spiritual Courses and Healings – Benefit from Black Friday wonderful Discount OFFER

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How can you best navigate this time and succeed in your life and make the most of the energies?

And if it feels like the time to learn a new skill and pathway then do look at my worldwide astrology courses in western and Vedic astrology that are so caring and learned.

There’s also wonderful visionary worldwide Earth Spirituality courses: The Irish Druid Path, Shamanic Healer, The Runes, The Ogham.

And Maggie’s range of worldwide Healings is truly exceptional: there’s Access Consciousness, Access Bars, Body Code, Emotion Code – and also Hypnotherapy and EFT and many more. If there’s an area you feel stuck in or want to change, this is such a great offer.

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For over twenty years we have been building up a huge repertoire of spiritual and healing work. We run a Healing Centre with its own airbnb in utterly beautiful Mayo in the far West of Ireland. You can come for a holiday here and book in for healing and retreat sessions as well to make it a very special holiday OR you can receive all our Readings, Courses and Healings worldwide on-line as well. For more information on retreats offered for guests booking accomodation please visit:

And now there’s this generous Black Friday Discount Offer as well!

With Best Wishes,

Maggie and Michael


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Understand the Gandanta Zones

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

It is very important to know the implications if you have a planet or ascendant in what are called the ‘Gandanta Zones’ in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

The Gandanta Zones are danger points in the birth chart.

They can be activated by your predictive astrology as well.

Get an astrology reading. Study an Astrology Course.

You can get one of my worldwide Astrology Readings from
Or you can enroll on one of my worldwide Astrology Courses at or

My Astrology readings and Courses unusually combine both Vedic astrology and Western astrology and so are very accurate and powerful.

It is especially important to understand ‘Gandanta Zones‘ now, as Saturn will be actually transiting over the Gandanta Zone at the end of Vedic Scorpio three times in 2017: January, June and October 2017 – and the effect of this will be very powerful for good or ill if you have a planet there in your birth chart.

aquarius 3What are the Gandanta Zones???

Gandanta Zones are the three Gandanta Zones in your Vedic Birth Chart are the closing degrees of a water sign and the first degrees of a fire sign.
In other words, the three Gandanta Zones are:
1) The transition between the Vedic sign of Pisces to the Vedic sign of Aries (that’s around 23 Western Aries)
2) The transition between the Vedic sign of Cancer to the Vedic sign of Leo (that’s around 23 degrees of Western Leo) and
3) The transition between the Vedic sign of Scorpio to the Vedic Sign of Sagittarius (that’s around 23 degrees Western Sagittarius.

What are the Gandanta Issues in your birth chart:

First, here’s the comment of a very able student on my worldwide Vedic astrology Course on my Gandanta Moon which is at 29 degrees vedic Pisces:
‘Your Moon in your Vedic birth chart is placed just at the at the last degree in Pisces where Moon is about to transit to Aries –  water to fire, which is a very difficult placement as the Moon falls void – where water dissolves before the first flicker of fire appears.
This is around 23 deg western Aries.
The gandanta of the moon, traditionally stated as ‘an unfortunate degree where the native is apt to suffer from heredity’, implies that the mother will not be there for the individual’.  Yet, falling into the unworldly void, the individual may potentially get spiritual enlightenment.

What is the Predictive activation of the Gandanta zones:

Second here’s a Predictive note on Gandanta, on the upcoming three transit hits of Saturn in 2017. This applies if you have Sun or Moon (or ascendant or any planet) in the closing degrees of Vedic Scorpio or the first degrees of Vedic Sagittarius (that’s around 23 deg wesetrn Sagittarius):
Well, the transit of Saturn to your natal Moon is Sade Sate, a crucially imporant concept which you really do need to understand. Sade Sate lasts seven and a half years, and its centre is when Saturn actually crosses over your natal Moon.

And bear in mind that this particular Gandanta Zone that Saturn is heading over is the one from Vedic Scorpio to Vedic Sagittarius. It is the most difficult of them all:
It’s called Abhukta Mula. If a woman has her Moon around here traditional Vedic Astrology would raise big questions about whether she should marry.
The last lunar Sign (Nakshatra) of Vedic Scorpio is Jyestha, which is the sign of ‘The Elder’ and these people can be very proud and so just won’t face their shadow side. they often just won’t listen to their children or to anyone offering them the advice they need. These people can want it all their own way.
They can ‘look good’ but actually they can be in quite a bit of denial and play ‘sorceror’/’sorceress’ tricks.

Remember, the time when Saturn transits over the Sun in your birth chart is the time when you either get rewarded with ‘Golden Reaping’ for your patience, diligence and hard work OR if you are off-course for your soul, well you will experience professional downfall or illness.

So get in touch with me, Michael Conneely, for one of my Astrology readings or Courses. They are wonderful and they are always linked to Healing and Empowerment approaches. Make the best of your life. Get in touch.

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Understand Your Parent Issues

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Michael Conneely

Understand Your Parent issues in your life:

Get an Astrology Reading or Enroll on an Astrology Course with Michael Conneely to help Understand Your Parent issues, and many other aspects of life.

I offer worldwide Astrology Readings that, exceptionally combine both Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology.

I also offer worldwide Courses in both Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology that have the most caring levels of tutor teaching, as well as the most excellent course handbooks and resources.

A big issue in our life is our parents, an astrology reading can help to understand your parent issues

My Astrology readings and courses give you the most penetrating understanding of the issues of your fathering and mothering (that is understanding your parent issues)  – and most importantly, my readings and course share with you how to heal these key issues and how to empower your life. How to better understand your parent issues and how to resolve them

sun-sukraHere is an example from the work of a most able student on my Master Vedic Astrology Course of what it means to have Moon in the 9th House in your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart.

She’s looking at my chart, because the way my courses work is that you study one planet after another with focus on two charts: yours and mine. This is in order to ensure the learning is grounded and authentic.

First: Moon in the 9th house – What does this say about our Mothering? What does this say about our Fathering?

Here’s the excellent work she has done on what it means to have Moon in the 9th House in your Vedic Birth Chart:

‘First, she defines the Issues of 9th House in the Vedic birth chart:

‘Father, spirituality, beliefs, trust and faith, devotion, blind faith, gurus, teaching, teachers, higher education such as college and university, publications, long distance travels, spiritual pilgrimages, fortune and luck.’

I then reply to her filling in some more detail:
Yes: and it’s significant that my Moon is Gandanta in the 9th House. Gandanta means at the end of a Water sign shading into the start of a Fire sign: my Moon is at 19 deg vedic Pisces. I know from other cases, Moon in 9th does say something about father. And note that my Sun is in the 4th Hosue, the Hosue of mother (and conjucnt Ketu and Mercury as Lord of 12th  House, and receiving an aspect from Saturn).
I only met my father once. Feb 1991, the same year as I met my birth mother. He was Polish, but lived in the Danzig Corridor which is the non-Slavic bit of Poland on the shore of the Baltic sea.
He was cut off from his family when the Nazi’s invaded Poland unexpectedly one day in 1939 and ended up in the Polish Forces in exile in East Anglia Airports in England.
He was demobbed in 1945 and worked in a local shoe factory there. He met my mother who was 17, the next but youngest of a family of 13 children from Connemara in the far west of Ireland who came working in England as a Land Army girl.
When she became pregnant he beat her up to warn her not to try to get support from him, and she was then expelled from the Land Army camp by Miss Plater of the Wellingborough and East Rushden Child Protection and moral Welfare Association as an example of moral wickedness to the other Land Army Girls and she went to live in a hut on railway sidings because if her Irish mother found out she would be expelled from the family forever. I only met him once. He asked for money from me.
I had a DNA test recently. On my father’s side, I am German and ‘East European’ by DNA, with quite a lot of Ashkenazi Jewish – and also Yakut Tribesman from the far shores of the Arctic Ocean.

Second: Moon in the 9th house

My student writes: ‘The person may have high spiritual and moral values and thus strive to feel, give and receive through philosophy, religion, justice or spirituality

He/she may be devoted to a cause which is believed to be higher than oneself

He/she may be educated, intelligent and able to comprehend complex subjects.’ I reply to this: Yes, although my adoptive home did me a lot of damage I won a Scholarship to Oxford, going up to Oxford in 1968, and actually have five university degrees: two Oxford degrees in English (mostly the roots of English like old Norse and Anglo-Saxon) also psychology and sociology plus I did a five year social anthropological field study for Bristol university from 1998: An Ethnography: a Field Study on spiritual forms new to the modern west.

‘He/she may love reading and writing, have success in publishing

He/she may have higher education

He/she may have a love of travel esp. long distance and may at some point go to far-off lands esp. on pilgrimages of some sort

He may be a teacher or respected, distinguished person

As the moon is reflective, this person may also be a good listener and receptor of information

He may be fortunate’ (Hmm – but have to learn to deal with the destiny of Gandanta Moon and weak Sun)

‘The moon also represents fluctuations, swings in the area of life it is placed in.’  I reply to this: Yes – and especially note that my Moon is unsupported or Kemadruma (no planet in the signs either side of it) – big implications there for Consciousness- Mind- an emotions- management.

‘Thus, one might also expect vacillating philosophical or religious views, excessive travelling, multiple hobbies and switch from one to the other, simultaneous concentration on a variety of subjects rather than specialization, fluctuating luck and fortunes.’ I reply to this: Yes: spot on, and my very powerful Jupiter makes it all the more over-expansionary and hard to manage!!!

Third: ‘As the moon is the Indicator or ‘karaka’ for the mother, this placement may indicate that the mother is in a far off land or the mother’s thoughts are not concentrated on the child but in far-off areas.  The individual may settle in a country other than his/her own.’ Yes: I have just emigrated to live in Ireland. My partner Maggie Pashley and I have just opened a Healing Centre in Foxford in County Mayo in the far West of Ireland ofr her many Healing modalities and courses, as well as mine.

Fourth: ‘As the 9th house is the house of the father, it may indicate unpredictable behavior of the father or emotional upsets with him or with teacher/authority figures in general.’ Yes – this would have been such good advice had I only studied Vedic astrology when I was younger!!!

See this Video for detail on my exceptional worldwide Astrology Readings which combine both Western and Vedic Astrology: and see this Video for detail on my learned and caring worldwide Western and Vedic Astrology Courses:

Get in touch:

I hope this sharing gives you insight into the wonderful power of Vedic Astrology, when it is well done, to explain the Father issues and the Mother issues your soul chose for you to experience in this life time.

Get a worldwide astrology reading from me – or enroll on one of my worldwide Astrology courses.

I look forward to working with you, Michael

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